Top 7 Best Modular Kayaks | Reviews (Point 65 Sweden)

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Modular kayaks are a popular choice for paddlers that want to save space when it comes to storage. The various sections of a modular kayak break apart easily and can be assembled within seconds. Making it easy for you to transport the kayak and take it onto the water.

Most paddlers are looking for the ability to bring their kayaks to a lot of places. So a modular kayak is a good choice. However, like purchasing any kayak, you have to weigh your decisions carefully.

The type of modular kayak will matter because you might have performance issues if you buy the wrong kind of kayak. Also, are you looking for fishing, touring, or recreational kayak?

How and where you’ll be kayaking matters a lot when choosing the right modular kayak. Therefore, considering the versatility, ease of transport, and affordability, we’ve narrowed down seven options below of some of the best modular kayaks on the market.

Top 7 Best Modular Kayaks Reviewed

  1. Point 65 Mercury GTX Solo – Best Overall 
  2. Tequila GTX Tandem Point 65 N – Best for Budget
  3. Kingfisher Solo Point 65 N – Editor’s Choice
  4. Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak Point 65 N
  5. Falcon Point 65 N Solo
  6. Tequila Angler Tequila GTX Solo
  7. Martini GTX Point 65 N

#1. Point 65 Mercury GTX Solo – Best Overall 

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  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Length: 14ft
  • Width : 23.6 inches
  • Seat Type: Padded and foam
  • Weight capacity: 286 pounds

Point 65 is the go-to brand for kayakers and backpackers since 1996. Their range of modular and versatile kayaks are well-known. It comes as sit-on-top kayaks, sit-in kayaks as well as fishing kayaks. They make modular kayaks for all kayakers’ levels – from the recreational versions, which are the Tequila or Martini, and the Mercury GTX touring version, which we’ll be reviewing below. The company prides itself on performance and portability. And you can see they’re meeting that standard in every one of their products.

As with all modular kayak designs, the Point 65 mercury GTX can be taken apart so you can put it in the trunk of your car, or stashed away in a closet when not in use. The kayak can break down into three parts, with the bow section fitting into the midsection cockpit. The interlocking bulkheads and mounted ratchet straps make assembly easy, which is a highlight feature of Point 65 kayaks. The three pieces can be assembled in under 10 seconds, and then you’re good to go.

The hull speed can match most light touring kayaks, making it suitable to go into more challenging waters. Point 65 Mercury GTX can handle rough waters because of its stability, plus the turns feel responsive. Recreational and experienced kayakers will find the large cockpit easy to get into. Not only that, you’ll feel comfortable when kayaking for long hours with the Mercury’s inflatable lumbar and bottom support, in addition to the pneumatically adjustable backrest.

This modular kayak features Point 65’s patented Snap-Tap™ system. If you don’t feel like solo kayaking, you can add another middle section into the Mercury GTX and transform it into a tandem kayak. The Mercury GTX has ample storage space with dry powder hatches near the bow and aft. It’s a fast, convenient, hard-shell kayak for adventuring and kayaking.

Easy to assemble and disassemble with the Snap-Tap™ systemShouldn't be used in shallow waters because of the materials
The large cockpit makes entry and exit convenientCan be heavy once fully assembled
Can be turned into a solo, tandem, or triple kayak
Suitable for beginner and experienced kayakers
Comfortable seat with adjustable backrest

#2. Tequila GTX Tandem Point 65 N – Best for Budget

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  • Length as a solo: 29.5 ft
  • Length as tandem: 13 ft and 8 inches
  • Width as a solo: 29.5 inches
  • Width as tandem: 29.5 inches
  • Seat Type: Air seat
  • Weight capacity: 530 pounds

Another kayak from Point 65, the Tequila GTX, is designed by engineer Magnus de Brito as a high performing and versatile kayak. Like the Mercury, it’s easy to carry and store in your house. You can get the Point 65 Tequila as a tandem or solo kayak, but we prefer the tandem version, as we feel it provides the best value for your kayaking ventures.

Point 65 Tequila is more a recreational or fishing kayak. It’s not meant as a touring or surfing kayak, although it’s still suitable for beginner to expert kayakers. Like all Point 65 kayaks, this one also features the patented Snap-Tap™ technology.

