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Surfing is an activity that the entire family at any age can enjoy. Even if you are a non-surfing family, visiting some of the locations which are ideal for family surf vacations will still make your holiday memorable.

Aside from the pristine environment, there are several other features and activities at a typical family surf camp which will ensure the experience is worth every penny.

All family surf holidays are in destinations with incredible swells, tailored lessons, boutique hotels, and so on, but finding the best surfing destination can be daunting. In this article we have compiled nine amazing surfing destinations which are ideal if you are considering going with your whole family.

9 Most Family-Friendly Surf Vacations

Choosing the right surf spot is vital if you’d like to spend quality time with your family surfing. All the variations of winds, swell, and tides can be downright confusing when looking for a luxury family surf camp. After considering your family’s safety, below are the nine best family surf vacations to consider visiting in 2023.

1. Selina Nosara Surf Camp, Costa Rica

Selina Nosara Surf Camp Costa Rica, best family surf vacations
Selina Nosara Surf Camp Costa Rica

Selina Nosara is a laid-back destination suitable for a family surfing holiday. Located 5-minutes from Playa Guiones, Selina Nosara is a co-working and co-living space that offers surf camp packages.

At Selina, guests can choose from its custom all-inclusive family surf vacations and packages to suit the needs of different families. Each package includes private or shared accommodation, daily surf lessons, a wetsuit and surfboard hire, a breakfast buffet, and so on.

Selina Nosara is a luxury family surf camp for those looking for a warm sunny getaway. It is a popular retreat location renowned for its zen culture and unspoiled beaches. This stunning natural setting strikes the perfect balance between exploration and relaxation.

From surging at the Playa Guiones all day long, you can balance out the swells with a yoga session or head to the nearby National Wildlife Refuge to watch the olive ridley sea turtles.

The waves are incredible and safe all year round, making it one of the best places to improve your surfing skill or learn for the first time. And the best part is that you can enjoy this location’s amenities for an affordable price. So, if you are looking for a budget-friendly family surf camp in Costa Rica, then Selina Nosara is a great option.

2. Dreamsea Surf Camp, Costa Rica

Another great family surf camp Costa Rica has to offer is the Dreamsea surf camp. This surf camp in Tamarindo is the perfect destination to take your family when you want to connect with nature. The Dreamsea surf camp is a destination in the lush jungles that offers a luxurious eco-friendly retreat.

Dreamsea surf camp is a retreat designed for nature lovers and surfers alike. It spreads over 10,000 square meters of camp and features glamping tents with several other amenities around the pristine rainforest. The camp’s location is a 10 minutes’ drive from some of the best waves in Tamarindo.

And if you don’t want to go surfing with your family right away, you can enjoy the camp’s many other amenities, such as loaner bicycles, table tennis, board games, and slackline. At Dreamsea, you can choose between private and shared accommodation on its all-inclusive family surf vacation 1-week package. The package includes daily surf lessons, a wetsuit and surfboard hire, breakfast buffets, etc.

3. Elementsurf Surfcamp, Spain

best family surf vacations

There are several family surf holidays Europe destinations, but Elemnetsurf is a unique location. At Elementsurf surf camp, you can experience Cantabria’s scenic, social, and cultural diversity. Being the third smallest province in Spain, Cantabria spans an area of only 5000 km2 but offers a true natural paradise with a more than 220 km long coastline.

Also, aside from going surfing with your family at Elementsurf surf camp, you can take them to visit the numerous small mountain villages and idyllic coastal towns like San Vicente de la Barquera or Comillas. Elementsurf is a great destination to visit with your family to take your surfing skills to the next level. With private surfing lessons from highly qualified surf instructors to further learning.

Necessary surfing equipment, such as wetsuits and surfboards, are provided at Elementsurf throughout the surf course. Elementsurf works with you in small groups and according to your surf level to attend to you individually to ensure maximum safety for you and your family.

4. Sea Natives Surf Camp, Portugal

Sea Natives is a small surf camp founded by an international tribe of friends with a mission to create a place to call home. As one of Europe’s unique family holidays, you can trust getting the best holiday experience at Sea Natives. Located in the beautiful little fish town of Praia da Tocha, Sea Natives features uncrowded waves, genuine Portuguese restaurants, live music, and a bar.

Sea Natives offer different accommodation options to suit the needs of different families. Its accommodation options include shared tipi tents with up to 4 single beds or private tipi tents for two. The tipi tents are fully equipped with electricity, a storage unit, dishes, cutlery, an optional baby bed, etc. Also, Sea Natives’ all-inclusive packages include a breakfast buffet, lunch, and homemade dinner.

When you visit this destination with your family, there are nannies to look after your children during adult surf or yoga lessons. Also, with the kids’ animation throughout the week, your children will stay entertained. At the camp, you can visit the shop to rent surf equipment like surfboards and wetsuits, skateboards, and so on.

