Sea Eagle 9 Review: Ultimate Review + Guide [2023]

Last Updated January 27, 2023

Inflatable boats have become a convenient option for fishing and recreation, and the Sea Eagle 9 from the top inflatable manufacturer in the United States, is a top favorite.

Not all high-quality and reliable boats have to be vast and hard-bodied. The best inflatable boat, like the SE9, comes designed with robust bodies that can get you anywhere in the water without issue. This boat will stay intact, even in challenging water conditions.

If it’s your first time owning an inflatable boat and checking if the SE9 is the right one, our Sea Eagle 9 review will show you what this boat has to offer and why it’s a huge favorite.

Sea Eagle 9 Review: Your Complete Guide

sea eagle 9 review

The Sea Eagle 9 is an affordable, lightweight, and extremely stable inflatable boat that can hold up to four people. It can work on either electric or small gas motors. This Motormount Boat from Sea Eagle has a multi-purpose design and construction that you can use for rowing, general motoring, mild whitewater rafting, yacht tending, and fishing in bays and lakes.

Merely looking at the specifications and key features of the boat will let you know about the promised excellence and incredible reputation of Sea Eagle. The boat series started in 1982 and now has a couple of design modifications to stay relevant and high-quality through the changing times. The newly designed SE9 now comes with better safety features, stability, versatility, and overall construction. You can get all of that at an incredibly reasonable price.


  • Passenger Capacity – 4 persons
  • Weight Capacity – 1200 pounds
  • Length – 132 inches
  • Width – 56 inches
  • Hull Weight – 16 kg (23 kg with motor mount and inflatable floor)
  • Tube – 38-cm diameter
  • Inflation Time – 15 mins.
  • Inflation Pressure – 2 PSI for the floor; 1.1 PSI for sides
  • Air Valves – (4) Deluxe One-Way
  • Material – K80 PVC (38 mil Polykrylar)
  • Seams – High-Frequency Weld
  • Floor – removable & inflatable double-layered reinforced I-beam (4 inches thick) with external protective sheath
  • Engine Capacity – 3 HP gas; up to 74 lb. thrust electric motor
  • Speed – 5-6 MPH for gas; 4-5 MPH for electric


  • Removable high-pressure I-beam reinforced floor up to 2 PSI
  • (2) movable and reinforced inflatable seats with a protective nylon sheath
  • Primary and secondary all-around air chambers
  • (2) easy to open and shut floor drains
  • Molded oar clasps
  • Bow carry handle
  • Bow towing grommet
  • 180 days risk-free trial
  • NMMA & CE Certified
  • The entry-level of the Sea Eagle 9 is the Startup Package. The configuration includes:
  • Sea Eagle 9 Hull
  • 4-inches high inflatable rowing seat
  • 13-inches high inflatable fishing seat
  • Inflatable floor
  • A41 foot pump
  • AB254 oar set
  • Pressure gauge
  • Inflatable boat repair kit
  • Carrying bag
  • Instruction manual

Additionally, the Sea Eagle 9 comes backed with an outstanding warranty and excellent customer support. Similar to other boats from Sea Eagle, the SE9 has a solid 3-years warranty covering all manufacturing defects, so you can be sure you’ll be getting a durable and high-quality boat.

Sea Eagle also included a risk-free trial period for a full 180 days, so you can try using the boat and make sure it meets your preferences and boating needs.

New Design

sea eagle 9 review

The Sea Eagle 9 features a makeover that you wish was present on its predecessor, the Sea Eagle 8 if you have it.

The redesigned Sea Eagle 9 includes:

  • New high-pressure inflatable floor with durable protective nylon covering to prevent sharp objects and hooks from tearing through the fabric.
  • New high-pressure inflatable seats.
  • Added floor drains to let the water that enters the inflatable boat to drain off. This feature is convenient when using the boat for whitewater rafting.

Overall, the design of the SE9 is superior, especially when it comes to stability, even in challenging sea conditions. The boat also has an all-around grab line for extra safety for everyone in the boat. The SE9 features molded oar clasps, bow towing grommet, and four oarlocks to make it easy to customize according to your needs and preference.


The SE9 is a spacious boat, offering enough comfort so you can enjoy your boating trip. When inflated, the raft measures 132 x 56 inches overall. The interior is 90 x 28 inches in size, providing ample space to fit four adults up to 1200 pounds with a bit of extra room for gears.

