Top 11 Best Kayak Outriggers | 2021 Reviews (Scotty, Hobie)

Undoubtedly, a shaky and unsteady kayak is annoying. When you enjoy traveling across the beautiful waters, a stable, safe, and sturdy vessel are always essential, which is why you need to purchase a kayak outrigger. Most people don’t know that this accessory was designed to withstand the roughest currents and give kayakers the smoothest and safest sailing.

If you are concerned about your safety and your shaky kayak, this article can help you out. Today, you will have access to the top 11 high-quality and trusted kayak outriggers that will keep you stable and secure throughout your adventure. It is a worthy investment since outriggers can give you a safer and firmer platform.

Top 11 Best Kayak Outriggers Reviewed

  1. Scotty #302 Kayak Stabilizer System 
  2. Brocraft Kayak Stabilizer System 
  3. YakGear Kayak & Canoe Outriggers 
  4. Hobie Sidekick 72062101 Ama 
  5. Lixada PVC Inflatable Float Stabilizer System 
  6. Meter Star - Stabilizer Bars for Kayak 
  7. Kioski Inflatable Kayak Outrigger 
  8. Super SW 2 Pack Inflatable Stabilizer 
  9. Walmeck Kayak PVC Inflatable Outrigger 
  10. Dorrisi Inflatable Float Stabilizer
  11. Spring Creek Manufacturing Hydrodynamic Stabilizing Float Package 

#1. Scotty #302 Kayak Stabilizer System 

Scotty #302 Kayak Stabilizer System


  • Dimension: 32 x 8 x 8 inches
  • Weight: 3.7 pounds
  • Construction: Anodized arms, inflatable pontoons, bait-caster rod holders, heavy PVC-coated outer shell material
  • Color: Gray

Tons of kayak outriggers are available in today’s market, but the Scotty #302 Kayak Stabilizer System is the most impressive. When you compare this product with its competitors, you might notice that it is slightly more expensive. However, you can guarantee that its quality and performance is worth the expense.

This Scotty #302 Kayak Stabilizer System offers durable and thick PVC materials that can withstand any abrasion, puncture, wear, and tear. It also has a premium-quality inner bladder that will surely last for many years.

According to the product description, this kayak outrigger comes with anodized aluminum to assure its best saltwater resistance. With the Scotty #302 Kayak Stabilizer System, you don’t have to stress any corrosion damage.

Furthermore, the overall quality of the Scotty #302 Kayak Stabilizer System provides excellent buoyancy for up to 30 pounds. Tons of professional kayakers have been using this outrigger since its tear, and puncture-resistant is suitable for stubborn water surfaces. It also provides enough stability that leads to a smooth and comfortable ride.

As the Scotty #302 Kayak Stabilizer System sits above the waterline, your kayak will remain steady without having too much drag. Thus, you can smoothly and quickly move along the water and cast your line more accessible. Besides that, high-quality PVC material will remain robust and durable for many years.

Accessible to store and transportSlowly adjusts to the water
Excellent stability and buoyancy
Quick inflation and deflation
Lightweight yet durable

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#2. Brocraft Kayak Stabilizer System 

Brocraft Kayak Stabilizer System


  • Dimension: 32 x 12.8 x 6.3 inches
  • Weight: 9.45 pounds
  • Construction: Durable PVC molding, stainless steel hardware, aluminum outrigger guns
  • Color: Yellow

The Brocraft Kayak Stabilizer System is a best-selling kayak outrigger in the United States suitable for narrow kayaks. This product looks good on the water thanks to its vibrant yellow shade. Besides that, it ensures that you are safe and always visible while you are out on the water.

The Brocraft Kayak Stabilizer System is a 32-inch long kayak outrigger that helps riders move along smoothly and steadily. It also comes with stainless steel mountings to guarantee the product’s longevity.

According to the product description, the Brocraft Kayak Stabilizer System puts safety as its top priority. First, it will provide your kayak more stability to ensure that you will feel 100% confident and secure on the water. The outrigger also comes with easy installation thanks to its easy inflation and deflation.

