Paz Series Women’s Summersuit by Flatrock Wetsuits – Keeping It Classy Under The Sun

Last Updated March 17, 2023

Flatrock Wetsuits: Born Out of Love For Surfing

Founded in 2018, Angus Boyd envisioned his wetsuits bringing the surfing industry back to Australia. His Bondi and Bronte days were spent checking out surf shops and looking for the latest gear.

While he has all the love and passion for surfing, life happened. He set aside his surfing ambitions to work in a bank and for 10 years, as he worked his way through the numbers, papers, and clients. However, the ocean seemed to never cease calling him.

Despite giving some of his weekends to surfing, it was just not enough. That he needed to be in the ocean for long to do something for it.

In 2016, during one of Boyd’s surfing trip to Mentawais, just like his childhood days, he scoured through alleys and alleys of surf shops to look for the gear he wanted. With all of the big names in the surfing industry plastered on walls of the stores with their merch hugging all the shelves, he just couldn’t find the perfect suit.

It was one thing that the wetsuits available didn’t fit properly and another that they felt and looked low grade.

Thus, the birth of Flatrock Wetsuits.

Boyd’s frustration from not finding the right wetsuit played the lead role in his journey to produce wetsuits that are good, reliable, and superior. His disappointment from his surfing trip in 2016, became a wave of success when 2 years after, the company was founded.

Flatrock Wetsuits wouldn’t be called “Your Friendly Neighborhood Surf Brand” for nothing. They are indeed friendly, not just to their clients but to the environment, too. Their mission to make the world a better and greener place, made them commit to planting every tree for every wetsuit you buy.

So, you’re not just getting a superior and stylish wetsuit, you are helping to rehabilitate the planet with each purchase from Flatrock Wetsuits.

Paz Series Women’s Summersuit

Flatrock Wetsuits

Fast forward to 2020, they started the year by releasing their first wetsuit for women – the Paz Series Women’s Summersuit.

Flatrock Wetsuits tapped the expertise of experienced fashion designer and fellow Sydneysider, Caryn Luxton to design the women’s summersuit. Luxton has extensive experience in a variety of pattern making for the production of not just bridal gowns but menswear, womenswear, childrenswear, sportswear and activewear.

Boyd’s Team aimed to achieve the feeling of having the wetsuit resemble a second skin – comfortable, soft, and keeps up with your every move. Luxton wanted to incorporate feminineness by achieving a simple yet elegant design without distracting your surfing moves.

Paz Series Women’s Summersuit is constructed with the same materials as other Flatrock Wetsuits – specified premium, limestone-based Japanese neoprene. It is ultra-soft and super responsive that it makes you feel as if it is your own skin, freeing you up for mobility, enabling you to do a full range of motion while in the waters.

A lot of times comfort and style can’t together. Not with the Paz Series Women’s summersuit. Ease and comfort have been considered in picking the materials for use. They are lightweight but thick enough to be able to regulate your body temperature during colder days and keep you cool on hot summer days.

In terms of style, unlike the first lines of clothing from Flatrock Wetsuits, Paz Series incorporated a front chest zip, not just to adjust according to your desired airflow, but to give you your freedom to have a wetsuit that can either be round necked or v-cut.

The bottom is patterned with the standard bikini cut to guard against rash when you sit down on the board. It can be worn alone or paired with cool board shorts.

Love It or Leave It

Flatrock Wetsuits

Flatrock Wetsuits stands by their product’s quality and superiority that they offer a lifetime warranty to every wetsuit they produce. Although these wetsuits are made of high-quality materials that never tear or break down, if you need them repaired at any point in your surfing life, Flatrock Wetsuits will restore them for you at absolutely no charge.

The guys at Flatrock Wetsuits also understand how online shopping can be discouraging. It is not unusual that a customer receives one size smaller or bigger because with online shopping, you can’t try it on before checking out. Flatrock offers free returns within 100 days from the date of purchase even when they are confident their wetsuits will fit you perfectly.

Paz Series Women’s Summersuit – The Next Best Thing

Even former WSL Australasian Champion, Dale Lovelock noticed how Flatrock’s full-length wetsuit fits like a dream and feels amazing. It won’t take long until a female surfing titlist (if there isn’t already one yet) comes up to say the same thing for Paz Series Women’s Summersuit.

The same softness and comfort combined with elegance and dash of style will surely make this line the next bestseller. Find out more about Paz Series Women’s Summersuit and Flatrock Wetsuits itself by visiting their website.

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