As a recreational kayak, the Tequila is suitable for both kids and adults who just want some fun in the water. The tracking keel of the Point 65 Tequila makes it easy to move in a straight forward motion. But that makes it a bit difficult to turn, and you’ll have less maneuverability.

For comfort, the Tequila modular kayak has mesh-like fabric seats, laminated and molded over EVA foam, so you stay comfortable. Even as a modular budget kayak, you’ll find that the Tequila has plenty of legroom, and it’s a great sit-on-top kayak in the market. Point 65 Tequila has received the Red Dot award and several other rewards for its design. Overall, you’ll get the best performance with this budget modular kayak.

Patented ratchet system to assemble the kayak piecesThe tracking is not smooth sometimes
Great for recreational and kayak fishingCan't be used as a touring kayak
Comfortable, inflatable backrest
Light enough to haul around
Made from durable material

#3. Kingfisher Solo Point 65 N – Editor’s Choice

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  • Material: High-grade HDPE
  • Length: 11 inches / 67 inches ( front sections) / 65.5 inches ( back sections)
  • Width : 31 inches
  • Seat type: Adjustable padding seat
  • Weight capacity : 275 pounds

Kayak fishing is a popular sport nowadays. And the Kingfisher Solo is designed for kayakers looking to combine the best of kayaking and fishing. The Trimaran design and narrow 31.1″ inch beam provides excellent stability and gives you good balance even while standing and fishing. Users can catch live bait with a cast net standing on top of the kayak. Also, the kayak features drain holes so it won’t capsize.

Weighing at only 67 pounds, the Kingfisher Solo can easily be transported in most vehicles and be carried to the water by a single person. This kayak comes in two pieces (which floats independently), so you can quickly load it in your truck when you’re going fishing. The Snap-Tap™ system allows the pieces to come together and be taken apart easily. This is especially great if you intend to fish in different locations throughout the day as the Kingfisher is very portable.

There are two easy-to-control rudders on both sides of the kayak, with dual steering handles and fingertip control. This makes it easy to control the boat while fishing. You can use one hand to hold the rod and the other hand to control the rudder.

If you purchase the Impulse Drive motor, which is sold separately, you can mount it on the Kingfisher Solo and secure it using two adjustable clips. Once on the water, you can use the foot pedal to move the kayak instead of paddling and have your hands free to cast your fishing rod.

The KingFisher Game Chair that comes with the Kingfisher Solo provides ultimate comfort. The chair’s position can be moved back and forth using the tracks on the side. You can also adjust the seat according to your height requirements.

Storage-wise, there are a few cargo areas on the kayak where you can store your gear. These are sealed storage containers with a gasket on the lid so water won’t get in. Moreover, nine marine-grade aluminum rails allow you to mount various accessories or even extra storage if needed. There are also bungee cords to make sure everything stays in place. Rod holders on both sides of the kayak make it easy to place your fishing rods when you’re not using it.

Plenty of customizations possible with various mounting optionsIt takes a while to learn how to attach and detach the kayak properly.
Stable hull design makes kayak fishing enjoyable and safeThe rudders are sometimes unresponsive
Can be carried and transported easily by a single person
Multiple sealed storage containers
Impact and UV-resistant material

#4. Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak Point 65 N

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  • Material: HDPE Plastic
  • Length: 10ft
  • Width : 31 inches
  • Seat Type: Adjustable padded seat
  • Weight capacity: 275 pounds

Our fourth entry is the first kayak on our list that is not by Point 65. The Tamarack Angler 100 is made by the Lifetime company, which started in Riverdale, Utah. And like the previous entry. This is also a fishing kayak.

However, unlike the Kingfisher Solo, the Tamarack lacks certain luxuries to justify its lower price point. Nevertheless, if you’re not ready to break the bank with a more expensive fishing kayak, then the lifetime Tamarack angler 100 is a great alternative.