5. Four Seasons Surf Resort, Punta Mita

Four Seasons Punta Mita, best family surf vacations
Four Seasons Punta Mita

Four Seasons is another exquisite spot to consider taking your family for a surf vacation. Set on a 52-acre nature reserve, Four Seasons is a five-star resort that features a long stretch of beach on Mexico’s Pacific Coast. As one of the first big international resorts in Punta Mita, Four Seasons aged well owing to its traditional Mexican-style décor.

If you are looking for a luxury family surf camp, the Four Seasons is the ideal spot. It’s a popular destination for a good reason: it offers everything from amazing beaches to pools, top-notch dining outlets, golf, a kids club, and so much more. Essentially, you get the value for your money at this destination. Going surfing vacation at the beach in Four Seasons is perfect for all levels of surfers as its waves are easygoing.

This family surf vacation Caribbean resort offers diverse accommodations for different family needs. Whether you’re looking for a panoramic view of the ocean, a beach home, and so on, Four Season features them all. On top of that, you get picturesque scenery to create a lasting memory with your family.

6. Rapture Surf Camp, Playa Maderas

Playa Maderas, best family surf vacations
Playa Maderas

The Rapture surf camp is an exotic family-friendly destination. This surf sanctuary is only two hours from the capital city, Managua. The jungle setting this family surf camp Nicaragua offers makes it a great spot to reconnect with nature. Rapture is situated on the Playa Maderas hills and offers an outstanding sunset-watching spot.

Rapture is home to several spots ideal for beginners and pros alike. Moreover, at Rapture, there are several surf lessons by knowledgeable and experienced local instructors to help you hone your surfing skill. At Rapture camp, there are shuttle services provided to make roaming around easier. And if you don’t want to use the shuttle, you can reach the bottom of the Playa Maderas in about 15 minutes on foot.

At Rapture, you can choose several accommodation options to ensure you are comfortable during your stay. You can stay at its private glamping tents, luxurious apartments, or group bungalows. But whichever you choose, it overlooks the jungle and the Pacific Ocean.

7. The Boom, Nicaragua

Another all-inclusive family surf camp Nicaragua has to offer is The Boom. The Boom is a popular sport in Central America with one of the most incredible waves. The waves at the Boom are fast, huge, impressive barrels, and its heavy A-shape wave gives you the best experience. It peaks right in front of the Chancletas beach resorts are often the heaviest ones. But the peaks get easier to surf when you walk a bit further North or South of the Boom.

So, whatever surfing skill level you have, the Boom offers just the right size of waves for you. As an intermediate or advanced-level surfer, the Boom is the best spot from March until December. The Boom is a South Swell spot, which relies on swells provoked by winter storms from the southern hemisphere.

Aside from catching big waves at The Boom, there are other activities you can engage in, such as yoga classes every day, spa and massage, hiking, and so on. There are other attractions you can consider visiting at the route seven beaches, thanks to its wide coastline.

8. Chun’s Reef, Oahu

Chuns Reef Oahu - best family surf vacations
Chuns Reef Oahu

Chun’s Reef is another excellent family surf holiday destination with great waves. Located between Waimea and Jocko’s bay, Chun’s Reef offers both a right and a left that break across an elbow of often sharp and shallow reef. The right can be a bit faster, although shorter, whereas the left can be more forgiving since it spills into a deeper section of water.

Chun’s Reef is a family surf vacation Hawaii offers that stretches east of Kawailoa Beach. The beach is a premier surfing site for intermediate and expert surfers. But beginners can also have a great time at this destination as there is a spot for all surfing levels. There are surfing coaches on the ground, so you can be sure safety is not thrown out the door.

In summer, Chun’s Reef is quite good for swimming and snorkeling, while in winter, the waves are consistently large and powerful. Plenty of leafy treats on the beach make this destination a great spot for relaxation while watching the sun set or rise.

9. Hanalei Bay Beach Park, Kauai

Hanalei Bay Beach Park best family surf vacations
Hanalei Bay Beach Park

The Hanalei Bay Beach Park is another family surf vacation Hawaii offers. Located on Kauai, one of the oldest islands in Hawaii, Hanalei Bay Beach Park is a collection of four beaches. Each section of the beach provides different conditions, which makes it a great spot for people who want to learn to surf in different environments.

As a beginner to surfing, it’s best to hang around the piers. At this spot, surf tends to be somewhere between the chest level and knee over most of the year. Catching early morning waves are especially smooth. So, expect to find a lot of locals enjoying things around that time.

It’s important to note that the conditions for surfing at Hanalei Bay Beach Park vary by Season. Visitors who come to this sport during the winter will experience rougher waves, while those who visit around summer will experience more calm water. There isn’t much parking space, so get there early to secure a spot.


Planning a family surf camp vacation takes time, especially when searching for a destination to create a memorable experience. There are so many places you can consider visiting, as elaborated in this guide. Wherever you eventually decide to go, create time to visit attractions near the surf spots.

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