Isurus Wetsuits Review: Epic Wetsuits or Rip Off?

Having a wetsuit is one thing and possessing an Isurus wetsuit is an altogether different thing. Isurus wetsuits are a class apart. They are luxurious and wearing these premium wetsuits you get a feeling of pride.

However, it is not all about luxury. More than that, surfers adore it for the comfort that it provides while surfing in the numbingly cold water. You definitely look for the warmth and the flexibility- and Isurus wetsuits provide you exactly the same and a little more for your added comfort and convenience.

Isurus takes care of your comfort from the beginning of the process by making the right choices of the material. They do not compromise in selecting their materials and hence they chose the Japanese Yamamoto Neoprene Rubber that uses limestone rather than petroleum used in the ordinary rubber.

There is a good range of Isurus wetsuits with each of them offering some or the other unique features. For instance, the Isurus Evade 3.2 is extremely light and uses muscle stabilization technology to offer unparalleled comfort. The Isurus Shield 3.3, on the other hand, is versatile and designed to keep you tireless during long surfing.

Top 10 Best Isurus Wetsuits Reviews

Here we review the top 10 wetsuits from Isurus along with their key features. You can select among them the best suitable wetsuit for your purpose.

  1. Evade 3.2 Chest Zip Isurus Wetsuit
  2. TI Evade 4.3 Hooded Chest Zip Winter Wetsuit
  3. TI Alpha 6.5 Hooded Isurus Wetsuit
  4. TI Ember 5.4 Hooded Chest Zip Winter Women’s Wetsuit
  5. TI Shield 4.4 Hooded Zipfree Wetsuit
  6. Shield 3.3 Hooded Zipfree Wetsuit
  7. Shield 2.2 Zipfree Fullsuit Wetsuit
  8. Ember 2.2 Long Sleeve Spring Chest Zip Women’s Wetsuit
  9. Shield 2.2 Zipfree Short Arm Wetsuit
  10. Ember 1.5 Long Sleeve Women’s Wetsuit Top

#1. Evade 3.2 Chest Zip Wetsuit

isurus wetsuits review

The Evade 3.2 is a supercharged compression wetsuit that keeps you warm and prevents stiffness of muscles even in the chilled water. With its eco-friendly limestone neoprene construction this super-comfortable chest zip wetsuit offers great value for money.

The feathery light material offers 20% more stretchability and gives an extra pinch of durability to the suit. Moreover, muscle stabilization technology works just fine to offer free and quick body movements as and when required.

#2. TI Evade 4.3 Hooded Chest Zip Winter Wetsuit

isurus wetsuits review

If you are looking for a warm and comfortable water-absorbent wetsuit that does not prove to be a hurdle in your smooth and effortless surfing, the TI Evade 4.3 is a perfect choice for you. It is a hydrophobic closed-cell neoprene constructed suit that prevents water clogging and avoids hindering your movement.

The Supercharged compression along with the Muscle Stabilization technology provides even more convenience. The special Z-fleece of the suit gives it the extra insulation ability and keeps you warm for long.

#3. TI Alpha 6.5 Hooded Isurus Wetsuit

isurus wetsuits review

With 80% Z-fleece coverage of the wetsuit, the TI Alpha is made for the ones who dare to chase the tall waves. The Yamamoto neoprene makes these hooded suits a perfect combination of flexibility and strength.

In addition, the heat-reflecting titanium lining provides even greater protection from the attacks of chilled water like nothing else.

The muscle stabilization technology, Silicone pre-tensioners and the arms up design add on to its value.


#4. TI Ember 5.4 Hooded Chest Zip Winter Women’s Wetsuit

isurus wetsuits review

The best in class wetsuit designed for women that you will see in the market, the TI Ember 5.4 is an 80% titanium Z-fleece lined wetsuit with unmatched comfort.

The neoprene construction of the suit is done while keeping in mind the smooth movements and comfort of women according to their actions and shape. The wetsuit does not absorb a single drop more than 2% of water making it comfy and warm like no other such suit for females.

Moreover, this suit has a special 25% more stretchability to remove any possibility of the hindrance of movements.

The unique design coupled with its feathery lightweight provides faster paddling and movement and does not let you exhaust for long.


#5. TI Shield 4.4 Hooded Zipfree Wetsuit

isurus wetsuits review

One of the best Zip free wetsuits that you will see in the market, the TI Shield 4.4 Hooded is a warm and cozy wetsuit. The highly flexible arms up design provide unrivaled flexibility to the suit, meaning the suit does not restrict even a single muscle movement of the surfer.