This modular kayak weighs in at 52 pounds and comes with basic paddles, and you can secure them on the kayak with the front or rear shock cords. So you already have everything you need to go into the water. The kayak is 10 feet long and has a maximum weight capacity of 275 pounds. The kayak is easy to transport from one fishing bank to another without any issues because of its weight. Also, there are carry handles on both sides of the boat and at the bow. So it’s easy to carry.

The kayak itself is made from blow-molded high-density polyethylene, a good, durable, UV-protected, and impact-resistant material. There are two Scotty mount rod holders on each side of the kayak, which we feel is a great addition given the price point.

The chain rails make it possible for you to stand in the kayak while fishing with the Tamarack Angler 100, plus it tracks quite well in the water. The seat itself is a basic adjustable padded seat with a back seat for comfort. Although since it’s a basic seat with no ergonomic design, you might find that you’ll start to get uncomfortable after several hours of use.

There are six scupper holes in the Tamarack Angler 100 to let the water out. This also means that you’ll probably get wet when you’re out fishing. But you can easily avoid this by purchasing and using scupper plugs on the holes.

As for storage, two containers are sealed with a rubber gasket lid at the chair’s front and back. There’s also a bungee attachment to make sure the container stays in place. An open area behind the seat is also available if you need to store additional gear, which can also be secured with the bungee cable.

To accommodate different sized riders, there are multiple footrest positions that you can adjust for depending on your height. This would also help if you get fatigued after being on the kayak for several hours and need to change your foot position.

Ample legroom and multiple footrest locationThe seat can get uncomfortable after several hours of use
Affordable modular fishing kayakSlow in moving water conditions
Innovative hull design
Comes with paddles
Seat is adjustable

#5. Falcon Point 65 N Solo

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  • Material: HDPE plastic
  • Length: 8ft 8 inches
  • Width : 26.2 inches
  • Seat Type: Padded seat
  • Weight capacity: 485 pounds

The Point 65 Falcon is a basic yet manageable modular kayak. It’s an improved version of the discontinued Point 65 Apollo and functions as a sit-on-top solo kayak. However, if you don’t feel like a solo outing, it can be turned into a tandem or triple kayak provided you purchase the middle section, which is sold separately.

Each section is about 55 inches long and allows you to transport this kayak in most medium sized vehicles. You won’t need a roof rack either as the pieces can fit the back of your car. Because of its size, it’s easy to carry, store and haul, so you can go on a kayaking adventure anytime you choose. And when not in use, it can be stored in your garage, closet, or even under the bed.

There is a plastic seat on the kayak, but it can get quite uncomfortable. So you might think about getting some sort of padding for the seat on your kayaking trip. The Point 65 Falcon is not as fast as other modular kayaks and is considered a recreational kayak. This kayak doesn’t come with a paddle, but you can purchase it together if you choose.

This kayak’s material is made of durable, high-density thermoplastic. The total weight for the front and back sections is only 40 pounds. So it’s easy to carry the kayak to the water once assembled using the carrying handles located on the front, rear, or midsection. While this is a no-frills model kayak, you can still find cupholders and a storage area with quick-lock hatches for your gear.

Being a Point 65 product, the Falcon also features the patented Snap-Tap™ modular connection to latch all the pieces together. The point 65 Falcon is easy to assemble before putting it in the water. Once you’ve aligned all the sections on flat ground, all you need to do is insert the ratchets into the buckle and join it together until the sections meet. While holding the hull, lift the kayak straight up, and the sections will snap together. Repeat the process for the other units.

To take the kayak apart once you’re done with it, just push the release buttons on the buckles and lift the back section until it’s released out of its joint. Push apart the sections away from each other, one side at a time, while holding the release button.

Kayak material is recyclable and made from High-Density ThermoplasticNo padding on the plastic seat, which could get uncomfortable
Four-step footrests that can be adjusted to your sizeDoesn't come with a paddle
Each section weighs only 20 poundsPaddlers get wet easily
Quick-Lock hatches to store gear
Multi-person kayak

#6. Tequila Angler Tequila GTX Solo

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  • Material: HDPE plastic
  • Length: 9 ft 8 inches
  • Width : 29.5 inches
  • Seat Type: Air seat
  • Weight capacity: 265 pounds

If you’re a solo angler and prefer a premium fishing kayak, then the Kingfisher Solo is the one that you should choose. But if you don’t need the motoring capabilities of the Kingfisher Solo, then the Tequila! GTX Angler is a great alternative. It’s a great versatile sit-on-top kayak that can be used by a solo paddler.

