Jet Pilot Wetsuits Review | Epic Wetsuits or Rip Off? [2023]

Last Updated January 27, 2023

Jet Pilot is one of the best-selling brands in the market today, especially with their wetsuit products. Their products are not just safe and affordable; they are also made of the highest quality.

Some of the best-selling products of Jet Pilot are their vests and wetsuits. What the users love about these products are the durability, strength, and high performance, which are also the essential features to look out for in a vest and wetsuit. But the wetsuit has always been their best sponsorship product.

If you are thinking of owning a wetsuit, our Jet Pilot wetsuits review might just be helpful. Read our review below to know more about Jet Pilot and the different wetsuits that they have.

Top 5 Best Jet Pilot Wetsuits in Review

Below are the most recommended and best-selling wetsuits by Jet Pilot that you should consider when buying. Read each carefully to know what the best fit is for you.

  1. Jet Pilot Apex Race John Bodysuit
  2. Jet Pilot Women’s APEX Race Jane PWC Wetsuit
  3. Jet Pilot Cause 3/2 mm Wetsuit
  4. Jet Pilot Matrix Pro John Wetsuit
  5. Jet Pilot 2mm Women’s Flight Shorty Springsuit

#1. Jet Pilot Apex Race John Bodysuit

Jet Pilot Apex Race John Bodysuit

The most recommended wetsuit of Jet Pilot is the Apex Race John bodysuit, and there is a good reason why. The Apex Race John is not just your typical wakeboarding wetsuit. It is a sleek, high-performance suit meant to withstand many waves, clashes, and extreme wakeboarding stunts with its 2mm ultra-stretch neoprene material. The neoprene used for the product can withstand stress up to 100mph and ultimately stretch as the user moves across the water.

The 2mm layer creates a thick solid ground for better protection and durability. The suit also has a Velcro shoulder entry so that you can comfortably wear and take it off. Aside from the shoulder entry, it also has leg zippers that will keep your limbs freely moving at all times.

The most common type of stitching in wetsuits is found in the Apex Race John bodysuit. The suit is 100% flatlock stitched to create a more comfortable inner skin for the user and a semi-locked suit so that less water can go in.

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#2. Jet Pilot Women’s APEX Race Jane PWC Wetsuit

Jet Pilot Women's APEX Race Jane PWC Wetsuit

The Apex Race Jane wetsuit is one of the best-selling wetsuits for women at Jet Pilot. With its comfort and durability, surely you would want one for your next watersports activity.

The Flex-Lite Ultra Stretch neoprene material of the wetsuit gives the user the freedom to move and not worry about getting a tear or scratch. The stretchy neoprene provides a smooth flow with the body as you move while allowing your skin to breathe with the 2mm thickness.

You can easily suit up with the Apex Race Jane because of the Velcro shoulder entry. It also has leg zippers at the back that will allow your legs to breathe as you move.  The panels of the suit are also stitched together with the Flatlock seam. The Flatlock stitching helps in the smooth inner layer of the suit, lessening rashes or chaffing.

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#3. Jet Pilot Cause 3/2 mm Wetsuit

Jet Pilot Cause 3/2 mm Wetsuit

The Cause 3/2 mm wetsuit is another best-seller at Jet Pilot. This full-body suit fits perfectly for divers who want full protection to their bodies. The suit is made with Jet Pilot’s Flex-Lite Ultra neoprene that snugs just right when you move. The fabric of the suit creates a good seal for body warmth, especially at the core where the thickness is 3mm. The other part of the suit is 2mm thick and enough to warm the different parts of your body.

The Flex-Lite fabric is light enough to create buoyancy when diving. The suit also has a good neckline seal to avoid water from coming inside. It also has Plyo-pads that protect your extremities such as the knees from abrasions and scratches. With the Cause’s breathable feature, you will be able to move with ease freely.

It’s effortless to suit up with the Cause. The back zip has an extra-long strap for that easy reach. The zipper and the panels are also stitched using the Flatlock stitch. The Flatlock stitch allows flexibility while still being durable enough to protect you from the harsh waves.

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#4. Jet Pilot Matrix Pro John Wetsuit

Matrix John Wetsuit

The most important feature of the Matrix Pro John wetsuit is neoprene, which has a high-performing stretch that will allow the user to move freely throughout its use. The smooth neoprene material helps in the ease of the user while wearing and taking it off. The Velcro shoulder entry also helps in the comfortable wear of the user.

