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Last Updated November 25, 2022

Boardshorts are the perfect choice of clothing when you are looking to spend a day seaside looking out for excellent waves or poolside to cool down on a hot summer day. Its full coverage provides protection for long hours under the sun while letting you move freely in and out of water.

Some boardshorts conveniently incorporate a liner made from mesh or similar materials that provide added support. These liners eliminate the need to wear anything underneath the boardshorts. But, what do you wear if your boardshorts didn’t come with a liner?

Boardshort liners are available as a separate purchase if the shorts you have didn’t come with a liner. As its popularity rose along with boardshorts, the market is saturated with so many to choose from. This article is prepared as your reference for when you are looking for the best boardshorts liners.

What Are Boardshorts Liners?

Boardshorts liners are separately bought liners specifically designed to give you the support and protection you would expect from regular boardshorts. Generally, they are made of the finest materials and are built to last.

These liners are an exceptional choice for what to wear underneath your boardshorts. Since they are made specifically for the waters, they are likely to last longer than the regular compression shorts.

For the most part, these boardshorts liners are made out of the same material as a swimsuit, which makes them in the same way comfortable. Separate boardshorts liners are best at keeping the two fabrics from rubbing against each other and creating unnecessary static.

Top 5 Best Boardshorts Liners Reviewed

Boardshorts liners are affordable and widely available. But, there are so many of them out in the market that it can be an overwhelming task to pick the best one. We listed down and reviewed 10 of the best boardshorts liners to help you narrow down your search.

  1. Speedo Men's Swimsuit Jammer Endurance+ Solid USA Adult
  2. Flow Funky Swim Jammers - Size 21 to 32 Swimming Jammer Shorts for Boys in Ten Radical Swimsuit Designs
  3. TSLA Men's Swim Jammers, Athletic Racing Swimming Shorts Trunks, UPF 50+ Sun Protection Endurance Triathlon Swimsuit
  4. Dry Dudz Men's Hydro-Tech Compression Short Navy
  5. O'Neill Men's Premium Skins UPF 50+ Shorts

1. Speedo Men's Swimsuit Jammer Endurance+ Solid USA Adult

Speedo Men's Swimsuit Jammer Endurance+ Solid USA Adult

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The Speedo Men’s Swimsuit Jammer is engineered using the Endurance+ Fabric technology for a durable design. This fabric is so light that you won’t feel getting weighed down wearing them under your boardshorts.

This liner is available in three different colors and in various sizes, too. Its inner drawstring allows for easy adjustment to customize how it fits. You will appreciate how its fast-drying material is chlorine-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about wearing them both in saltwater and pool.

The material used in this boardshorts liner doesn’t bunch up, so you will be more comfortable using it. It lessens the instances when you have to readjust during your training. Moreover, its four-way stretch design helps your muscles move better while keeping the shape of the suit.

Lightweight and quick-dryingConfusing sizing information
Made from cutting-edge materials
It stays snug-tight in place

2. Flow Funky Swim Jammers - Size 21 to 32 Swimming Jammer Shorts for Boys in Ten Radical Swimsuit Designs

Flow Funky Swim Jammers - Size 21 to 32 Swimming Jammer Shorts for Boys in Ten Radical Swimsuit Designs

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If you love spending time at the pool or are part of a triathlon team, these Funky Swim Jammers from Flow is another great option. They are comfortable, lightweight, and as the name suggests – they are genuinely funky.

This boardshorts liner has fabric that will comfortably fit around your leg and keep all the sands out of the “sensitive areas.” It comes in handy for team practices, swim meets, triathlons, and any activity in the waters.

The Flow Funky Swim Jammers come in stylish cuts, colors, and patterns. They are sleek, modern, and form-fitting but with a soft feel. You’ll appreciate how its “V” panel crotch increases comfort and adds to the sportier look.

Stitching help speed water flow over the swimmerPrints fade after some uses
Feels soft and comfortable
Various designs to choose from

3. TSLA Men’s Swim Jammers, Athletic Racing Swimming Shorts Trunks, UPF 50+ Sun Protection Endurance Triathlon Swimsuit

TSLA Men’s Swim Jammers, Athletic Racing Swimming Shorts Trunks, UPF 50+ Sun Protection Endurance Triathlon Swimsuit

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Whether you are doing weekly laps or surfing, TSLA Men’s Swim Jammers is an excellent addition to your water outfit rotation. Its design, fit, and materials give out that athletic look and feel you want to show off at any water activity.

This boardshorts liner is Olympic grade. It is engineered with an upgraded design for maximum Chlorine resistance. So much that you can occupy hours in a Chlorinated pool or salty waters, and they’ll remain durable with retained shape.

The TSLA Men’s Swim Jammers features an interior drawstring for a personalized fit, dual-lined crotch for stable wearing, and flat-lock seams to avoid irritation to the skin. It functions well and performs as intended.

