Walmart Surfboards Review | Epic Boards or Rip Off? [2022]

Last Updated November 25, 2022

Walmart has quickly become one of the most reliable one-stop-shops for its vast array of products and services. Consumers nowadays value convenience and quality more than anything, and the abundance of choices gives you the liberty to get the best of anything.

Surfing requires attention to minor details, for it ultimately contributes to your overall experience. Choosing the right surfboard could make or (literally) break your game, so it is best to choose one that would be the perfect fit.

A never-ending list of specifications make up for finding the right surfboard, and while it could get overwhelming, Walmart offers a good enough selection to help you start the search.  We have listed below the surfboards you can currently find in Walmart online.

Top 7 Best Walmart Surfboards Reviewed 

  1. South Bay 8'8 Heritage Surfboard
  2. South Bay 8' Verve Surfboard
  3. South Bay Board Co. 7' Ruccus Soft Top
  4. Costway 6' Foamie Board
  5. Boardworks Froth Funboard
  6. Morey Surf Series
  7. Wavestorm 8' Classic Pinline Surfboard

#1. South Bay 8'8 Heritage Surfboard  – Best Overall

South Bay Heritage


  • Dimensions (Length x Width x Thickness): 104 x 23 x 3.25 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 260 lbs.
  • Wax-Free Fingerprint Texture Soft Top Deck
  • EPS Closed Cell Foam Core
  • HDPE Bottom Deck

The classic shape and weight capacity make the South Bay 8’8 Heritage Surfboard suitable for more massive beginners. Its three-fin setup makes this surfboard stable, allowing you to work on your balance. The double concave bottom deck allows for better movement of water towards the fins, optimizing your paddles.

Its fins are removable, so when you are ready to take surfing up a notch, removing two of the fins would allow for more fluidity in your movement. This feature makes the Heritage surfboard suitable for the advanced longboard surfers as well.

This surfboard’s soft top deck, combined with its closed-cell foam core makes it durable enough to withstand constant slamming towards both sand and water. Both top and bottom deck are layered with fiberglass and bamboo to prolong the onset of heat damage and increase the Heritage’s strength.

Suitable for heavier surfers and longboard enthusiastsDoes not offer enough fluidity for the advanced surfer
Removable Fins allow you to level up on your stability
Relatively heavy
Comes with a leash
Excellent durability

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#2. South Bay 8' Verve Surfboard

South Bay Verve


  • Dimensions (Length x Width x Thickness): 96 x 24 x 3 inches, Volume at 74 liters
  • Weight Capacity: 200 lbs.
  • Custom Wax-Free Fingerprint Texture Foam Deck
  • Lightweight EPS Closed Cell Foam Core
  • Slick HDPE Bottom Deck, Double Concave

The 8’ Verve Surfboard is South Bay’s offering to the beginner surfer who is already fully committed to learning. Its premium quality assures you that you long-lasting and excellent surfing experience.

Its rounded nose makes paddling more comfortable and improves on this surfboard’s wave catching abilities. It has an entry-level rocker that lessens the chances of nose-diving.

You are assured of stability with its lightweight EPS core that is evened out by the heavy-duty HDPE bottom deck. The rounded tail is wide enough to help you find your balance and be more forgiving with your movements.

A layer Bamboo Body Armor and fiberglass wrap around the top and bottom deck, increasing the Verve’s durability. The Heat Release Valve significantly decreases the effect of sun damage on the surfboard, prolonging its lifespan.

The abundance of stability makes it perfect for beginnersGliding poses quite a challenge
The double concave deck optimizes every paddle.Relatively expensive
Rounded nose lessens the chances of pearling.
Includes a rubber tail bumper for safe storage

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#3. South Bay Board Co. 7' Ruccus Soft Top

South Bay Ruccus


  • Dimensions (Length x Width x Thickness): 84 x 22 x 2.85 inches, Volume at 49 liters
  • Weight Capacity: 180 lbs.
  • Custom Wax-Free Fingerprint Texture Foam Deck
  • Lightweight EPS Closed Cell Foam Core
  • Slick HDPE Bottom Deck, Double Concave

Its traditional funboard shape makes the Southbay 7’ Ruccus Soft Top suitable for beginners. Its retro nose is semi-rounded, allowing for more controlled speed and improved wave catching.

The bottom deck, made out of Slick HDPE, also has a diamond-weave plastic net layer, strengthening this surfboard’s endurance to impact and, at the same time, improving its flex. Like the Heritage board, the 7′ Ruccus has a double concave bottom allowing for better fluidity in movement.

