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Wondering whether you should go with a mini mal or a longboard? Check out our surfboard articles to find out!


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One of the more uncommon ‘surfing’ sports, windsurfing has been gaining traction in the past few years. 

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Indisputably the most common question about surfing is how to catch a wave. Figure out how to and much more in our surfing knowledge articles!

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e Surfing | Surf Hungry Ultimate Guide

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Experience the thrill of surfing like never before with electric surfboards. From the sleek and powerful eFoil to the lightweight and eco-friendly SUP Jet, there’s an option for every level of surfer

Electric surfboards are boards that depend on a battery-powered engine. Unlike traditional surfboards, the engine that powers electric surfboards allow them to move across stagnant waters, and the boards come in many forms, including foils, SUPS, surfboards, and more.

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