Stretch Surfboards Review | Epic Boards or Rip Off? [2023]

Last Updated March 17, 2023

Surfing is becoming a frequent hobby of people, and some already consider making a career out of it. Most aspiring surfers want to be a pro, and every pro-surfer needs a top-performing surfboard.

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There are many options in the market, which can leave you undecided. You need to consider other factors before purchasing as well, such as the surfboard-type and skill-level. On the bright side, Stretch Surfboards doesn’t fail in meeting the satisfaction of all its customers.

Quality is what makes this brand very popular. Aside from that, it offers different surfboard-types, making it easier for surfers to choose the right board they need.

Top 7 Best Stretch Surfboards Reviewed

Below are the bestsellers of this brand, from shortboards to fish surfboards. If you need an outstanding surfboard for competing or training, here’s a Stretch Surfboards review to help you further.

  1. Stretch Quadfish Fishboard Surfboard
  2. Stretch Sword Surfboard
  3. Stretch Tail Dragger Longboard Surfboard
  4. Stretch 2Win Surfboard
  5. Stretch IT Mid-Length Surfboard
  6. Stretch Thing Shortboard Surfboard
  7. Stretch Super Buzz Grovel Surfboard

#1. Stretch Quadfish Fishboard Surfboard

Stretch Quadfish Fishboard Surfboard

If you want an agile surfboard with optimum performance, Stretch is a go-to brand that pro surfers recommend. One of the bestsellers that you can consider is the Quadfish Fishboard Surfboard.

This surfboard features a swallowtail-design, which is responsible for its acceleration. It features a quad technology that suits its tail-design as well. Plus, you can ride it without any hassle on a mushy beach or point breaks.

It’s suitable for intermediate-level to pro surfers, providing effective results as you use it to improve your surfing skills. It’s also shorter than a shortboard by 6 inches to 8 inches. Also, the agility it provides needs excellent balancing skills.

This surfboard features a single concave-size outline, giving the stability you need as you ride any wave-conditions. This advantage also lets you turn effortlessly, making it favorable to pros while executing tricks.

Maneuverability is another reason why surfers use this board. Thanks to its low rocker and balanced curves, it’s ideal for small waves. Plus, it features a backward fin cluster, which contributes to the board’s drive.

When it comes to paddling strength, you can also count on this board. It comes with 50/50 rails for exceptional release. Also, this advantage adds to its overall agility and smooth transitions.

The style of this surfboard is meek yet appealing, and it’s available in two designs. One design highlights another color on the tail part, while the other one is like an outline on the entire board’s frame. Also, it uses high-quality materials, which makes it very sturdy.

#2. Stretch Sword Surfboard

Stretch Sword Surfboard

One of the most versatile surfboards that you should check out is the Stretch Sword Surfboard. You can customize this surfboard as it lets you choose the tail-design and fin set-up. Plus, it provides optimum speed, which makes it suitable for intermediate and pro surfers.

It’s available in three tail-options, including round pin, swallow, and thumb. When it comes to the fin set-up, the options include five fit, quad, or tri. Also, you can select from either FCS or Future, with an aspect ratio of 4.25 inches to 4.50 inches.

Controlling this board is hassle-free as the sizing ranges from 5 feet and 8 inches to 7 feet and 6 inches. The 1.16-thickness adds convenience in maneuvering it on small or big-sized waves. Plus, its wide point-outline at the center and a narrower tail let it accelerates without compromising control.

It’s one of the top-performing surfboards for pros because of its continuous rocker. It lets you drive the surfboard with full ease and stability, especially during snappy and quick turns. Also, the slight vee and single concave-shape of the board maximize the board’s performance.

You can guarantee this board’s durability as it comes from premium-quality materials. It’s sturdy, but it also contributes to the board’s overall performance because it’s convenient to use. If you’re a newbie, you may find it challenging to control it since it needs exceptional balancing skills in riding it.

#3. Stretch Tail Dragger Longboard Surfboard

Stretch Tail Dragger Longboard Surfboard

Stretch is also famous for offering performing longboards to surfers. If you’re looking for an exceptional one, you can never go wrong with the Tail Dragger Longboard Surfboard. Choosing which size to use is hassle-free since it’s only available in either 9 feet or 9 feet and 6 inches. Regardless of any size you prefer, it’s excellent for any surfing-ability.

What makes this surfboard exceptional is the CFT heavy construction with EPS Tech, making it very durable even when you frequently use it. Plus, the 10.75-inch center fin box uses Futures ONESHOT pre-lamination to keep it sturdy as it holds the fins without any damages.

