Mikey Wright: Australia’s Favorite Surfing Son

Few surfers combine such an out-there personality and surfing style as Mikey Wright. Embodying the true Aussie spirit, Mikey lives life in the fast lane–in and out of the water. In a sport so professional and clean-cut, the young Aussie is a refreshing antidote. An antidote that brings surfing back to its raw uncut roots. 

In this post, we dive into the life of the youngest Wright sibling, born into an Australian surf royalty in NSW. We’ll dive into how Mikey got started with surfing, his competitive and free surfing career, as well as Mikey’s unique style and personality. He’s been up to a lot in the past few years, so let’s get down to it. 

Mikey Wright: Upbringing

Mikey Wright was born in Culburra, NSW, Australia—a small surf town south of Sydney, where Mikey was the youngest of four siblings. The Wrights are a renowned Australian surfing family and one of the most successful surf families ever. Tyler, Mikey’s older sister, is a veteran on the CT and 2 x women’s world champion, while Owen, his older brother (now retired), has been a top 10 feature on the CT for the past decade. Yep, Mikey had a lot to live up to as a grom

His older siblings paved the way for young Milkey, feeding him into a lifestyle of all things surf. The family traveled up and down the East coast of Australia in a bus, competing in junior/QS contests and surfing their brains out. This out-the-ordinary upbringing set the foundations for how Mikey surfs today. Young Mikey was picked up by Quiksilver at a young age and shared the up-and-coming grom spotlight with now big-name surfers such as Jack Robinson, Leo Firovanti, and Kanoa Igarashi. 

Before chasing the CT, Mikey was already a notorious free surfer, gaining media and social traction for his show-stopping video edits. If you haven’t seen Mikey’s videos like Root and Rage, I recommend checking them out! Mikey now resides on the Gold Coast in Queensland and has succeeded in and out of the jersey. 

Mikey Wright’s Career 

As a junior, Milkey was successful in competition, taking out multiple junior events, which fed him into the WQS. After chasing waves and seemingly pursuing a career in free surfing, Mikey qualified for the Championship Tour in 2018. (Note – Mikey appeared as a wildcard in a handful of CT events beforehand). 

But Mikey’s induction to the Championship Tour was challenging. After sustaining a back injury while surfing in the WQS event at Pipeline in February, Mikey surfed the entire year nursing an injury–without telling anyone! Mikey pushed through the year with true Aussie grit and did what he needed to ensure requalification. He then pulled out of the remaining season to rest and recuperate for the following year. 

In 2019, Mikey secured a 12th-place season finish after a 3rd at Uluwatu/Margaret River Pro and Keramas CT events. With back problems still lingering, the 2020 tour was canceled anyway due to Covid, and we wouldn’t see professional surfing gain until 2021! For surfing’s return, the season wildcard was decided in a surf-off between Mikey and Leo Firovanti, who both had solid cases to be awarded the injury wildcard. Mikey lost to Leo in a Pipeline “surf-off” but still competed in many events as an injury replacement. 

In a condensed tour in 2021, due to many covid restrictions, Mikey completed the entire year before deciding to quit the tour to pursue his free surfing entirely. While Mikey was by no means a slouch on the competitive scene, he will be remembered for the intensity of his free surfing. 

A Unique Style & Personality 

In a sport that’s so clean, professional, and, let’s face it, a tad boring at times, Mikey’s raw approach, unique style, and personality are a refreshing touch to pro surfing and make the young Aussie stand out. Mikey loves all things Australia, spending his time camping, fishing, and 4WD’’ing in the bush. A fast-paced lifestyle that translates well into the water. With his famous mullet and beard, Mikey wouldn’t look out of place as a Gold Coast tradie but chuck him in the water, and he blows everyone else out of it.  

When you watch Mikey surf, you never really know what will happen. He charges in serious waves and surfs big waves like me, and you try and surf our 2ft local. Big barrels, smooth carves, and giant airs make up much of his surf edits–he is truly one of the best and most exciting surfers to watch ever. Tap into some Mikey content archives here

Sponsors, Achievements & Net Worth 

As you’d expect for such a prolific surfing figure, Mikey has gained solid sponsorships and been the face of Quiksilver since the launch of their “Stay High” campaign; a doth of the cap to surfing’s go hard or go home roots. With some high-place finishes in competition and stupidly good free surf edits, Mikey has amassed an estimated net worth of $5 million and represents everything it is to be a top Australian surfer. When Mikey surfs, people watch, which makes him so valuable, in the jersey or otherwise. 

Final Words 

While we don’t see Mikey surf as much as we’d like (his career has been plagued by injury, and he’s no longer on the CT), when Mikey posts clips, everyone stops to watch, and that’s how it is. If you’re a fan of big barrels, massive open-face carves, and ridiculously high airs, Mikey is up there with the best in the world. I don’t know the future of Milkey’s surfing, But I do know that when a clip crops up on the social feed, I stop whatever I’m doing and watch, and you should too!

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