However, when you purchase and add a midsection or even a second midsection, you can transform the kayak into a double or triple kayak. So instead of a paddling solo, two more people can accompany you when you explore new fishing spots. Alternatively, the extra midsections can be used for additional storage or to put your fishing gear.

Like most fishing kayaks, the Tequila! Angler allows you to fish in lakes, rivers, and also the open ocean. Integrated flush-mounted rod holders are installed on the midsection and solo pieces. There’s one behind the seat and one in front of the paddler.

The Snap-Tap™ system, as always, is a key selling point with Point 65 modular kayaks. And the Tequila! GTX Angler also benefits from this feature. To keep you comfortable on those long hours of fishing, this kayak is equipped with a comfortable AIR seat with a pneumatically adjustable backrest. Plus, the seating position can be adjusted to suit your comfort level.

As a solo fishing kayak, the Tequila! GTX’s length is about 10 feet and expands to about 14 feet as a tandem kayak. The kayak is stable as a solo, tandem, or three-person kayak and comes with a tracking keel to keep you paddling straight.

The Tequila! GTX can handle up to 300 pounds of weight. So there’s plenty of room for your fishing tackles or coolers. Besides, there are also deck fitted mounts for your GPS and fish-finder. Minus the Kingfisher solo’s motoring capabilities, this model has everything you need for a great day of kayak fishing.

Multiple anglers can use one kayak when midsections are addedSometimes water will come through the seams when kayaking
2-year limited manufacturer's warrantyLacks motoring capabilities
Comes with flush-mounted rod holders
Comfortable AIR seats

#7. Martini GTX Point 65 N

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  • Material: High-grade plastic
  • Length: 9 ft 4 inches (solo), 13 ft 8 inches ( tandem)
  • Width: 27.6 inches ( both solo and tandem)
  • Seat Type: Air seat and Mesh-like fabric
  • Weight capacity : 265 pounds (solo) / 530 pounds ( tandem)

Our last entry on this list is another fishing kayak from Point 65’s range of modular kayaks. Depending on if you’re going solo or with another paddler, the Martini GTX can come in two or three sections. As a solo kayak, the Martini GTX measures 10.5 feet when fully assembled, and when adding a midsection, it will measure about 14 feet in length.

As with all Point 65 modular kayak designs, the sections are lightweight and manageable. It can fit most SUVs, pickup trucks, or even a large hatchback. And to make it easy to carry, this kayak has molded handles so you can conveniently transport it anywhere. The patented Snap-Tap™ system connects the two or three pieces by sliding it into a ratchet on either side of the hull.

As for durability, the Martini GTX has a rotomolded hull, which makes it more resilient than some other types of kayaks. Also, the arrowhead shape of the kayak gives it more speed and better control.

They are adjustable footrests for paddlers and foot control rudders that can be adjusted to fit your height. The seat is a comfortable, mesh-like fabric molded over EVA foam with an inflatable backrest. An integrated bulb pump allows you to adjust how much you want to inflate or deflate the backrest. There are also thigh braces by the seat sections for extra comfort when paddling. To protect your knees, there’s a pair of knee pads at the side of the cockpit. So when your feet push into the kayak, your knees won’t feel painful or strained.

Because the Martini GTX is also a fishing kayak, you can find rod mounts on the deck to install your rod holders. Extra features include watertight storage compartments, a paddle holder right next to the seat, bungee straps to hold your backpack or coolers, and a pair of bottle openers. A molded-in ruler on the hull itself allows you to measure your catch for the day.

The Point 65 Martini GTX can handle up to 530 pounds as a tandem kayak. So two people can have a great day kayak fishing without worrying about performance issues.