Surfers love this board for its retro-style. It’s only available in one style, yet it doesn’t fail to attract others with its vibrant color. Also, it comes with a single fin set-up, keeping a minimalistic vibe that surfers love more.

The nose concave-shape and the pinched 50/50 rails suit the board’s outline, making it easier for surfers to control the board smoothly at any wave-condition. Adding more ease to its maneuverability is the mid-section rocker, which provides exceptional pivoting turning for better transitions.

Another edge of this surfboard is the rolled vee-outline, which surfers love because it glides along waves smoothly. Plus, beginners will not find it too hassle to use since it’s a no-brainer-board. If you want to have an enjoyable surfing time, it’s one of the best options to consider.

#4. Stretch 2Win Surfboard

Stretch 2Win Surfboard

Another performing surfboard to dominate the market is the 2Win Surfboard by Stretch. It’s one of the top-pick because it’s adaptable, letting you choose a round pin or a swallowtail as its tail-design. Plus, it also comes in an appealing style with vibrant color from the top deck to bottom.

This board features a driver rocker from the rail line and 50/50 rails for optimum maneuverability without compromising stability. The single concave-outline keeps everything balanced, providing convenience for surfers to drive this board despite any condition.

If you prefer the single or double swallowtail as the design, you’ll love how agile this board can be. It’s excellent for tricks, despite any wave-height. Plus, it adds further sensitivity on the board as you ride it. However, if you prefer full stability and smooth transitions, the double or single round pin tail-design will not be a disappointment for performance.

When it comes to the fins, this surfboard uses 5.13 inches to 5.5 inches by size. Each fin comes from an excellent quality of fiberglass, making it very sturdy during frequent usage. Setting it up on your surfboard can make your board move with added acceleration, which professionals find favorable.

What makes this surfboard competitive, among others, is its lightness. If you’re an intermediate surfer, you can use this board to improve your skills, especially if you’re aspiring to compete.

#5. Stretch IT Mid-Length Surfboard

Stretch IT Mid Length Surfboard

Do you need an exceptional surfboard when it comes to performance and quality? You should consider checking Stretch Surfboard’s collection as it offers various options. One of the best options is the IT Mid-Length Surfboard. Plus, this board is a trademark of this brand, and it’s best for newbies to professionals.

This board is suitable for any wave-type or height. Regardless if you’re a beginner, you can drive it with ease because it can adapt well without meddling with the performance. Also, it’s dual-purpose since it performs like a shortboard, yet it features the paddling power of a longboard.

The deck features a sleek and curvy shape, which adds stability to stand and glide. You’ll love its maneuverability more because the narrower tail template makes it very agile, ideal for executing tricks. Also, the foiled out rails contribute to the board’s acceleration.

It features a minimalistic design in white, which a lot of surfers prefer. Regardless of its simplicity, it performs at its finest on any wave-condition.

If you frequently surf on point and beach break waves, this board’s rocker will not restrict any movement as you ride it, especially during turns. It keeps the board loose, making it easier to control, even when you’re a newbie.

Aside from that, the sizing is straightforward because it’s available in either 8 feet and 7 feet.

#6. Stretch Thing Shortboard Surfboard

Stretch Thing Shortboard Surfboard

Stretch offers some of the in-demand surfboards, and if you can’t find the best shortboard to help you improve your skills, you should check out the Thing Shortboard Surfboard. It’s an overall package because it best for control, as well as agility.

The five-fin set-up will boost the board as you ride it on any wave-condition. Plus, its size, which is less than an inch shorter than a typical shortboard, guarantees maximum performance because it makes it easier for surfers to maneuver it.

Adding further drive is the flat to single concave-outline. It provides exceptional balance while gliding. Also, the continuous rocker makes it more comfortable for surfers to slide smoothly along waves. Cruising is desirable, especially for newbies, because of its wide tail-design.

Another reason why surfers recommend it is because it’s suitable for punch waves. If you’re enhancing your surfing skills, you’ll find this board is handy. Aside from that, its stability will never be a disappointment.

This surfboard is available in different styles, letting surfers choose full graphic arts or meek designs. Plus, it comes from a premium-quality of materials from deck to fins, keeping it sturdy, even when you use it most of the time.

#7. Stretch Super Buzz Grovel Surfboard

Stretch Super Buzz Grovel Surfboard

If you’re looking for an outstanding surfboard for competitions and training, you can never go wrong with the Super Buzz Grovel Surfboard. Stretch makes sure you get the best out of their products, and this board is one of its bestsellers when it comes to quality and performance.

This board comes from high-quality materials, assuring its sturdiness even when you use it daily to practice and hone your surfing skills. The sizing is 6 inches or 8 inches shorter than the typical shortboards. Also, you have an option to change the deck construction to SK8 Deck.

