Top 7 Best Beach Shoes l Reviews (Crocs)

Moving while submerged in beach water can be difficult. Your feet are also prone to danger as you walk underwater without any protective footwear. If you are tired of these instances, buying a pair of beach shoes is the best option for a more comfortable summer getaway.

Hiking, diving, kayaking, and strolling at the beach become more fun and bearable. Over time, brands selling beach shoes began to develop this footwear by adding premium features. They include water drainage, thermal protection, and a stylish design.

Since there is a long list of these items, you might get overwhelmed with what to choose. Some are suitable for a specific gender, and others maintain a unisex feature to cater to all their customers. If you do not know yet what to buy, we will help you through this article.

Top 7 Best Beach Shoes Reviewed

  1. Crocs Men’s Swiftwater Mesh Deck Sandal Sport – Best Overall
  2. Aleader Women’s Mesh Slip On Water Shoes – Best Value
  3. Wave Runner Men’s Water Shoes – Editor’s Choice
  4. KEEN Whisper Women’s Sandal
  5. Speedo Men’s Water Shoe Surfwalker Pro 3.0
  6. Native Unisex Jefferson Fashion Sneaker
  7. Neo Sport Premium Neoprene Men & Women Wetsuit Boots

#1. Crocs Men’s Swiftwater Mesh Deck Sandal Sport – Best Overall

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  • Weight: 9.4 Ounces
  • Sizes Available: 7 to 15 (US Size, Men’s)
  • Colors Available: Black, Espresso, Slate Grey
  • Sole Material: Synthetic

‘Crocs’ is not a new footwear brand name. For almost two decades, it has been a source of reliable shoes for daily and specific use. Thus, it only fits to put its Swiftwater Mesh Deck Sandal on top of our list. 

It has a sporty look that you can wear on any adventure. Default to its feature is the waterproof capacity that helps you move effortlessly in the water. However, its outstanding quality does not end there because it has more to offer. 

Soft, lightweight, and durable are the promises that Crocs try to deliver with this water walking footwear. The brand’s CrossLite cushioning system is responsible for each comfortable step you make. It also has an improved grip that helps in preventing skidding as you walk over wet surfaces. Plus, it wards off feet odor for a more pleasant beach experience. 

The shoes’ mesh cover is stretchable, and the straps are adjustable. You can easily customize its fit for it to snug perfectly on your feet. It also dries fast, so you can keep it once you are done enjoying at the beach. 

Adding to its comfortable feature is the massaging footbed. It has small balls found underneath the shoes’ inner build. It targets to relax and reduce stress on your feet while doing any strenuous water activities. It also adds to its slip-resistant quality. 

The starting price for this pair is around $40. It is quite reasonable since you get the most reliable water shoes in the market. It may not look as fashionable as other brands, but you might get surprised once you end up using it as your go-to footwear item.

Uses Crocs' CrossLite Cushioning systemThe construction is not fashionable
Lightweight and comfortable The sole is less flexible
The outsole is slip-resistantFor men only
The price is reasonable 
It dries fast

#2. Aleader Women’s Mesh Slip On Water Shoes – Best Value

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  • Sizes Available: 5.5 to 11 (US Size Women’s)
  • Colors Available: Blue, Black, Dark Grey, White, Light Grey, Navy, Orange, Purple, Aqua, Overcast Gray
  • Sole Material: Rubber

The right beach shoes should be a product of excellent engineering. With Aleader, you know you are in good hands. Its Women’s Mesh Slip-On Water Shoes have internal and external qualities that will provide the comfort you deserve as you go to any water adventures. 

We begin with its exterior layout. Like Crocs, it has a mesh covering that is light and breathable. It does not cause itch to your skin, and it has a quick-drying formula for more convenient storage. They situated the rubber soles’ pods in higher areas for a better grip and non-slip quality. 

It is not a reliable beach shoe without a water drainage system through the Template ComforDry. It squeezes out the water that enters your feet from the upper mesh to the outsole. Some shoes that lack this feature leaves your feet soaked in water, even if you already got out of the ocean. 

