Top 6 Best Surfboard Coffee Tables You’ll Love (2023 Guide)

Last Updated March 17, 2023

Coffee tables have gone a long way from the old dark wood rectangles to almost any shape and size you can imagine. You can find coffee tables with profiles ranging from round to square, wood to glass, bulky to minimalist, or the most unusual shape as long as the surface is utilizable – just like a surfboard coffee table. 

To anyone designing a home, coffee tables are essential living room centerpieces. They take center stage in your space. The decorative aspect they contribute is more than their ability to hold a cup or two and a few magazines. 

How cool can it be for one who loves the sea to have a piece of what connects them to the ocean be the centerpiece of the house? They don’t just leave an impression. Especially nowadays when we can hardly get to the beach, it’s nice to have something to look at to remind us and make us look forward to that day we can finally go out and surf.

Our Favorite Surfboard Coffee Table Designs

If you can’t let your old surfboard become a DIY project, or you simply do not have an old surfboard to use to make a surfboard coffee table, the market always has some things to offer. Here are some of the most incredible coffee tables you can check out. 

Old School White and Woodgrain Surfboard Coffee End Table from Etsy

Old School White and Wood grain Surfboard Coffee Table Surfboard Furniture End Table

Surfboards are one of the most straightforward articles you can incorporate into an interior space, especially those old-school surfboard designs. This humongous old-school surfboard coffee table from Etsy is made with realistic features and dimensions of a real surfboard.

Made of furniture-grade plywood and finished with four coats of varathane, this coffee table can be color-matched to your preference. Size and height customization is also available. 

Chaplin Solid Wood Coffee Table from All Modern

Chaplin Solid Wood Coffee Table

A great treat for anyone who loves the idea of surfing but is too lazy to scheme out surfboard coffee table vibes, Chaplin Solid Wood Coffee Table from All Modern instantly brings adventure right into your living room. This coffee table is a handcrafted artwork made to match an actual surfboard’s dimensions. 

This coffee table provides enough space for tea or other tidbits. It can be as sophisticated as your living room set and sporty as your all your out adventures can be. 

Surfboard Coffee Table from Etsy

Surfboard Coffee Table

This 48” long and 16” wide surfboard coffee table includes black hairpin legs that allow the table to stand 17.5” tall. It is made of furniture-grade plywood with four layers of varathane coating. To pull off the surf vibes, it is stained with honey brown and navy blue outside stripes. 

The durable and glossy finish makes it cozy enough to place your drinks and snacks with no fuzz. The design and color can be customized, too, depending on your preference. 

Hardwood Surfboard Coffee Table with Hairpin Legs Fishtail Multiple Styles from Etsy

Hardwood Surfboard Coffee Table with Hairpin Legs Fishtail Multiple Styles

This handcrafted hardwood surfboard coffee table is made to order through Etsy, and you can choose from various styles and designs. The collection features purpleheart, cherry, and maple designs, made from Bloodwood, walnut, and maple. 

Each piece the group crafts is unique; therefore, the colors may vary per table. Each also comes with pre-drilled holes and screws, so you simply need screwdrivers or drills to install. 

Faux Pallet Wood Rustic Weathered Surfboard Coffee Table from Etsy

Faux Pallet Wood Rustic Weathered Surfboard Coffee Table

This surfboard coffee table gives off rustic and vintage vibes making the room feel cozy and light. The rails on the surfboard are rounded over and sanded enough to give a fine finish. Then legs are added to make it stand tall sufficient to accommodate your tea and coffee sessions. 

Additionally, the neutral color scheme allows for the coffee table to easily fit as precious additions to any theme you already have at home. 

48 inch Retro Fish Surfboard Coffee Table from Etsy

48 inch Retro Fish Surfboard Coffee Table from Etsy

This retro fish surfboard instantly gives you the ocean’s realistic look and dimensions of a real fish surfboard. An all-time favorite in the Etsy community, this surfboard coffee table blends into any interior design and makes a handy and relaxing addition to your space. 

The black hairpin legs match the cream and brown surface subtly. Plus, the fishy shape contributes to the significant visual interest that keeps your guests excited. This table is sure to perk you up even on gloomy days. 

Turning a Surfboard into Coffee Table 

There are a handful of stores that build and design surfboard coffee tables. However, one thing that stood out is how they use old surfboards that have been tossed out, repainted, and attached with legs. From how they look, it seems like anyone can DIY it, so why don’t we try that out first?

The materials are simple:

  • Old surfboard
  • Set of 4 table legs, about 12” to 18” high + accessories
  • Marking pens
  • Drill
  • Wall anchors
  • Screwdriver

Step 1. 

Position the surfboard according to which side you’d like to face up. 

Step 2. 

Plot the location of the table legs on the board. Be sure to place them in the center area on the board’s flattest portion, not curved areas. Typically, the legs should be 18 inches apart or just a few inches farther, depending on the surfboard’s length. 

Step 3. 

Using your marking pens, mark the areas where the screws will attach the legs onto the board. Some table legs come with mounting plates, while others are screw-in styles. For legs with mounting plates, set a plate on the board and draw circles through the plate’s preexisting screw holes. Otherwise, mark a circle on the board around the screw. Set the legs aside. 

Step 4. 

Drill the pilot holes where you plotted the pen marks you drew in Step 3. 

Step 5. 

Force a wall anchor through each of the holes.

Step 6. 

Place the mounting plate for the table leg over one set of the drilled holes. Then, fit a table leg in the spot on the center of the plate. Insert the screws through the plate’s screw holes into the anchors. Then, tighten them with a screwdriver. 

If the legs are screw-on style, put the leg’s screw into the anchor and turn the leg until it is tight against the surfboard. 

Step 7

Flip the surfboard over and place it in your desired spot. 

You may follow these steps, or you can always watch a video tutorial like this:

Wrap Up

One of the most creative ways to add timeless trends to your home is surfboard coffee tables. The visuals keep your guests interested, and it doesn’t fail to add the adventurous facet into your space. 

This choice of coffee table can blend seamlessly into any theme, whether you are going for contemporary, modern, or vintage. You can either add these coffee tables to your home as a practical addition or for aesthetic purposes. Either way, their elegance can surely turn your home into a serene and relaxing sanctuary.

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