Sea-Doo 215 Wake Pro | A Comprehensive Review

What makes Sea-Doo 215 Wake Pro one of the most sought-after PWC in the market since it was introduced in 2015? It has the largest engine in the Sea-Doo Tow Sport watercraft line-up. Additionally, it has an exclusive S³ Hull for added stability when towing wakeboarders.

The Sea-Doo 215 Wake Pro doesn’t have many competitors as they are quite a unique watercraft. There is no other manufacturer that creates a PWC with all the features that Sea-Doo has.

Let’s take a deeper look at the Sea-Doo Wake Pro and understand why it remains popular among watersports enthusiasts.

Who Is Sea-Doo?

Sea-Doo is a PWC (personal watercraft) brand whose boats are manufactured by Bombardier Products (BRP). Their trademark is having all their Sea-Doo models driven by an impeller-driven waterjet running with Rotax engines.

Sea-Doo was first introduced in 1968 and marketed as the “jet-powered aqua scooter. Their original yellow Sea-Doo was 5’ wide and 7.5’ long and resembled a flying saucer. The first models ran on air-cooled 320cc engines but were replaced to 367cc due to complaints of overheating and inefficiency.

Sea-Doo became its own brand when reintroduced in 1988. This move signaled a turnaround in the company’s declining affluence. Fast forward to today, it now manufactures five categories of Sea-Doo models – recreation, tow sports, touring, sport fishing, and performance.

Sea-Doo 215 Wake Pro Review


  • Engine Type: 1503 SCIC Rotax® 4-TEC® engine
  • Intake System: Supercharged with intercooler
  • Displacement: 1,494 cc
  • Cooling: Closed-Loop Cooling System (CLCS)
  • Rider Capacity: 3
  • Weight Capacity: 600lbs
  • Fuel Capacity: 15.9 gal
  • Hull Type: S3, longer platform, rough water-inspired deep-V hull
  • Warranty: BRP limited warranty covers the watercraft for one year.

Holding a steady speed can be tricky for an economical towboat. But, this is what a Sea-Doo 215 Wake Pro is known for. Sea-Wake Doo’s Pro 215 removes the rider’s trigger finger from the equation with electronic throttle control.

The Wake’s 215-horsepower Rotax four-stroke engine accelerates according to a pre-programmed map and maintains a constant speed even in curves. This throttle allows you to pay more attention to the water ahead.

Performance and Handling

Sea-Doo 215 Wake Pro Performance and Handling

What more could you ask for from a towable watercraft? Sea-Doo Wake Pro 215 is designed explicitly for wakeboarders, with one-of-a-kind features such as the S3 Hull, which keeps you attached to the water, and our patented Ski Mode, making it easier for anyone to drive like a pro.

You can excel in acceleration with its five acceleration profiles. These will keep you get going and moving just like the pros. Sea-Doo’s exclusive Ski Mode feature makes almost any driver an expert in no time. You can also choose from different riding styles with the touch of a button.

You can tune your crafts attitude according to your preference and how it rides on specific water conditions. This customization is easy with the easy access VTS (Variable Trim System) on the Sea-Doo 215 Wake Pro’s handlebar.

Moreover, every Sea-Doo 215 Wake Pro comes equipped with a legendary Rotax 4 TEC engine explicitly designed for marine use. This engine gives you quicker acceleration at a higher top speed. Plus, it works hand in hand with iTC to provide more precise engine calibration.


Sea-Doo 215 Wake Pro Convenience

The Sea-Doo 215 Wake Pro gets your skills skyrocketing. This PWC is loaded with so many helpful features. So much that it raises the bar for even the most experienced riders. With this ride, you can master new tricks in no time.

The intuitive technology this watercraft has makes it the only PWC that starts in neutral. So, the engine runs without propelling the craft forward for safer dockside starts and stress-free maneuverability. Since the throttle responds to an electronic signal, you enjoy better fuel economy and lower operating costs.

Another convenient feature this PWC offers is the option to bring your own board. This removable board rack comes standard to let you bring your board on the side of the watercraft to get to your favorite riding spot with comfort.

The adjustable mirrors offer better visibility and greater situational awareness. Controlling your view left and right, front and back, is, after all, an essential thing in any driving.

There are only a few CLCS (Closed-Loop Cooling Systems) in the watercraft industry, and Sea-Doo is one of them. This makes the Sea-Doo 215 Wake Pro the only few that use coolant instead of corrosive saltwater that can damage the engine to keep it running at ideal temperatures.

Peace of Mind and Comfort

With features like Intelligent Brake and Reverse, a state-of-the-art security system, Cruise Control, Tilt Steering, and Fold-Down Reboarding Step, jet-skiing becomes easy on the mind and the body.

Among its main competitors Yamaha and Kawasaki, it is the first to have an on-water braking system. This technology lets you stop up to 100 feet sooner than any other PWC – all with a simple squeeze of a lever.

In addition, its electronic reverse gives you a level of maneuverability that makes docking easier. This is according to the internal testing of commercially available competitive models.


Generally, Sea-Doo never failed to impress watercraft enthusiasts when it comes to injecting oodles of innovation into their PWCs. This brand has been bumping head to head-with the other leading brands and has held its grip on the largest market share.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How fast does a Sea-Doo 215 Wake Pro go?

A: With a horsepower of 215, the Sea-Doo 215 Wake Pro can go as fast as 65 mph.

Q: Is the Sea-Doo Wake Pro 215 supercharged?

A: Yes. It has a supercharged engine for optimum pulling power and our S3 Hull for increased stability, making it the definitive tow sport watercraft.

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