The internal build of this piece is as excellent as its external qualities. The Solyte Midsole system is the reason behind its lightweight and durable nature. It gives an excellent bounce-back feeling to your feet that makes moving underwater way better. Wearing it is less taxing, too, since it is slip-on footwear. 

However, it will help if you note that pebbles fit the diamond holes in the soles’ pods. You may need some time to remove it after swimming, and the sharper ones may tear some part of this water shoe.

The midsole system is lightweight and breathableLess stable for water aerobics exercises
It has an effective drainage systemIt lacks arch support for the midsole
You can wear it easilyPebbles fit the diamond holes
Slip-resistantFits to women only
Dries quickly

#3. Wave Runner Men’s Water Shoes – Editor’s Choice

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  • Weight: 1.05 Pounds
  • Sizes Available: 8 to 13 (US Size, Men’s)
  • Colors Available: Black, Grey, Red, and Yellow
  • Sole Material: Rubber

Choosing Wave Runner’s Water Shoes is like hitting two birds in one stone. It provides the style and comfort that other brands fail to render. This sneaker-like shoe can go well to any of your outdoor apparel while it maintains an excellent outsole grip. 

The holes of its polyester mesh are bigger than Crocs’ and Aleader’s. However, it does not go away with the same breathability and comfortable quality expected from any beach shoes. 

What makes it more appealing is the mesh’s dual-purpose capacity, partnered with fluid-drain technology. The water that goes inside the footwear can easily find its exit, and the air flows freely inside to keep that fresh and cool feeling. 

As said, it has an improved outsole grip for better use and comfort. The anti-slip traction support aids each step you make, regardless if you are in or out of the water. Thus, diving, kayaking, snorkeling, and even surfboarding becomes more bearable when using this product. 

It is a hot item for beginners because it removes your anxiety of sliding on slippery areas. Without that worry, your confidence boosts. You also get more spaces to enjoy the entire beach escapade. 

Plus, it avoids you from getting blisters as long as you have the right measurement. Some customers advise to buy one size down from this brand.

Better exterior layout than other brandsThe pads inside do not stay in place all the time
Protects your feet from getting blistersCustomers typically get the wrong size
Breathable mesh and soft midsoleOutsole holes are quite massive
Keeps your feet cool and fresh
Perfect for extreme sports

#4. KEEN Whisper Women’s Sandal

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  • Weight: 1.4 Pounds
  • Sizes Available: 5 to 12 (US Size, Women’s)
  • Colors Available: Black, Blue, Brown, Canton, Medium Grey, Navy, Dark Shadow, Redwood, Agate Grey, Coffee Liqueur, Red, Honeysuckle, Lavender
  • Sole Material: Rubber

Keen’s Whisper Sandal is a woman’s perfect buddy for outdoor adventures. It is best for watersports, hiking, river trekking, and other extreme activities. Weight is not its best asset, but it has some durable feature that makes it a reliable item for a summer affair or a camp trip.

It is unique from the first ones we featured because of its polyester webbing for the upper design. Instead of a mesh, it incorporated a lace-capture system that makes adjusting its fit an easier task. It also uses an Aegis Microbe Shield that reduces any odor your feet and the environment leave on your shoes. 

The heavyweight character that this product has is due to its footbed. Keen used a Metatomical Eva system to ensure the footbed’s stability and durability. It has an arch made of a compressed Eva midsole to compliment any foot type for a more comfortable step. The linings of the shoes are also quick-dry for a cooler feeling and easier storage. 

It is not an enclosed-type of footwear, so water can go in and out of it without any problem. Plus, Keen engineered its outsole in a way that it creates enough friction to any surface to avoid slipping and other accidents. You can also clean it through machine-washing to save time. 

Like other brands, it is not a picture-perfect item. Some have problems in getting the right size of this shoe. It fits best for narrow-footed individuals, and its measurements may be smaller than your standard size.