Several people love the Brocraft Kayak Stabilizer System because of its two repair patches kit. Aside from that, this product is extremely portable, making it easy to carry for longer trips.

According to the manufacturer, the Brocraft Kayak Stabilizer System is suitable for standing, paddling, fishing, kayaking, and boating. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you will not encounter any problem with this product.

Ideal for beginners and professionalsSlightly costly
Suitable for narrow and wide kayaks
Easy to install, inflate, and deflate
Excellent stability and security

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#3. YakGear Kayak & Canoe Outriggers 

YakGear Kayak & Canoe Outriggers


  • Dimension: 28.7 x 12.4 x 6.2 inches
  • Weight: 6.8 pounds
  • Construction: RAILBLAZA StarPort base, adjustable outrigger arms, stainless steel installation hardware
  • Color: Blue

The YakGear Kayak & Canoe Outrigger is another reliable stabilizer that provides the security you need. According to the product description, it comes with an easy installation so beginners will not have a hard time stabilizing their kayaks.

However, the excellent impression about the YakGear Kayak & Canoe Outrigger is all about performance. If you have heard about this brand before, you would know that it offers high-performing accessories. If you look for customer reviews online, you will see plenty of positive ones.

With this YakGear Kayak & Canoe Outrigger, you can guarantee an excellent stabilization and security and smooth glide across the water. It comes with a cost-effective price tag, too, which is a huge plus!

This kayak outrigger comes with two triggers that you can attach at your kayak’s knurled side. It also has adjustable 30-inch arms that give better floatation of up to 22 inches from the port.

According to the product description, the YakGear Kayak & Canoe Outrigger included pre-installed blades to enhance your kayak’s stability. The adjustments will also help you position this outrigger on different levels to optimize the best stability.

Regarding its weight, the YakGear Kayak & Canoe Outrigger is 6.8 pounds, which is slightly more massive than other kayak outriggers. However, it comes with easy installation, and beginners can do it sing a few tools.

Suitable for standing, fishing, paddling, and kayakingSlightly heavier than other kayak outriggers
Excellent performance and durability
Easy to install and transport
Adjustable outrigger arms

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#4. Hobie Sidekick 72062101 Ama 

Hobie Sidekick 72062101 Ama


  • Dimension: 31.8 x 8 x 5 inches
  • Weight: 4.8 pounds
  • Construction: Inflatable deflectors, rear-mounted crossbar, valve cap for rapid deflation
  • Color: White

The best versatile kayak outrigger is the Hobie Sidekick 72062101 Ama. Most people don’t know that this product comes with triggers and adjustable float height to keep everything optimized and secure. Whether you love exploring calm or stubborn water, the Hobie Sidekick 72062101 Ama can be an excellent companion.

According to the manufacturer, the Hobie Sidekick 72062101 Ama was redesigned to offer better stabilizing effects for beginners and professional kayakers. Whether you are kayaking with the kids, standing, or fishing, this Hobie kayak outrigger will still deliver comfortable and secure stability.

With the Hobie Sidekick 72062101 Ama, you can rely on easy installation. You will also get two outriggers that can provide a floating base of up to 20 inches from your kayak’s starboard size. If you don’t need the stabilizers, you can easily remove them at any time, making it easy to transport and use.

Tons of professional kayakers recommend the Hobie Sidekick 72062101 Ama since it offers exceptional stability that everyone needs while kayaking. With this product, riders can stand up and cast with confidence. You will also love its high-quality build, which is undoubtedly helpful in harsh water conditions. For kayakers looking for the most versatile outriggers, considering the Hobie Sidekick is worth the time.