Construction and Durability

sea eagle 9 review

The floor of the SE9 features a quality 4-inches thick reinforced I-beam to offer maximum rigidity, providing the boat increased stability.

The high-quality inflatable floor has an extra function, which is to boost the boat’s buoyancy.

The Sea Eagle 9 features a total of four separate air chambers. The main one has 15-inches diameter located at the bottom, while the secondary is at the top. sHaving two of these in different locations means it’s unlikely that both will get damaged, another safety feature that is an advantage with the SE9.

The back-up chamber at the top serves another purpose as well, which is to boost the boat’s wall to keep the passengers dry, a bonus feature when using the SE9 in whitewater.

The external fabric floor of the SE9 is 38 mil PolyKrylar, which offers a nearly indestructible quality against sharp objects. Although you can poke a hole in the surface, it isn’t easy to do. The watercraft bounces off of any obstruction. The only way that the fabric gets punctured is when you drag it across the sharp rocks in the riverbank.


The SE9 can work with either a small gas or electric motor. If you prefer using gas motors on your boat, you can use one with a maximum of 3HP power with up to 40 pounds in weight in this inflatable boat. As long as it fits in the 15 inches shaft length, then you’re good to go. A gas motor in this capacity can push the boat’s speed between 5mph to 6mph.

Alternatively, you can use a thrust electric motor on the SE9, as long as it weighs within the 76 pounds limit. The minimum shaft space for this option is 30 inches, which can boost the boat from 4mph to 5mph.

Ease of Use

sea eagle 9 review

Using the SE9 is straightforward, so there shouldn’t be any worries if it’s your first time owning an inflatable boat. It’s easy to inflate and deflate as necessary, as Sea Eagle made sure that it provides an ultra-convenient design for this boat.

Inflating the SE9 only takes around 15 minutes. The floor takes up to 3PSI, while the sides can cater up to 1.1PSI, but this should be easy enough with the pressure gauge included in the package.

When not in use, storing the SE9 in the 26 x 26 x 10 inches carrying bag included in the purchase is safe and secure.

Uses for the Sea Eagle 9

sea eagle 9 review

The SE9 is a genuinely versatile watercraft. You can use it in almost all types of water activities.

Day River Floats

The SE9 is the most comfortable vessel to use in leisurely day river floats. It’s like floating down the stream while you’re lounging in a soft and comfy recliner. Plus, the raft has maximum stability that makes it nearly impossible to turn over.


You can use the SE9 for spin fishing or fly fishing if you attach the essentials like rod holders, floorboards, and motor. It’s also a stable boat to use for lake fishing as well.

Extended River Trips

With a four-person capacity, the boat has enough space to house everything you need during an extended river trip.


The SE9 comes with a Class III rating for whitewater, and it’s very convenient for use in rapids with its two newly installed floor drains.

Optional Package Configurations

The startup package of the Sea Eagle 9 is the first option. However, there’s a room for configurations if it’s what you prefer. The SE9 comes with six other design arrangements that you can choose based on your preference, style, and boating needs.


The Fish-n-Troll package of the SE9 includes a Watersnake Venom 34-pound thrust electric motor and a motor mount. You’ll also get an inflatable floor, canopy, 13-inches high fishing seat, 4-inches rowing seat, a carrying bag, a repair kit, and a Fish-n-Troll kit.

This modification is ideal if you are looking for a quality boat that you can use to go fishing.

Fisherman’s Dream

This version of the SE9 includes a 4-inches high rowing seat and 13-inches high fishing seat, both of which are inflatable. You’ll also get a motor mount for this configuration, including an inflatable floor, an A41 foot pump, the AB245 oar set, and the inflatable boat repair kit.

This configuration best fits boaters who already own a reliable outboard motor and only needs an equally impressive hull. The motor mount in this package can support up to 3HP gas engine of a 70-pound thrust electric motor.


The SE9 Motor configuration includes a motor mount and a Minn Kota Endura 30-pound motor. The package also comes with an A41 air pump, the AB254 oar set, inflatable 4-inches high rowing seat, inflatable 13-inches high fishing seat, inflatable floor, a carrying bag, and a repair kit.