Both top and bottom deck are layered with bamboo wood, improving this surfboard’s durability. The 7′ Ruccus comes with a Heat Release Valve adding another layer to improve on its lifespan.

Widening the chest area improves on this board’s stability, and with a shorter height, you can join in more crowded lineups. It allows more comfortable paddling and popups, which works to every beginner’s advantage.

Widened chest area allows for more comfortable paddling and popupsThree fin system doesn’t offer much fluidity for the more advanced surfer
The semi-rounded retro nose allows better speed controlLimiting weight capacity
Rounded nose lessens the chances of pearling
Allows you to surf even on crowded lineups

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 #4. Costway 6' Foamie Board

Costway 6' Foamie Board


  • Dimensions (Length x Width x Thickness): 72 x 20 x 3 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 200 lbs.
  • (Expanded Polyethylene) EPE Deck
  • (Expanded Polystyrene) EPS Core
  • Slick High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) High-Speed Bottom
  • Removable Fins

The Costway 6’ Foamie Board is suitable for kids who are only beginning to surf, for its dimensions give you better control. The EPE Deck lessens the intensity of impact on their heads, as hitting the board often happens when you are beginning to get your footing. 

Small foam balls make up its Expanded Polystyrene Core that makes the board lightweight. This material increases the board’s buoyancy, though, making paddling and floating more carefree. 

High-Density Polyethylene on this board’s bottom balances out the lightness of this board’s core, improving your overall stability. The Polyethylene material adds to this board’s durability, improving on its endurance to any surfing condition.

The removable fins on this board allow for easy transport, and the leash and traction pad included makes this a good starter pack.

Provides ample stability making it suitable for beginnersSolely for beginners
Length aids in more comfortable paddling
EPE Deck softens the effect of impact
Comes with a leash and traction pad

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#5. Boardworks Froth Funboard

Boardworks Froth Funboard


  • Dimensions (Length x Width x Thickness): 96 x 23 x 3 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 200 lbs.
  • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Outer Skin Wrap
  • EPS Core
  • Slick Skin Bottom
  • Removable Thruster Fin Setup

Boardwork’s Froth Funboard comes suits surfers of all levels, proving that soft-top board could compete with fiberglass tops. The series comes in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to pick the surfboard best suited to your style.

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate keeps the surfboard’s quality in top shape, and it also contributes its ability to absorb shock. This feature makes the Froth Funboard durable, assuring you of longer surfing time.

The slick skin bottom improves on this surfboard’s speed and glide, while the double concave deck allows for smoother water channeling to the fins, optimizing your paddles. Its skin on the top has a croc-like texture, giving you a better grip and increasing your comfort.

Its full nose gives you excellent control of your speed, and with its massive volume, allows you to ride more waves. The removable Tri-fin setup allows this surfboard to level up with you as you develop your stability over time.

Double concave bottom mixed with slick skin maximizes your speed and allows for fluid glidesUsers report issues on after-sales services
A vast array of choices in this series allows better customizationMaking turns aren’t as fast as expected
The full nose gives you maximum control
Removable Tri-fin setup

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#6. Morey Surf Series

Morey Surf Series


  • Dimensions (Length x Width x Thickness): 70 x 20.5 x 2.38 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 180 lbs.
  • Fish Shape
  • Swallow Tail Shape
  • EPS Core
  • HDPE Bottom

The Morey Surf Series surfboard’s unusual shape makes it more suitable for the more experienced surfer who can easily adjust to the abundance of speed this board offers. While the ample stability should have made this ideal for all levels, adapting to its pace might be a struggle for beginners.

Its fish shape allows optimal maneuverability in waves, making it possible for you to gain speed in the smallest swells. Having a Swallow Tail Shape allows the most radical moves without losing your stance.

The EPS core improves on this surfboard’s buoyancy, giving you better stability and sufficient flex. Morey’s Slick HDPE material evens the EPS core, assuring you that you would not topple down easily.

Swallow tail allows for better glide without compromising controlThe unusual shape might take some getting used to even for experienced surfers
EPS and HDPE combo gives you optimal stabilityNot fit for beginners
The full nose gives you maximum control
Fish shape optimizes speed even in the smallest waves

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#7. Wavestorm 8' Classic Pinline Surfboard

Wavestorm 8' Classic Pinline Surfboard


  • Dimensions (Length x Width x Thickness): 96 x 22.5 x 3.25 inches, Volume at 86 liters
  • Weight Capacity: 200 lbs.
  • Foam Elastomer Barrier Skin
  • EPS Core with 3x Epoxy Set Marine-Ply Stringers
  • Slick HDPE Bottom

Wavestorm’s 8’ Classic Pinline Surfboard offers enough to be the perfect first surfboard of any beginner. Its round nose lessens the chances of nose-diving, lowering your risk for injuries.