Adjustable height for better optimizationSlightly more expensive
Lightweight and easy to carry
Versatile and durable design
Highly stable and secure

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#5. Lixada PVC Inflatable Float Stabilizer System 

Lixada Kayak Stabilization System


  • Dimension: 3.6 x 14.8 inches
  • Weight: 1.5 pound
  • Construction: PVC, mounting bar, aluminum allow sidekick
  • Color: White

The Lixada PVC Inflatable Float Stabilizer System has almost everything you need from a kayak outrigger, but the stabilization is the best part. This product is an inflatable stabilizer with an easy to adjust mounting bar and aluminum sidekicks. Besides that, it features an ergonomically bent support bar that makes the adjustments easier than other outriggers.

With this inflatable stabilizer, you can assure that its PVC with aluminum construction will give you the best stability while kayaking, fishing, or standing. People love about the Lixada PVC Inflatable Float Stabilizer System because it is a bit more durable and sturdier than its competitors. Most experts recommend this outrigger to someone who enjoys a more challenging lake or river.

Regarding its performance, the Lixada PVC Inflatable Float Stabilizer System does not create too much drag, allowing riders to enjoy a smoother and more comfortable ride. The stabilizers also offer extra buoyancy, so kayakers do not have to stress about falling overboard.

Mounting the Lixada PVC Inflatable Float Stabilizer System is relatively easy and is one of the most trusted stabilizers in the United States. Using this product on your kayak can guarantee a steady and smooth ride all day long.

Better stability and buoyancy than othersAlways sold out
Easy to install, carry, and transport
Durable yet lightweight design
Adjustable height

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#6. Meter Star - Stabilizer Bars for Kayak 

Meter Star - Stabilizer Bars for Kayak


  • Dimension: 35.43 x 7.28 x 7.87 inches
  • Weight: 2.6 pounds
  • Construction: Max PSI 4 PSI / 0.3 bar, inflatable and lightweight
  • Color: White

The Meter Star – Stabilizer Bars for Kayak is one of the most trusted beginner-friendly outriggers that provide extreme stability to any kaya. This accessory is particularly inflatable with durable and lightweight design. Like all of its competitors in this list, the Meter Star – Stabilizer Bars comes with easy installation with detachable outrigger.

Several kayakers claimed that this Meter Star – Stabilizer Bars provides immediate improvement in their kayak’s stability. If you are a beginner looking for added strength and security, this product is an excellent option that you need to consider.

Regarding its size and weight, the Meter Star – Stabilizer Bars is a 35.43-inch long and only weighs 2.6 pounds. This dimension is good enough to keep you stable without worrying about your safety.

Since the Meter Star – Stabilizer Bars for Kayak is made with sturdy and thick materials, you don’t have to worry about punctures and leaks. You can conveniently transport, store, and install these accessories without encountering issues. Some customers choose these Meter Star – Stabilizer Bars since it has excellent features suitable for anglers. It keeps the kayak steady regardless of your movements.

Super stable and durableSmaller than other outriggers
Portable and lightweight
Easy to install

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#7. Kioski Inflatable Kayak Outrigger 

Kioski Inflatable Kayak Outrigger


  • Dimension: 35 x 10.8 inches
  • Weight: 1.4 pounds
  • Construction: PVC material, good sealing, lightweight float
  • Color: White

Next on the list is the Kioski Inflatable Outrigger, which is another versatile accessory that you can use for kayaks and boats. While this top-rated product costs cheaper than others, it is truly one of the most trusted stabilizers in today’s market.

The Kioski Inflatable Kayak Outrigger is an excellent investment since it offers a thicker and more durable PVC outer shell suitable for kayaks and boats. It is tear and puncture-proof, so riders will not stress over sticks and rocks in the water.

Furthermore, the Kioski Inflatable Kayak Outrigger comes with anodized arms that can resist damage and corrosion. The overall weight is only 1.4 pounds, and it can increase your kayak’s overall buoyancy for up to 25 pounds. According to some kayakers, this kayaking accessory performs very well in providing a robust, safe, and stable platform for beginners and advanced riders.