Motor Canopy

This configuration of the SE9 comes with a motor mount and a Minn Kota Endura 30-pound trolling motor. There are also two bench seats, the AB254 oar set, 4-inches high inflatable rowing seat, 13-inches high inflatable fishing seat, an A41 foot pump, a repair kit, carrying case, and additional protection of the canopy.

Watersnake Motor

The Watersnake Motor package of the SE9 includes a motor mount with a Watersnake Venom 34-pound thrust electric motor. This configuration also features a set of the AB254 oars, an inflatable floor, an A41 air pump, 4-inches high inflatable rowing seat, 13-inches high fishing seat, a repair kit, and a carrying bag.

This option is ideal for those who don’t own a good quality outboard yet. The 34 pounds of thrust is impressive, and the manufacturer includes a separate one-year warranty for the motor.

Watersnake Motor Canopy

The Watersnake Motor Canopy version of the SE9 features a motor mount with the Watersnake Venom 34-pound electric motor. It also comes with a set of AB254 oars, an A41 foot pump, 4-inches high rowing seat, 13-inches high fishing seat, a repair kit, carrying bag, an inflatable floor, and a canopy.

This package offers fun and convenience, thanks to the canopy that can protect you from both rain and sun. It’s perfect for use in saltwater, and you can also pack the canopy neatly when you don’t need it.


  • Stable and well-made inflatable boat with quality and robust materials
  • Inflatable and lightweight design makes the boat extremely portable
  • Easy to deflate and inflate
  • Reinforced inflatable floor for maximum durability
  • High-strength nylon fabric sheath offers extra protection for added rigidity
  • All-around grab line for safety when in use
  • Excellent bundle with bonus accessories


  • The oak lock system could be better

What Is Sea Eagle?

Sea Eagle is a safe bet if you are looking for a quality inflatable boat. It’s a brand you can trust, a high-rated and top manufacturing company of inflatable boats in the United States. The business got a jumpstart in 1968 by the Hoge family, who still runs the company to this day.

The family’s passion and dedication in building the Sea Eagle brand made the company one of the premier watercraft names right now, not only in the US but also worldwide.

You can find a wide variety of Sea Eagle boats. They designed watercraft for recreation and exploration trips, fire and rescue, and other challenging water environments.

With over 50 years of experience in the business, classic Sea Eagle boats remain one of the best-selling rafts in the market. That shows that the brand knows and provides what boaters need, making sure that their inflatable lives up to the high expectations.


Sea Eagle is a well-respected brand in the watercraft manufacturing industry. With over 50 years of business experience, the brand has an excellent reputation for producing some of the best and high-quality inflatables. The SE9 boat is no different. It’s simple and affordable, yet offers incredible versatility, giving you a raft that can steer you in almost all water conditions with ease.

The SE9 can do whatever boating activities you can think of, with an impressive design, built to go fast and last long, even in harsh water conditions.

This lightweight inflatable boat is easy to set up and store when it’s not in use, a perfect choice, especially if it’s your first time owning one. Plus, the risk-free 180-day free trial and 3-years warranty are bonuses to make sure you’re getting a quality boat that fits your preference and needs.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What’s the difference between the updated SE9 and the classic version of the boat?

The primary difference between the redesigned Sea Eagle 9 and its classic version is the weight. The old design includes a wooden motor mount, floorboards, and bench seat made of wood. For the newly updated SE9, all the wooden elements are gone, substituted with lighter inflatable versions. The redesigned SE9 now has 50-pound less weight than the old model, and it can be inflated and stored inside a carrying bag, something that wasn’t possible with the classic SE9.

Q: Is air compressor allowed when inflating the SE9?

Air compressor makes it easy and convenient to inflate the boat, but it is not advisable to use for the Sea Eagle 9. As much as compressors make the job quick, there’s a high risk of over-inflating the boat, which can cause significant damage to its design integrity and performance.

Q: If I buy the SE9, do I need to register it?

The registration requirements for a boat, even inflatable ones, vary from city to city or state to state. You should check the local authorities’ specific conditions to know what you need to do once you buy the boat.

Q: Can I use glue when repairing the boat’s accessories?

It is not advisable to use glue when repairing defects on the boat’s accessories. The Sea Eagle 9 uses a stretchable type of PVC material that can’t accommodate when you apply glue on any parts of the raft. It may even cause damage and stress to the boat’s accessories. The only recommended way to patch the vessel is an adhesive designed for PVC boats.

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