It has a more secure fit because of the lacing systemThe size is smaller than standard measurements
Water gets in and out of the footwear quicklyA problem in getting the right size
Reduces odor of your feetNot suitable for all feet shapes
Sturdy and comfortableHeavyweight
Easy to clean

#5. Speedo Men’s Water Shoe Surfwalker Pro 3.0

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  • Weight: 8.8 Ounces
  • Sizes Available: 7 to 14 (US Size, Men’s)
  • Colors Available: Grey, Black, Blue, and Navy
  • Sole Material: Rubber

Speedo is one of the most popular swimwear companies in the market today. Its reputation comes with prices that are not as friendly as other brands. Still, it has millions of patrons because of the excellent quality of its products. Thus, we have a spot for its Water Shoe Surfwalker Pro 3.0 since it delivers well as a beach accessory. 

Innovative is the best word to describe this item. Its exterior design is unique as it uses Neoprene fabric for better flexibility. Insulation is its best asset, which provides enough heat and cool to your feet regardless of weather conditions. It is also water-resistant that lessens the chances of water getting inside your footwear.

The brand prides its product on its S-Trac outsole. It streams water away each time you take a step. Thus, running in the water becomes effortless, and slipping is not a problem because of its reliable grip. Thanks to the TRP outsole from Speedo, the shoes’ stability tops other brands.

While most of its coverage is neoprene, it still has a few mesh parts to sustain its breathable feature. It helps the footwear squeeze water and sand out for optimal comfort. Fit is not a significant issue on this item. You can also wear and take it off instantly because of its slip-on nature. 

Indeed, Speedo succeeded in producing a reliable and comfortable beach shoe. While it may not be as affordable as other brands, it has better and newer qualities to offer that can offset the price.

Easy to wear because of the slip-on designSand and small rocks may enter the shoes that add an uncomfortable feeling
Neoprene fabric is an excellent insulatorDurability is questionable in the long run
It is water-resistant and breathablePrice is relatively expensive
Excellent grip for beach running
Unique design

#6. Native Unisex Jefferson Fashion Sneaker

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  • Weight: 11.84 Ounces
  • Sizes Available: 1 to 10 – Toddler, 1 to 13 – Little Kid, 4 to 6 – Big Kid, 6 to 15 – Women’s, and 4 to 13 – Men’s (US Size)
  • Colors Available: Milk Pink, Megamarine Blue, Ski Patrol Red, Regatta Blue, Shell White, Pigeon Grey, Jiffy Black, Hydrangea Blue, Konpeito Print, Powder Purple, Cardigan Blue
  • Sole Material: Rubber

Most families enjoy frolicking at the beach. That is why they gather together to enjoy the ocean waves while tanning under the sun’s heat. Anyone, especially children, loves to soak in water and paddle them for fun. If your family falls into this category, it will help if you all get some stylish and comfortable beach shoes. 

Native is a footwear brand that caters to men, women, boys, girls, and babies. Its Jefferson shoes is a prime example of the diversity this brand can offer. The shoe’s sneaker-like design allows you to wear any casual apparel to the beach without changing your footwear once you decide to dive into the ocean. 

Jefferson’s entire construction is rubber. That is why it has a 100% water-resistant capacity, and it is easier to hand wash. You will never find any amount of water squeezing inside your shoes for the entire duration of your trip.  It is shock absorbent and resistant to odor as well. 

The company is also popular for being consistent with its products’ lightness. Jefferson has a molded EVA construction that keeps that light, cushiony, and breathable midsole. It is a slip-on item, too, so you can easily wear and remove it anytime you like. 

We tagged this piece as family-friendly because it has sizes for all ages. It also comes in stylish colors that are pleasing to the eyes. At a starting price of around $33 per pair, each family member can get one to show the bond and unity that you have for each other.

Water-resistant, shock-absorbent, and odor-resistantThe measurement is one size bigger than standard sizes
The rubber construction is easy to cleanThe design looks less expensive for the price
Available in various sizes and colorsThe grip is not too reliable
Lightweight and breathableThe midsole lacks arch
Easy to wear

#7. Neo Sport Premium Neoprene Men & Women Wetsuit Boots

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  • Weight: 1.45 Pounds
  • Styles Available: 3mm, 5mm, 7mm
  • Sizes Available: 4 to 15 Men’s and 5 to 17 Women’s (US Size)
  • Sole Material: Synthetic and neoprene

We already mentioned that neoprene fabric is a great insulator. That is why Neo Sport picked it as the main material for the brand’s Wetsuit Boots. You can swim, snorkel, fish, and kayak in any weather conditions as long as you are using this footwear.