It features a swallowtail-design, helping the board accelerate as you ride it. The block, which is narrower than Mr. Buzz surfboard, provides ease when it comes to turning. Plus, you get a more agile board when you consider setting up five fins.

Aside from that, it comes with added nose rocker and less tail-one. This advantage provides excellent paddling power, as well as smoother turning at any wave-condition.

This surfboard also features a single concave-contour for exceptional stability. It provides an ample lift you need to control the board with ease. However, it’s suitable for intermediate to pro surfers because it requires excellent balancing skills to manage it effectively.

Getting the Best Stretch Surfboard – Buying Guide

It’s always better when you have many options to consider, yet sometimes, it can lead buyers to endless decision making. There are times that some customers end up buying the wrong one. If you are to buy a board from Stretch Surfboards, here’s a quick guide to consider.

Surfboard Types

There are various surfboard types available, especially these days, and new models are becoming typical for most surfers. It’s essential to consider the kind of board you need because each has its distinct advantages. Here are some types from Stretch Surfboard’s collection:

Shortboard Surfboard

This type is famous as the performer because it provides maximum performance, drive, and speed to surfers as they use it. It’s ideal for quick turns, yet it’s not suitable for beginners who have zero-knowledge when it comes to surfing.

Most of the surfboards from Stretch’s collection include the Thing Shortboard and Sword Surfboards.

Fish Surfboard

This type is distinct among other surfboard-types because it always uses a swallowtail-design. It’s thicker and more extensive, compared to shortboards, and it’s what makes it move quicker along waves. However, it’s best for intermediate to pro surfers because controlling it needs excellent balancing skills.

The Quadfish Surfboard and 2Win are some of the bestsellers of Stretch Surfboards offers.

Groveler Surfboard

This type is related to the hybrid-type, and it can sometimes be a fish surfboard because it uses a swallowtail-design. What makes this type distinct is the thicker and flatter deck. Plus, it’s agile, making it ideal for professionals.

The Super Buzz Grovel Surfboard is the perfect board to check out if you need a groveler surfboard.

Mid-Length Surfboard

This type comes in various styles, yet the sizing typically ranges from 6 feet and 8 inches to 8 feet, which is lengthier than shortboards. Plus, it uses a 2+1 or single fin system, making the board agile while using it.

You should check out the IT Mid-Length Surfboard if you need a mid-length board.

Longboard Surfboard

This type is suitable for beginners because it’s more stable than other models. It’s typically longer than 8 feet, and it’s best for stability and paddling power.

One of the famous longboards is the Tail Dragger Longboard Surfboard.

Stretch Surfboards: Company & History

Stretch has been continuously providing exceptional service, as well as offering competitive products that surfers always love.

This brand started in Santa Cruz, California, in 1979. William Riedel or “Stretch” founded the company, and he offered innovative products for surfing and other activities, like tow surfing, kiting, or sailing.

Before the peak of this career, Stretch started as a shaper in the 1960s. However, he underwent partial paralysis in 1988. Despite what happened, it didn’t hinder the team from offering quality surfboards. With the help of technology, this brand was able to dominate the market up to now.

Surfers love every surfboard that this brand offers because each comes with exceptional features that they can’t find from other brands. Plus, its wide variety of options makes it favorable to users. If you need a surfboard with optimum performance, this brand’s collection will not be a disappointment.


Finding a surfboard these days is challenging because of the numerous options available. There’s also a wide variety of types, and you need to determine how these types differ from each other. It’s how you can decide which surfboard to purchase.

All surfboards of Stretch don’t disappoint, yet each has its leading edge. Some are excellent for speed, some are favorable during maneuverability, and some are best for stability. It’s one of the best brands you should consider because of its quality and performance.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q:  How does a groveler surfboard differ from a fish-type? I can’t decide whether to buy the Super Buzz or the Quadfish.

A: These two surfboard-types are similar because they use swallowtail-designs. Also, speed is another edge that attracts users. However, the difference is the sizing because a groveler-type is more extended than fish surfboards, yet it’s not going to be lengthier than longboards.

You also need to consider your surfing-ability. If you’re a pro, you can use the fish surfboard. If you’re a newbie, it’s best to choose a lengthier board because it can improve your balancing skill.

Q: If I buy a surfboard from Stretch, does it comes with a leash, like typical surfboards?

A: No, it doesn’t come with a leash, unlike typical surfboards. If you want to install one, you need to consult an expert shaper for better advice.

Q: Can a shortboard use different tail-designs?

A: Yes, it can, and Stretch Sword Surfboard is available in three different tail-designs.

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