Arrowhead design improves speedNo carrying handles on the side hull
Roomy and comfortable cockpitNot suitable for long haul fishing
Adjustable, inflatable backrestDoesn't come with paddles
EVA padded foam for comfort
Built-in adjustable rudder

Top Pick – Best Overall Modular Kayak

Going by our list of modular kayaks, the best pick would have to be from one of Point 65’s line of modular kayaks. In our case, our top pick will be the Point 65 Mercury GTX. This touring version modular kayak is the perfect model to enjoy the great outdoors.

The lightweight sections weigh only 24 pounds each, so going from one place to another won’t be a hassle. You’ll get to enjoy the landscape and wildlife plus the thrills of kayaking all at once. The Snap-Tap™ technology makes the kayak easy to assemble once you’ve had some practice doing it a few times. Moreover, you never have to choose between kayaking or camping because of limited space; you can do both on a single weekend.

Also, because this is the touring version, you’re able to go long distances in the water when compared to the recreational model kayaks from Point 65. The Mercury GTX is an injection molded kayak, so it’s safer, more durable, and offers better speed. It’s been proven even to survive the conditions in Alaska. For better control, the retractable rudder is an excellent addition when you need it, especially during rough weather.

Lastly, the space-saving features, a generous amount of dry storage locations, being easy to transport, and the ability to turn into a multi-person kayak is a huge plus, in our opinion. Overall, the Mercury GTX is our top pick for versatility, comfort, and performance in modular kayaks.

Best of brands

Point 65 Sweden

Point 65 Sweden refers to the fascinating Point 65° North, an island called Skellefteå, located near the Northern City of Sweden. It’s also home to the infamous Pit-Rönnskär lighthouse station located in Bothnian Bay. When the brand formed Point 65 Sweden, they got the idea of combining the magical island of the lighthouse station’s engineering and originality with their innovation. The essence of the lighthouse is what inspired the company.

Point 65 Sweden offers comprehensive water sports products like modular kayaks, fishing kayaks, and touring kayaks. Some of the well-known products from Point 65 are the Tequila GTX and Martini GTX. Today the company has sold thousands of modular kayaks internationally, and revolution in kayaking making is still the brand’s hallmark.

Lifetime Products

It all began in a garage in Riverdale, Utah. The founder of Lifetime Products is a dedicated father and a massive fan of basketball. He just wanted to build a solid basketball hoop for the family. His ideas and passion rapidly developed beyond his initial plan, where he created the company known as Lifetime Products in March of 1986. The objective of his company is to create quality and lasting products for families and consumers. From 15 employees, currently, the company has more than 1500 employees all over the world. Lifetime Products continues to produce durable and quality sports products, tables, chairs, basketball accessories, and picnic items for its customers worldwide.

The plastic used in kayak making

There’s practically one type of (PE) or polyethylene used to produce rotationally molded kayaks, but it comes in various grades. These grades are categorized as high density (HDPE), medium density (MDPE), and low density (LDPE). The density is based on the number of particle bonds within the plastic and not based on the weight or the plastic’s mass. The higher the plastic’s molecular bonds, the stronger, sturdier, puncture-resistant, and scratch-resistant it is.

The plastic also has a good memory. And the memory refers to the quality that the plastic remembers. It will recognize the shape it first molded into regardless of the number of times it’s used. The more premium and quality plastic has excellent quality and chemistry and a higher level of plasticizers and UV stabilizers.

Most of the plastic you find in most conventional kayaks in the market are made of rotomolded polyethylene. It’s flexible, durable, and comparatively soft.

High-Density Linear Polyethylene (HDPE)

HDPE is an outstanding material for kayak making. It is built for sea kayaking, fishing, and extreme water sports. HDPE requires a too high temperature to mold, but it’s okay because it will not affect the surroundings’ high temperatures. A comparison has been made between kayaks made of HDPE and LDPE – in terms of strength and aesthetic appeal. The results showed that kayaks made of HDPE hold its shape and are shiny and polished, while kayaks made of LDPE give a smoother appearance due to its flexibility and adaptability.

Medium-density polyethylene (MDPE)

Compared to HDPE, MDPE is slightly dense as some of its properties provide drop resistances and good shock absorption. MDPE is less sensitive to rupture resistance, which makes it better than HDPE.