As it falls to the boots category, its design is quite different from the rest. It has a durable zipper to close the boots securely. It also has a Water Entry Barrier (WEB) behind it to ensure no water, sand, and pebbles can enter your footwear. The company glued and sewed the shoes’ sole and upper body properly to prevent it from ripping apart. 

Neo Sport’s goal in crafting this piece is to provide affordable and reliable footwear to people who love watersports. Thus, they made this product available in three thickness options to help you keep up with nature’s warm and cold temperature. The sole is puncture-resistant, too, to protect you from unknown creatures underwater. 

The product’s flexibility provides comfort to your feet and prevents you from getting blisters and sprained toes. Wearing them all day is not even a problem because of the relief and safety it offers. For its functionality, the price is quite justifiable compared to the first ones mentioned.

Waterproof and prevents entry of small particlesNot compatible with wearing for casual attires
It has a puncture-resistant featureThe design is not stylish
Excellent for extreme watersportsIt has thinner soles
Good insulator for any weather
Reasonable price

Top Picks – Best Overall Beach Shoes

Getting the right beach shoes is not a mathematical problem to solve. What you must prioritize in picking one is the comfort it provides when you do any water-related activities. Thus, we made a list of brands that offer the best and reliable items for any age and gender. 

As you learned, beach shoes do not have a single form. One has the entire body covered with mesh, while others prefer neoprene or open-shoes and laced system. For us, we highly recommend Crocs’ Swiftwater Mesh Deck Sandal Sport.

Besides coming from a known brand, it has consistent and premium qualities, too. Moving in water becomes effortless with this footwear. It is light, breathable, and cushiony to provide you with maximum comfort as you swim or stroll around the beach’s boardwalk. An icing to the cake is the small massage balls found within the shoes’ sole to keep your muscles relaxed and stress-free. 

Compared to other brands, the Swiftwater’s price is relatively expensive. However, it promises several advantages that others fail to perfect. Thus, it is still your best option, especially if you always go to the beach or do other activities, like river fishing, mud hunting, and lake kayaking.

Best Beach Shoes Brands


When Crocs began in 2002, some customers felt less satisfied with the brand’s designs. Today, its unconventional and bold look became the standard of rubberized shoes across the globe. They are comfortable, reliable, and long-lasting, making people love them throughout the years. 

Its founders believe that comfortable footwear is the key to happiness. Thus, the company innovates its products through modern technologies. It is their way to provide customers with the lightest, softest, and most flexible shoes in the market. 

Over the years, Crocs sold more than $600 million pairs of shoes in over 90 countries worldwide. They retained the brand’s signature and simple designs while keeping in mind its patrons’ needs and wants. 

More than the variety and diversity of its products, Crocs also maintain an open-minded environment for its employees. They all grow and improve one product at a time. Thus, Crocs is the right place to be if your goal is to find a company with reliable shoes and a healthy corporation. 


Aleader is a relatively young company. Born in 2013, it focuses on footwear that encourages you to explore the wonders of the oceans. They are challenging you to go swimming, snorkeling, and diving with the most comfortable shoes the company delivers.

The main category that Aleader works on is water shoes. Its community crafts pairs of shoes suitable for men, women, and children who have a passion for underwater activities. Apart from having an active lifestyle, they also want you to have a foot accessory that you can use daily. 

The brand’s mission is to innovate high-performance shoes that will light the fire for your love for outdoor adventures. Plus, they keep an affordable price for most of its products for its mission to reach a wider coverage.


Keen is not your ordinary footwear company. Its mission is to help people live a healthy lifestyle and support non-profit organizations in giving back to less fortunate communities. Indeed, it is a brand with a purpose. 

It is a melting pot of innovative shoes that are long-lasting and can survive any weather conditions. Are you looking for rubber shoes, boots, sandals, and other footwear accessories? Keen have them all at a reasonable price. Plus, it maintains its products’ premium quality to ensure client satisfaction. 