Moreover, the No seam single back panel running through the shoulder up till the lower hamstrings offers even more hindrance-free paddling. The muscle stabilization technology as well as the supercharged compression neoprene ensures proper blood flow while supplying oxygen-rich blood to the body.


#6. Shield 3.3 Hooded Zipfree Wetsuit

isurus wetsuits review

This magnificent 3mm wetsuit with its ultra-light material and super comfortable fitting offers high versatility to the surfers. The hood allows confident movements into the high tides. The warm and well-designed structure provides surfing in the coldest of waters. And the extremely lightweight design with the zip free structure provides unrestricted movement and in turn great convenience in the fast stream demanding quick actions.

In addition, the special Arms Up technology and the zero restriction shoulders provide effortless paddling and with the lightweight neoprene you won’t tire for long.

Besides, the suit offers muscle stabilization technology, silicone pre-tensioners, and supercharged compression for even more convenience.


#7. Shield 2.2 Zipfree Fullsuit Wetsuit

isurus wetsuits review

The Shield 2.2 Zipfree Wetsuit, better known as the “SuperHero,” wetsuit is one of the most popular products by Isurus. With its ultimate flexibility, performance, and lightweight, this cozy wetsuit is sure to win your heart like no other in its category.

With its Zipfree arms up design and zero shoulder restriction offers amusing hindrance free movements while paddling.

The muscle-stabilizing neoprene with the silicone pre-transitioners and supercharged compression add to the value of the suit.

Though it will cover the complete body of the surfer, it lacks a hood.


#8. Ember 2.2 Long Sleeve Spring Chest Zip Women’s Wetsuit

isurus wetsuits review

Built with ultra-thin 100% Japanese neoprene material, the Ember 2.2 Wetsuits are literally among the best wetsuits for women. With its top-quality Chest Zip design and super-light material these suits are durable, flexible, and comfortable to an unmatched extent.
In addition, the zero shoulder restriction and muscle stabilization, these suits prove to be a real boon for the daring women surfers.



#9. Shield 2.2 Zipfree Short Arm Wetsuit

isurus wetsuits review

With the thin zip free construct the Shield 2.2 is best suitable for mild temperature water conditions on sunny days. It is a Yamamoto neoprene suit with a highly flexible, lightweight, and stretchable design, Moreover, with the arms up zip free design; this suit provides super-free movements along with muscle stabilization and silicone pre-tensioners that add on to its value.


#10. Ember 1.5 Long Sleeve Women’s Wetsuit Top

isurus wetsuits review

Thin like a needle. The Ember 1.5 women’s wetsuit for women is the lightest, thinnest, and one of the best fitting wetsuits available in the market. With their skin feel and comfortable fitting these feathery light suits are well suitable for cozy water conditions on sunny days only. However, with the super-light material, they can be put over for surfing in the quick streams and tides.


Isurus Wetsuits Buyer’s Guide

Going through the top 10 Isurus wetsuits you would already have shortlisted 2-3 wetsuits to finally select the best fit among them for yourself. However, before finalizing the best wetsuit we would recommend you to know some of the important factors to consider in a good quality wetsuit.


It is important for you to know the working of a wetsuit to decide on the right wetsuit. If you think that wetsuits prevent water to come in contact with your body, then this piece of information would be very useful for you.

In fact, wetsuit absorbs some water and then forms a thin water layer between the wetsuit and your body. Your body transfers heat to the water layer and brings it to a comfortable temperature.

Therefore, a thicker wetsuit would keep you warm for a longer duration as compared to the thin suits.

Types of Wetsuits 

Your surfing condition would determine the type of your wetsuit. They are available in a range of varieties starting from a normal vest to a complete suit. Each type of wetsuit has its unique advantages and disadvantages. Some wetsuits would offer you more warmth while others would provide high flexibility.


Be very particular about the size of the wetsuit. An inappropriately sized wetsuit would nullify all its good quality features. Don’t go only by the size provided with the level. Find a perfect fit as per your measurement of your body parts like chest, waist, and hips, etc.


The next important factor is the temperature of water for surfing. This would determine the thickness and type of wetsuit. Get a temperature guide to finding out the temperature range in the surfing zone and accordingly select the right type of wetsuit with proper thickness to get the most comfortable temperature while surfing.

Neoprene thickness

Get acquainted with the digits given in a peculiar form and how it relates to the thickness of the neoprene. Do not get confused among a 5/4/3 and 3/2, while ordering online.