Improved secure fit and enhanced mobilityPrints fade and splotch after a few uses
Reduced skin friction
Chlorine resistant

4. Dry Dudz Men's Hydro-Tech Compression Short Navy

Dry Dudz Men's Hydro-Tech Compression Short Navy

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One of the best boardshorts liners for swimming, surfing, or other water activity, the Dry Dudz Men’s Hydro-Tech provides the kind of athletic kind of support. This quick-dry liner delivers a perfect day of moving around and a bunch of activities.

This boardshorts liner has an interlocked compression structure that consists of 100% polyester. A design like this allows moisture and water absorption from the fabric itself. In addition, the Dry Dudz superior technology is used particularly around the crotch area to pull away wetness from the skin.

Moreover, the Dry Dudz Men’s Hydro-Tech is lightweight and soft. The blend of elastane and polyester makes it appear like you aren’t wearing anything under your boardshorts. Despite that, you still get the most important reasons why you are wearing boardshorts liner – for support and comfort.

Lightweight and quick-dryingWaistband may be too low
Irritation and chaffing free
Cheaper than most brands

5. O'Neill Men's Premium Skins UPF 50+ Shorts

O'Neill Men's Premium Skins UPF 50+ Shorts

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The O’Neill Premium Skins does an excellent job at keeping your bottoms chaff and irritation-free. More than that, it also provides 50+ UPF protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays. As with most O’Neill gears and wearables, this boardshorts liner is another pinnacle in quality.

This wearable sun protection has an ergonomic seam placement. Its four-way stretch poly/spandex blend and quick dry properties deliver an exceptionally soft feel and comfort. It is so efficient that the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends it as protection against the sun.

Another feature you’ll appreciate about this boardshorts liner is its use of a boardshorts connector to prevent ride up. Choose from four different colors and the size that most comfortably fits you.

Form-fitting tight layer fits like a second skinMore expensive than most brands
Flatloc stitched to prevent skin irritation
Ergonomic seam placement

Factors to Consider in Picking the Best Boardshorts Liners – Buying Guide

Boardshorts liners are far different from regular underwear for water sports, specifically for surfing. Most boardshorts liners are made of high-quality and quick-drying materials. Here are other things you need to look for in a boardshorts liner.

Antimicrobial Lining

Long-term smells and damage to shorts are possible. It isn’t often that you go for a swim and hang it up to dry instantly. Some people put them in a bag on their way home. This after swim behavior allows for bacteria and germs to accumulate. For this reason, the antimicrobial lining is essential.

This feature fights against harmful bacteria and eliminates the chance of molds and the smell of sweat.

Rapid Drying

Since your liners will be under your boardshorts, you would want to make sure they dry just as quickly as them. Some boardshorts liners are made of high-quality materials that dry faster, if not as soon as your boardshorts.

Going for quicky-dry boardshorts liners is essential since your body will almost always be wet in water activities. If they aren’t quick-drying, it may cause chafing or itching problems. In addition, your body can be sick if it is wet for a long time.

Seamless Fit

Boardshorts liners fit snugly, unlike your regular underwear. They stick as close to your body as possible. Most of the time, they won’t have drawstrings or heavy elastic waistbands. Be sure to get one that fits perfectly to keep you from pulling and tugging while in the waters.

Do Not Pick Cotton

Cotton in water means trouble. These two just don’t mix. Avoid wearing anything made of cotton underneath your boardshorts liner.

Cotton doesn’t dry as quickly as you need them to. As a result, you will get stuck wet or, even worse, chaffed from all the wetness. Also, since cotton holds water, they could be heavier than your boardshorts which isn’t such a good sight to see.


Size is another factor you should never forget when picking a boardshorts liner. No matter what you will use it for, you need to ensure you get the correct size.

You don’t want to be uncomfortable if it turns out to be too tight or too loose. This just might hinder your performance instead.

It would help significantly if you take your measurements and research the liner in question to see if it fits true to size. Also, while drawstrings aren’t popular in boardshorts liners, you may want to look for one that has to help you adjust if needed.

Why Don’t Board Shorts Have Liner?

As the name suggests, boardshorts are called as such based on their use in aquatic sports that use a board, such as surfing.

When you surf, you wouldn’t want any extra fabric to get in the way of your movements. But, it is also the same reason you should wear one. With the many actions you do while surfing, you need an undergarment to hold and keep things in place.


Many water sports enthusiasts prefer boardshorts liners. They are comfortable, easy to wear, and keeps everything in place. They offer more benefits to your performance than regular underwear or swim trunks.

Remember to keep the liner’s length just above where your boardshorts come to. This leaves you from worrying about chafing or rashes from your legs rubbing together.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How beneficial are boardshorts liners?

A: These garments you wear underneath your boardshorts can enhance your performance by improving your speed and reducing the drag you may experience in the water. It also adds comfort since it keeps your sensitive parts protected from chaffing and too much movement.

Q: Should boardshorts liners be tight-fitting?

A: The point of these liners is to help you move better in the water. There should be a slight and noticeable compression – enough to hold everything in place. Just remember to go not too tight as it might result in poor blood circulation on the part where the liner covers.

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