Jimmy Styks Puffer Review: Epic Board or Rip Off? [2023]

Last Updated January 27, 2023

Whether you wish to cruise around a serene river or you want to go on an all adventurous trip on an ocean or just a cool & calm floating over a calm lake; a sturdy and comfortable board is your best companion in all these situations.

It is true that a beginner needs a lot of courage to step down over the water surface boarding over a paddler for the first time. However, an experienced river cruiser does not need any less trust and confidence over these water vehicles.

The Jimmy Styks Puffer offers exactly the same. Whether you are a novice or an experienced professional, the Jimmy Styks puffer provides a perfect inflatable board to test the waters.

Here, we would present the complete review of this wonderful inflatable Stand-Up Paddle along with its specifications, features, and the pros & the cons.

Jimmy Styks Puffer: Your Complete Guide

Jimmy Styks Puffer Review

Jimmy Styks has been in the market for over a decade. However, they took a leap jump in the segment of inflatable paddle boards only a couple of years back.

With two surfboards and two inflatable models, the company also offers five highly featured SUP boards. It also holds a range of soft models in its kitty coupled with many rigid epoxy stand-up paddles.

A quick and stable board, the Jimmy Styks puffer is one of the most attractive touring boards on the water surface. Thanks to the creative designs and intelligent color scheme, the SUP is a class apart in its looks and feel.

If you need evidence of these words of appreciation, what better than giving a closer look at the paddleboard? So, let’s move on!


Following are the key specifications of the SUP:

  • Dimensions: 134” x 31″ x 5.9″
  • Weight carrying capacity: 270 lbs
  • Making Material: Heavy-duty PVC drop-stitch fabric
  • Paddleboard Weight: 24 lbs
  • Recommended pressure: 12 – 15 PSI
  • Removable Fins: 1
  • Center Carry handles: 1
  • D-ring on the tail: 1


Some of the major features of Jimmy Styks Puffer include:

  • 5.9” drop stitch for durability and rigidity. Besides it also keeps it lighter in weight.
  • Sharp nose to facilitate easy entry into small waves.
  • Utility tie-downs for travel gear security during cruising.
  • Highly portable as you can simply roll and move on.
  • SS D-ring on the tail to attach safety leash.
  • Ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) foam deck pad. It is highly comfortable and very easy to grip making it convenient to carry for long distances without fatigue.
  • Standard Keyless fin allows clicking in place without a need of fastening screws or keys for the purpose.
  • Convenient camera mounting at the nose of the board making it highly convenient to use.
  • Packaging includes:
    • Board
    • Dual-action HP pump
    • Adjustable Al travel paddle
    • 10” coil leash
    • Keyless Fin and hardware
    • iSUP backpack
    • Strap to tie and wrap the deflated board
    • Backpack

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Design & Construction

Jimmy Styks Puffer Review

The Jimmy Styks Puffer is without doubt the most eye-catching designs of paddleboards available around.

The dimensions of Jimmy style Puffer are simply delighting. Big paddleboard occupies 11.2 feet of water surface along the length, coupled with 31 inches of width making it a highly spacious creature over the water. The high weighing capacity of holding 270 lbs adds one more feather to its cap.

But is it only space or the weight capacity that you look for a paddleboard? Well, strength and flexibility are two more very important features with which you would never want to compromise.

And with the thickness touching half a foot, it fulfills both these demands as well while at the same time keeping your feet dry.

Durability & Flexibility

This is one of the most bragged upon features of a paddleboard. No one would like to invest in a paddleboard all too often. And at Jimmy Styks, they know it pretty well.

So, what goes into making these lovely paddleboards as durable as they are?

Well, the high quality of material and the workmanship that goes in the manufacturing of these highly stable SUPs make them sturdy and provide much-needed durability to these boards.

The military-grade nylon fabric itself is enough to provide sturdiness to a product. A highly advanced double layer drop-stitch technique with PVC in a multilayer adds further to its durability. The resultant product is as long-lasting as Jimmy Styks puffer paddle boards that you see on-shelf in every recognized store selling high-quality SUPs.

The glueless construction provides strong binding. Besides, it reduces the weight of the board considerably without compromising its strength and durability.

Furthermore, despite the firmness the inflated SUP acquires due to high-quality material and making process, the board displays tremendous flexibility once deflated.

You can simply roll the board, keep it in your backpack, and move on with ultimate ease.


Jimmy Styks Puffer Review

Once the objective of designing a product is crystal clear, the end product is often a replica of your vision. It hits right on dot in the case of the Jimmy Styks puffer.

They built it for the slow waves in the choppy water. You need more control to maneuver, though, with comparatively less effort. And that is why; they offer that highly efficient design with a pointed nose.