Every product has a typical terminology. Knowing them beforehand is always helpful in getting the right product. Stitching and sealing of seams in a wetsuit also has peculiar terms to define the type of stitching. Different stitch types like blind stitch, flat lock, or spot taped would offer different warmth. Besides, stitch type also affects the flexibility of the wetsuit.

Other Accessories


Coldwater can be deadly if your head is not protected from its freezing attack. Hoods provide much-needed protection by preventing water to come in contact with your head. Remember to select the right fit hood as a loose fit hood or a baggy would let water enter inside it and can actually freeze your brain.


As hoods are important to maintain the warmness of the head, gloves help in maintaining the right temperature of your fingers. Selecting the right size gloves is important because you would never want your numb fingers to shorten your surfing time or loosen your control while surfing.


Boots serve dual purposes. They protect you from the cold water and also keep your feet safe from the hard rocks or any protruding objects inside the water.

Similar to the gloves and hood, boots too should have the right size to prevent water to enter inside them. Boots filled with water would not only make your feet cold but also make them heavier.

History of Isurus

With a team of passionate employees and officers Isurus has proven its worth as one of the best wetsuit manufacturers in the market.

With their motive to serve surfers around the globe with top-quality products, this company is gaining more popularity with each passing day.

The Co-Founders of this company themselves practiced surfing as a hobby on the Northern California coast (Montara) and saw the deterioration in the quality of wetsuits that were being used around the globe.

Taking the initiative themselves, they contacted some professional and experienced scientists from Japan who had expertise in the field of wetsuit material. They even involved some of the greatest athletes in the surfing arena from Hawaii to Colorado as well as took help from some of the best cold-water surfers in building a good design wetsuit.

In addition, they took some of the most skillful biotechnological engineers from three continents of the globe and started headway in their initiative to serve the society by providing top-quality wetsuits to every corner of the world.

Despite achieving so much success in this field, their main motto still remains to explore the latest and the best technology to provide the best in class wetsuits to their most valued customers.


So, by now you would have realized that Isurus wetsuit is all about class. If you want the most reliable companion with you in the middle of the ocean, Isurus wetsuit awaits you in the journey through their high-class material and the most surfer-friendly designs.

You had already shortlisted 2-3 Isurus wetsuits after the review to select the best suit out of them for your requirement. We hope that the buyer guide would have helped you in finalizing the best one for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Isurus produce products other than wetsuits?

A:  Yes, Isurus also sells Surf T-Shirts. Isurus T-shirts are available for both men and women in different sizes and designs as per the consumer’s requirements. The t-shirts are not simple clothing but a humble way of expressing love and gratitude towards the sea. Isurus t-shirts allow you to reflect your calmness that you get after being in the company of the ocean. Isurus also has 5 Panel Snapback Trucker Cap as one of its variants in a single fit for all sizes.

Q: What is the material used in making Isurus wetsuits?

A: Isurus has been pretty choosy while selecting the material for making wetsuits. All Isurus wetsuits are made with Yamamoto neoprene. This material is one of the thinnest and lightest rubbers. Besides, it also is one of the warmest rubbers available. This high-quality material keeps Isurus ahead of its competitors. Not only does this material provide high durability but it also marks its presence with the excellent performance out in the oceans.

Q: Why should I choose Isurus Wetsuit?

Isurus set the benchmarks for others to follow. The competition is not from others but it is like raising one’s own performance bar with every new success. The kind of material and design Isurus offers, translates into high swiftness and velocity to the surfer. Isurus has designed their suits keeping in mind the sharpness and the agility of the athletes of the ocean. The wetsuits are designed in such a way that they fit your anatomy in the most perfect way.

Q: What are the key design features of Isurus Wetsuits?

Isurus wetsuits have an anatomical design. The supercharged compression helps in improving the level of the performance. Besides, they also allow for quicker recovery. This feature has been used by most of the professional athletes in all other sports. Isurus is the pioneer of this design in the field of surfing. Hanging arms at your side do nothing but cause hindrance to your movements. However, the flawed design was never challenged and continued for over 5 decades until Isurus changed it to the arms-up design making it an absolutely non-restrictive design for the surfers.

Q: How expensive are Isurus wetsuits?

Isurus wetsuits products fall in the higher price bracket. However, looking at the high quality of the wetsuits eventually they turn out to be highly cost-effective products for their extreme durability and strength. This is apart from the many value-added features that Isurus offer that is enough to heighten the surfing experience of the performance surfers.

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