Keen’s creators believe that people will continue moving if they have the best pair of shoes. Thus, the brand will always chase excellence as they try to maintain its standards. The company does not only want to enrich itself. It has the goal of helping others make the world a better place with one pair of shoes at a time.

Checklist When Purchasing Beach Shoes – A Buyer’s Guide

Some people only wear slippers when going to the beach. They even swim with bare feet because they can move better and faster. However, wearing beach shoes has several advantages. 

For one, it protects you from harm since you do not know what creatures and objects are swimming underneath. Plus, it is also an excellent shield against the unpredictable temperature of the ocean. You can rely on its traction, too, as you do kayaking, surfing, or walking on slippery surfaces. 

You already learned about the items we consider as the best options. If comparing them still confuses you because you want them all, these tips may help you sift your decision and land on the best choice. 

Make Sure That Fresh Air Can Enter Inside the Shoes

While most brands promise their products’ breathability, some fail to deliver in their full capacity. Open shoes can be a better option if you spend most of your time at the beach and other watery areas. It ensures that your feet get enough air to move comfortably and avoid moisture that causes odor. 

If you prefer a closed shoe, be sure to pick one with a mesh upper body. The fabric has fine holes that compress water and sand out of your footwear and allows air to travel inside. 

First-Timers Must Prefer Shoes With Flatter Soles

Having a flat-soled shoe provides proper support to your feet. First-timers will find difficulty in balancing their body if they go directly with high-heeled shoes. Flat soles have a lesser arch, which makes you forget that you are wearing one. Thus, you have more freedom to be active as you get less anxious about your foot apparel.

Prioritize Functionality but Never Compromise Your Style

Indeed, the top priority in picking a beach shoe should be its features. Can it survive any weather condition? Is it waterproof and shock absorbent? Does it use technology to improve the outsole’s grip? All these questions should be your first questions when buying an item. 

However, the design is as important as its function. You do not want to look like a fool because you have that cheeky attire, but your shoes are way out of your style. It is the reason why these shoes come in different colors and shapes. You can choose between closed shoes, sandals, and boots, among others. 


Your eagerness to pick a pair of beach shoes must be similar to your energy in picking a summer escapade outfit. You have to consider various things before buying one because it is the key to your happiness as you swim in the ocean. A happy foot means a happy outdoor experience.  

Comfort, durability, and style should be at the top of your checklist when picking a water shoe. Even if the list is long, some brands outweighed others. As we mentioned earlier, Crocs fits the top spot of the best beach shoe because it checks all the right qualities you need. Regret is the last thing you will get from this item because it comes with reasonable prices and specs.

However, Aleader, Speedo, Keen, and other companies are competitive rivals in this category. They offer unique and stylish designs with several color options without compromising functionality. Thus, the final decision rests on your need and taste. 

Please do not forget to bring your beach shoe on your next vacation trip. It might take some space on your luggage, but it has several benefits that you should not miss. Have a better experience with the best water shoes in the world.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is a water shoe a must-have when swimming in the ocean?

The last thing you want is to get wounds out of nowhere. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. 

Not wearing a pair of water shoes when swimming does not mean breaking any golden rules. However, the life and objects underneath are unpredictable. Thus, wearing one is your safest choice to protect yourself. 

Does beach shoes affect swimming skills?

What discourages people from wearing slippers when swimming is its inability to adapt to ocean waves. Beach shoes are a far better story. Yes, it affects your swimming in a better way. Since most of them are lightweight, they do not add any baggage as you go floating in the ocean. 

Moreover, these shoes have add-on features to improve the quality of your feet. Some insulate the temperature inside, and others have the puncture-resistant quality to guard you against any harmful elements. 

Should you choose a snug-fitting water shoe or a loose one?

Choose one that fits your size perfectly. In normal instances, people always put allowance when picking leather or rubber shoes. However, water shoes should not be too loose because the water current might take them off without you noticing it. 

On the flip side, you must also avoid super snuggly shoes because you will feel less comfortable. Remember, your feet must be able to breathe, too! That is why the perfect fit is the right choice.

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