Excellent stability for kayaks and boatsDoes not last for many years
Provides a robust and secure platform
Puncture- and tear-resistant
Increases buoyancy

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#8. Super SW 2 Pack Inflatable Stabilizer 

Super SW 2 Pack Inflatable Stabilizer


  • Dimension: 35.4 x 11 inches
  • Weight: 3.22 pounds
  • Construction: Raw PVC materials, repair patches
  • Color: Blue

The Super SW 2 Pack Inflatable Stabilizer is an extremely durable and reliable kayak outrigger that can inflate and deflate in a few seconds. Once you purchase this produce, you can guarantee greater stability that will make you feel safer and more confident on the water.

The whole Super SW 2 Pack Inflatable Stabilizer System is light enough since it only weighs 3.22 pounds. It is also easy to attach so riders can install the outrigger either before going to the water or already on it. Besides that, you will appreciate its two repair patches that are rare in today’s kayak outriggers.

The Super SW 2 Pack Inflatable Stabilizer comes with thick and durable raw PVC materials that can withstand wear and tear. According to some users, its high quality can last for four years and more. Besides being strong and durable, it offers excellent stability while boating, standing, kayaking, or rowing.

Durable yet lightweight designSlightly smaller than other kayak outriggers
Resistant to corrosion
Lasts for several years
Strong and stable

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#9. Walmeck Kayak PVC Inflatable Outrigger 

Walmeck Kayak PVC Inflatable Outrigger


  • Dimension: 35 x 10.8 inches
  • Weight: 1.3 pounds
  • Construction: Secure locking ferrule, PVC material, aluminum alloy sidekick
  • Color: Yellow

The Walmeck Kayak PVC Inflatable Outrigger is another trusted lightweight accessory that is suitable for narrow kayaks. Once you installed this outrigger, you can drive your kayak without causing too much drag. It will also help you move along quickly and steadily while seeking the perfect fishing spot.

According to its product description, Walmeck design this accessory to remain lightweight while still providing the ultimate stability that kayakers need.

This kayak outrigger will ease your experience since you can inflate and deflate it within a few seconds. With just a few breathes, you are ready to explore the shore with the maximum stability possible.

Secure locking ferrule for extra safetyNot the best for wider kayaks
Suitable for kayaking and boating
Durable and thick PVC material
Lightweight and easy to use

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#10. Dorrisi Inflatable Float Stabilizer

Dorrisi Inflatable Float Stabilizer


  • Dimension: 35 x 10.8 inches
  • Weight: 1.4 pounds
  • Construction: PVC material
  • Color: Yellow

The Dorrisi Inflatable Float Stabilizer comes with a fully adjustable system with molded PVC floats. It can give the security you need thanks to its perfect combination of stability and balance. According to the product description, the manufacturer designed this outrigger with safety in mind. They ensured the highest quality of PVC material that can act as a strong kayak stabilizer with an excellent seal.

With the Dorrisi Inflatable Float Stabilizer, you can easily adjust the height with a simple twist and click. You have three options, including low, medium, and high. Therefore, both beginners and professionals can conveniently optimize their kayak adventures.

Moves around smoothly and freelyNot the best for wider kayaks
Lightweight and easy to carry
Adjustable and easy to use
More security and balance

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#11. Spring Creek Manufacturing Hydrodynamic Stabilizing Float Package 

Spring Creek Manufacturing Hydrodynamic Stabilizing Float Package


  • Dimension: 30 inches
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Construction: Durable and lightweight polyethylene plastic, hydrodynamic design, universal crossbar receiver
  • Color: Gray

The Spring Creek Manufacturing Hydrodynamic Stabilizing Float Package is a US-made kayak outrigger suitable for fishing, canoeing, and kayaking. If you are looking for something that will improve your safety and comfort in the water, don’t hesitate to purchase it.

According to the manufacturer, they made this Spring Creek Manufacturing Hydrodynamic Stabilizing Float Package with lightweight yet durable polyethylene plastic to ensure its maximum stability and smoothness across the water. Besides that, you can freely adjust its width depending on your kayak’s needs.