The width of just over two and a half feet provides it the stability the paddleboard would need under the most serene conditions requiring quick adjustments and finer control.

The lightweight of the paddler makes it pretty easy for a beginner to quickly acquaint with the steering and riding functionalities of the board. Another reason for it being beginner-friendly is its speed. The board is not too fast to destabilize during steep steering.

Comfort and Convenience

The paddleboards are not meant to sleep on. But if you design a SUP as cozy as this, how can you not temp to just lie over it once a while?

EVA foam deck pad is all comfort, stretching till the middle of the back while covering the cargo on the front side. Moreover, the whole design is skid-free and provides much-needed balance on-board.

The bungee system is another nicety the SUP boasts. The bungee cord is designed to provide high security. The thick and firm cord, however, does not compromise with its flexibility and ease of using it.

The board, in addition, has a simple yet strong SS made D-ring on the tail side for attaching the safety leash. Moreover, the board comprises a central large fin that is sturdy and highly durable. The ability to detach allows for easy packing in a safe manner. Weighing just over 24 lbs makes it very lightweight to carry, thus adding on to the portability of the paddleboard.


Jimmy Styks Puffer Review

All of us have experienced the joy of receiving something extra. Haven’t we?

And the Jimmy Styks does not disappoint you when it opens up a plethora of those accessories with no extra cost whatsoever.

It includes a high-quality backpack to make it all handy. Wrap it all, put it in a bag, and hang it on your back. It is as simple as that!

Besides, the latest design SUP paddle made with a carbon fiber shaft makes it a unique accessory. The nylon blade adds on to the utility of the paddle.


  • Jimmy Styks is very spacious with over 11 feet length and over two and a half feet width
  • Very attractive and eye-catching designs and color schemes
  • Pointed nose for easy maneuverability and control in choppy water
  • Very high-quality material makes it strong and durable
  • Advanced double layer drop-stitch technique
  • Very soft, comfortable and skid-free design
  • Very lightweight. Weighs a little over 24 lbs, making it very easy to carry.
  • High flexibility and foldability making it highly portable.
  • Keyless fin system making it easy to attach and detach fins as needed
  • Equally good for beginners and the professional
  • Matt finish carbon fiber shaft paddle with durable nylon blade
  • Highly affordable
  • Quality accessories included in the package
  • Easily accessible camera mounting on the front


  • Less stable particular on surfing waterways
  • Insufficient grab handles in the backpack
  • Only 1-year warranty
  • A little less rigid compared to Strider
  • Pretty tiring to pump with the hand pump provided with the kit

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Who makes up Jimmy Styks? 

Kyle Reeves and Jeremy Wikens are the founders of Jimmy Styks. They launched the company in 2009 in California. Jimmy Styks is into the manufacturing of stand-up paddleboards (SUP) and their accessories.

Vista Outdoor Inc, an American company took over Jimmy Styks, in the year 2016. Vista is a designing, manufacturing, and marketing company offering outdoor sports products. Besides, it also offers a wide range of recreational products. There are over 40 labels and subsidiaries under the house of Vista Outdoor.

It was in the year 2018 that Jimmy Styks relaunched its iSUP range in a new avatar giving its products completely new looks and features in five different models.

The company backs the quality of its products with a 1-year warranty covering any manufacturing defects.


So, this was all about the Jimmy Styks Puffer. With this, you now know the specs, eye-catching features, elegant design, rigidity, functionality, and the congenial experience closely associated with this magnificent paddleboard.

Overall, this study, as well as a comfortable puffer, would allow you to sell through the most choppy water surfaces and even in the high tides.

The SUP is very easily one of the best choices available in the market at the given price range offering great portability, flexibility, and convenience at the same time.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q: When and where to use the board?

You can take the Jimmy Puffer Styks paddleboard for cruising in any type of lake, river stream, and even in seas. However, with a pointed nose, it is more suitable for choppy water.

Q: How large is the additional bag?

The large and high-quality iSUP board bag has the capacity to hold the complete board along with all the other accessories.

Q: How long can I use it?

Thanks to the quality material and the advanced making technique, the Jimmy Styks Puffer is a highly durable paddleboard. It would serve you for several years without any problem.

Q: How much weight can it bear?

The board has a maximum upper weight-bearing capacity of 270 lbs.

Q: Do I need anything else with the board?

No. Everything that you need in order to swift around with this paddleboard will come along with it. Items including aboard, fin pump as well as the leash will be provided with the package. The leash would prevent you from losing the board if in case you misbalance and fall into the water. With the included backpack, which can store everything that comes in the package, the transportation problem gets a lot easier.

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