The Elastomer Barrier, combined with EPS core, Marine-ply stringers assure you that this surfboard could take a beating. Its skin is also low maintenance since it doesn’t require constant waxing to maintain its quality.

This surfboard’s solid HDPE bottom evens out the lightweight materials used in the deck and core, making improvements on its buoyancy. Combined with the traction pad, finding and keeping your balance would relatively be easier on this board.

Its removable fins allow for better traction on water, helping you get used to riding. Since they’re removable, the board could level up with you, making it a definite bang for your buck.

Elastomer barrier makes surfing more comfortable on your chest and feetThe abundance of stability and control making gliding quite difficult
Perfect for beginnersDoes not offer much speed
Highly durable

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Top Pick: South Bay 8’8” Heritage Surfboard

What makes South Bay’s 8’8 Heritage Surfboard stand out is its ability to cater to a broader audience at a reasonable price. Its flexibility to be suitable for both beginners and longboard enthusiasts makes this surfboard a sounder investment compared to the others in this list.

The abundance of stability with more than enough buoyancy allows a beginner to gain his footing, with the top’s quality allowing for better grip towards the board. Its removable fin thrusters will enable you to adjust the board’s level of maneuverability, allowing for more fluid movements once you are ready.

With a relatively steep price, durability should be the least of your problems. South Bay makes it a point to add layers of bamboo and fiberglass on its top and bottom deck, assuring you of its ability to withstand a beating for a long time.

How to Pick the Right Surfboard

The surfboard’s volume, height, and fin configuration all contribute to finding the perfect fit for you. Learning how each one affects the other would ultimately allow you to make smarter choices.

You can determine the volume of a surfboard by multiplying its length, width, and height. Choosing a volume lower than your ideal volume leads to lower buoyancy, which works to the advanced or professional surfer’s advantage. Surfboards with lower volume would glide easily, requiring that its user be more agile in maneuvering.

The safest bet would always be getting surfboards with equal or higher volume than your ideal one, since it allows more buoyancy, therefore making them more stable. More massive volumes could lead to a slower pace, so it is best to find your sweet spot to optimize movement.

Your ability mainly determines the appropriate surfboard height. There are more elaborate ways to learn this, but for basic knowledge, we’ll stick to this for now. Surfboards in the 6′-7′ range are more suited for beginners since they need stability and enough glide capacity for maneuvering. Fish or longboards would require a more advanced skill level as the lack or abundance of space could pose a challenge on movement.

A thruster setup is an ideal configuration for any skill level as it offers more optimal maneuverability without sacrificing stability. Other settings like the single, twin, 2+1, and quad also have their pros and cons, but they would ultimately require more training for you to maximize their capacities.

Final Thoughts

Every movement, big or small, accounts for your odds in tackling any swell. While it is true that excellent surfing heavily relies on your skill level, choosing the right surfboard increases your chances for a better experience significantly.

While the surfboards in this article are quite impressive, conducting your research, and consulting experts would allow better decision making. Getting familiar with the type of waves in a specific place gives you a lead towards the more appropriate surfboard.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What difference does the shape of a surfboard make?

A: Different shapes allow for better tackling of specific types of waves. For example, tow boards have foot-straps that will enable expert surfers to stay in place even in tackling the biggest waves. Fish surfboards are more appropriate for smaller or more mellow waves because of their relatively lower height, but they still offer an ample volume. Knowing the kind of wave, you would have for that specific place on that particular day would allow you to determine the right shape to get a good surf.

Q: How do you determine your ideal volume?

A: Charts are available online to determine the numerical value of your skill level against your weight. Your fitness level is determined by the number of times you surf per week. Multiplying those to values to your age would give your ideal volume. Learning this would ultimately allow you to choose a more appropriate volume to aid in your surfing, so it’s best to be completely honest.

Q: How does the fin configuration affect the way I surf?

A: Basically, varying fin configurations allow you to have a different level of maneuverability. Knowing the appropriate fin configuration would also help you ride varying types of waves as well. While the classic single fin setup allows for optimal speed, it lessens your stability. Twin fins lack drag power compared to the thruster and 2+1 setup, although the latter might give too make gliding way too tricky. The quad fin configuration supposedly levels with a single’s speed, but the maneuverability would need a learning curve for beginners.

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