Regarding its performance, the Spring Creek Manufacturing Hydrodynamic Stabilizing Float Package can increase your kayak’s buoyancy for up to 27 pounds per float. This amount is more than enough to guarantee a safe and comfortable fishing adventure.

Suitable for kayaking, canoeing, and fishingHeavier than other kayak outriggers
Improved comfort and safety
Minimal drag through the water
Easy to use and transport

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Top Pick – Our Favorite Kayak Outrigger

Scotty # 302 Kayak Stabilizer System

All mentioned products above have attractive and beneficial features but the only one that stood out from the crowd is the Scotty # 302 Kayak Stabilizer System. This product is easy to install and use thanks to its user-friendly characteristics. Besides that, this inflatable stabilizer can inflate and deflate quickly to guarantee convenience.

Several kayakers from different parts of the world use the Scotty #302 Kayak Stabilizer System since it id more durable than others. It also comes with a fully adjustable height to guarantee your kayak’s optimized performance in all water conditions. You would not need any assistance in installing and inflating this product since it comes with an informative manual.

Best Kayak Outrigger Brands


Scotty is undoubtedly the leading manufacturer of the most trusted kayak outriggers. With this brand, you can guarantee the best value of your hard-earned money. Hands down, this manufacturer has been delivering durable and high-performing stabilizers for beginners and professionals. You can inflate their products within a few seconds. Plus, you don’t have to stress about rocks and sticks due to their thick and heavy-duty materials.


Hobie is suitable for kayakers looking for outriggers that are slightly more affordable than Scotty. This brand provides reliable products that will keep your vessel extra stable without causing too much drag. Besides that, the company makes sure that Hobie stabilizers are sturdy enough to last for many years. Despite using PVC materials, you can assure that the quality will not anticipate any problems.


Another affordable kayak outrigger brand is Lixada. This company provides high-quality stabilizers for different vessels. The products here are also easier to use than its competitors.

One reason why most people choose Lixada is that all of their products are easy to inflate and assemble. Some stabilizers will not require you to drill and put you in extreme inconvenience.

Features to Look for When Buying Kayak Outriggers

Before purchasing a kayak outrigger, you have to pay attention to some essential features. Firstly, you should know the compatible stabilizer for your vessel. Since kayak outriggers are unique and different, you have to make time for research.

Below are the top three essential features that you need to look for when purchasing a kayak outrigger.


Kayak outriggers have different buoyancy levels. Keep in mind that the higher the buoyancy, the more stability you’ll get.


Most kayak outriggers come with accessory kits that include bolts and nuts. However, some products require you to purchase them separately. Go for kayak outriggers with full accessories to avoid inconvenience.


Just like with other kayak accessories, outriggers come with different price tags. You don’t have to purchase the most expensive product, but you have to spend more bucks if you want your stabilizer to last longer. Cheaper outriggers tend to break faster than higher-end ones.


Adding an outrigger to your kayak can improve your overall performance and safety. It is indeed an excellent investment since this accessory can prevent your vessel from flipping and being shaky. Now that you have learned the correct way of choosing the right outrigger do not hesitate to purchase one of the top 11 products above.

With trusted brands, such as Scotty, Hobie, and Lixada, you can assure that you are picking a reliable and durable one. These companies have excellent reputations in producing stable and high-performing outriggers for beginners and professionals. Always remember that even the most experienced kayaker has used an outrigger to improve safety and stability.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How do kayak outriggers work?

A: Kayak outriggers solve all stability problems. However, there are two different types, including the inflatable and PVC outriggers. Both of these categories create extra buoyancy. You will either place it at your kayak’s stern or mount it using a drill. Remember that outriggers have different installation processes, so you must follow the manufacturer’s manual instead.

Q: How long should my kayak outrigger be?

A: To experience the best stability, your outrigger should be at least 30 to 35 inches long. This length is more than enough to provide better stability and control on the water.

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