Generally, MDPE or known black alkathene are popularly used in gas pipes, carrier bags, and screw closure.

In the United Kingdom, black and blue MDPE is utilized for water plumbing and wastewater; hence it’s ideal for kayak making.

Low-Density Linear Polyethylene (LDPE)

Between the three types of plastic in kayak making, LDPE is undemanding to mold as it needs lower temperatures to mold and shape. LDPE is also considered the cheapest plastic, but its memory, strength, scratch and impact resistance, and UV stability are relatively lower than both HDPE and MDPE.

For countries like China, LDPE is widely used in kayak making. Larger kayak manufacturers in China use LDPE to make them easy to shape and construct while being affordable.

Kayak production in China often comes with standards to comply with – employment laws, be environmentally-friendly, and energy-efficient that would be acceptable in most countries in the world. It has to meet the standard procedure of quality and safety to be used for all consumers around the world.

The bottom line

It’s crucial to remember that not all plastics are the same. Before you purchase your kayak, ensure that the plastic is stiff so it won’t easily break and is highly durable. Low-grade plastic can be a good value for money but make sure that the quality is not compromised.

Choosing A Modular Kayak – A Buyer’s Guide

Buying a modular kayak affords you plenty of conveniences. But before you go out and buy one, consider the following factors, so you’ll make an informed decision.

Overall weight and the weight capacity

One of the advantages of a modular kayak is that you’re able to carry it to any location conveniently. Therefore, the kayak’s overall weight and weight capacity matter a great deal when you’re browsing for one.

You should be confident that you’re able to handle the various sections of the modular kayak by yourself, especially if you’re going solo. And even if you have another paddler with you, knowing each section’s total weight allows you to plan ahead.

The kayak’s total weight should also be considered because once assembled, you need to carry it to the water without any problem.

Besides the kayak’s actual weight, keep in mind the maximum weight capacity that the kayak can handle, including your own weight. You’ll probably need extra gear besides your paddles, especially if you’re going on camping trips or kayak fishing, so consider these things.

Regardless if you’re using a solo, tandem, or triple kayak, including an estimation of your gear weight and your own weight will allow you to choose the right modular kayak that won’t sacrifice performance.

Storing and hauling

The big appeal with modular kayaks is that you can pretty much store it anywhere. But you should still consider the dimensions of each part of the kayak, so you’ll have an idea of where to keep it when not in use.

Even if you’re just planning on keeping the kayak in the closet, garage, or under the bed, knowing the length and width allows you to store it properly. Exposed kayaks can build mold in humid weather, so getting a cover that will fit and protect your kayak is a good idea.

Since modular kayaks are about transportability, each section should have either carrying handles, shoulder straps or grab loops. You want to make sure that there are handles to bring the whole kayak once assembled, so taking it out onto the water won’t be difficult.

Storage capacity

At times, it won’t just be you and your paddle when you’re kayaking. You might pack lunch, bring along fishing gear, or coolers for your cold beverages. Storage containers on a kayak are more than convenient to keep your supplies handy.

Some modular kayaks feature dry storage systems that also act as bulkhead compartments. The storage cover can come with or without a lid gasket. If you need to waterproof your gear or accessories, be sure to get a modular kayak with the right size storage hatch along with a gasket attached to the lid. Storage containers would be located on the bow and stern and sometimes secured with bungee cords.

There can also be open storage compartments with bungee straps located on the kayak. These add more storage on your kayak in addition to the closed storage compartments.

Some modular kayaks have track rails if you need to mount gear or add more storage. Keep in mind the kayak’s weight limit capacity as you don’t want to exceed it with all the things you’re bringing.

Where you’re kayaking

Depending on your skill level, intention, and location of where you’ll be kayaking, you’ll either need a recreational, touring, or fishing kayak.

Recreational modular kayaks are, as the name suggests – meant for calm waters like lakes or slow-moving streams and more fun and relaxation. Beginner paddlers usually start with a recreational kayak, as they are cheaper and easier to maneuver than their touring counterparts.

Touring kayaks are built longer and narrower than a recreational kayak. You’ll have more speed but less maneuverability. It can cut through stronger water currents better than a recreational kayak and is meant for more experienced paddlers. The kayak’s more aggressive hull design allows you to kayak in rough water and go further than you normally could with a beginner kayak.

Fishing kayaks are quite simply kayaks that are designed for all kinds of fishing. It can be in the open ocean or small lakes, or any fishing hole you choose. As long as you’re interested in the sport, there is a modular fishing kayak that’s just right for you.

Modular fishing kayaks combine a modular design’s versatility with the convenience of bringing your fishing gear and other necessities on your kayaking trip. Some fishing kayaks allow you to install a motor so you can pedal instead of paddle. And most, if not all, modular kayaks will have a place to mount your fishing rods. Every modular fishing kayak will have various fishing features, so knowing the exact combination you require will help you find the right fishing kayak.

Besides the type, understanding the tracking and maneuvering capability of the kayak you’re buying is essential. This helps you determine where you can bring your kayak and in what type of water conditions.


Most times, having fun on a kayak means you need to be comfortable when paddling. Different manufacturers offer multiple designs that give comfort to the user. And there are a few things you could consider so you can avoid fatigue or straining your body.


  • A kayak’s seat should allow for height adjustment or to position it comfortably on the kayak. This also goes for the footrest so that you can adjust it according to your height.

Seat and backrest

  • A comfortable kayak will have more than just a plastic seat. Look for padded cushions or mesh-like seats that offer breathability and comfort. A pneumatically adjustable backrest is also a plus.

Cockpit size

  • This applies to sit-inside kayaks rather than sit-on-top kayaks. Ensure you can get in and out of the cockpit without much hassle by ensuring the opening is wide enough for your body.

Sit-inside, sit-on-top, and standing up

Modular kayak designs are available as sit-on-top and sit-inside kayaks. Also, you might want to find one that allows you to stand up on the kayak as well. However, this should only apply when you’re kayak fishing.

Sit-inside kayaks are more comfortable in cold weather. Although not so much during summer. The upside is you can stay warm and dry, especially if you use a spray skirt over the cockpit. Some people also find it easier to paddle in sit-in kayaks because of the lower center of gravity.

Sit-on-top kayaks are great as recreational kayaks. You’ll probably get wet more often, but that’s part of the fun for some paddlers. You’ll find scupper holes in sit-on-top kayaks to drain water and to keep it from capsizing. If you’re new to kayaking, then sit-on-top kayaks are a good option.

Finally, the ability to stand on a kayak is something anglers might be looking for in a modular kayak. A fishing kayak should allow you to confidently stand on the deck when casting or reeling your catch. A kayak with a flat hull that is stable and stays that way even with uneven weight distribution is a good kayak for fishing.


As you can see from the above article, modular kayaks are an excellent option for paddlers everywhere. And even though some might still prefer a traditional kayak, a modular design’s convenience is a great appeal to many kayakers.

Our list above shows that modular kayaks are just as stable and reliable as traditional kayaks, along with having several advantages of its own.

So if you need a kayak that offers you a great time on the water and is easy to carry, store or haul, then modular kayaks are the way to go.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Which modular kayak gives the best experience?

Each kayak has its features and advantages, and you can choose the kayak based on your preferences from the list we’ve provided. For example, the Point 65 Martini is an ideal option for an all-day kayaking trip. Being modular, you’ll have a high-durable, hard-shell kayak that you can easily fold and pack in your trunk. At the same time, the Tequila is easy to put together and take apart. You should find a modular kayak that can serve your needs and match your skill level.

How much weight capacity can a modular kayak support?

Each modular kayak has its weight limit recommendation. So before you pick one, you should consider the extra weight you’re planning to add to the kayak. This could be your gear, canopy, or even another person.

Do modular kayak flips easily?

All kayaks, including modular, origami, and inflatable kayaks, are comparatively stable as the center of gravity is beneath the waterline. But that doesn’t mean that it can never happen. Learning a few techniques and safety practices will reduce the chances of the kayak being overturned. The most basic ways to prevent capsizing are; pick the right paddling conditions that meet your skill level, practice proper balancing, and use the low and high braces while paddling.

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