Aside from the easy entry of the Matrix Pro John, it also has a leg zipper for the smooth entry of the legs. The zippers also provide better flexibility for the legs. The 3mm shin pads also add more protection to the shin if ever you knock over the jetski.

The best feature of the neoprene material is its ability to help preserve the body heat and not let any cold get inside the skin. With the 2mm thickness of the Matrix Pro John, you are protected from the cold water even after the long hours of watersports activity. The buoyancy of the suit also allows you to float enough on water. It is not as heavy as other wetsuits, and it does not irritate your skin or cause chaffing. Because of the Flatlock seams of the suit, you can wear it for long hours without worrying that the seams or the inner layer will irritate your skin.

#5. Jet Pilot 2mm Women’s Flight Shorty Springsuit

Women's Jet Pilot Flight Shorty Springsuit

If you are a watersport lover who doesn’t want to get your whole body covered with a suit, you can use the Flight Shorty Springsuit. The product may only be a shorty, but it will still keep you warm enough with its 2mm thick neoprene material. The suit is made with an Ultra Flex-Lite neoprene that will fit just right to your body, and you can quickly move without any restriction. The neckline of the suit is made with the same neoprene that is snug enough on the neck to avoid water from getting inside.

Aside from the flexibility that it brings, the Flight Shorty spring suit also keeps your body comfortably warm while not letting the cold in. However, it is only recommended to be used in temperatures from 60 degrees to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can easily suit up with the Flight Shorty because of the halfback zip, which also has an extra-long strap. The zipper, along with the panels, is stitched together with a Flatlock seam, allowing a flexible movement.

The Flight Shorty spring suit is best for diving, surfing, wakeboarding, waterskiing, and paddleboarding.

What to Know When Buying a Jet Pilot Wetsuit

One of the essential gears for water sports enthusiasts is the wetsuit. Aside from the protection that it gives from the cold water, wetsuits also provide protection against the knocks and extreme waves, which is why it should be durable and made from the highest quality. To know features to look for before purchasing a wetsuit, you can read our guide below.

#1. Material

All wetsuits use neoprene as their primary material, but brands only differ on the flexibility, durability, and the thickness of the wetsuits. Depending on the use, wetsuits can be as thick as 5/4/3 mm or as thin as 3/2 mm. Also, the neoprene fabric must be flexible enough for the user to move around freely. The most durable neoprene must be able to withstand stress and extreme waves as well as keep the body comfortably warm.

#2. Neckline

Necklines of wetsuits become scoops for water if it is not snug enough to the user. If it happens, much water will go inside the suit, making it uncomfortable for the user to move. So, the neckline must be snug enough to allow the user to be able to breathe.

#3. Zipper

There are two ways to zip your wetsuit – you can either zip it up or zip it down. Zipping up would be the best option for full-body wetsuits because of the ease that it gives after pulling the suit up.

#4. Seams 

Just like any other suit, wetsuits also need flat seams to eliminate possible rashes after prolonged use. Smoother seams mean smoother inner layers.

Who is behind Jet Pilot?

Currently, one of the most trusted brands when it comes to water sports gears and apparel, Jet Pilot, did not come about quickly.

The Jet Pilot dream started when four friends from California saw the need for Rider apparel as the Watercraft sport was already growing. Scott, Eric, Jeff, and Phil were all Moto X and Watercraft enthusiasts, pushing them to create what is known today as Jet Pilot.

The Jet Pilot team boasts its products as one of the most recommended around the world. Their craftsmanship when it comes to their wetsuits is exceptional. The competition from other brands allowed them to innovate their wetsuits and continue to design durable and high-performing apparel. They also ensure that all materials are of the highest quality and will not drill holes in your pockets.


Best-selling wetsuits are one of the reasons why Jet Pilot continues its success in the water sports industry. They compete well with other companies with high quality, durable, and reliable wetsuits that are of great value to your money.

Jet Pilot uses only the best neoprene for the wetsuits, creating the most durable and flexible products for every water sports enthusiasts. Plus, their wetsuits are affordable, so you won’t have to worry about choosing the best one that fits your budget.

So if you are looking for the best wetsuit for your next water adventure, you might want to consider getting one at Jet Pilot after reading our review.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What Jet Pilot wetsuit is best for surfing?

The best Jet Pilot wetsuit is the Flight series. They made the wetsuits specifically for wakeboard and surf lovers by using the best neoprene material that fits like a glove to allow the surfers to move freely.

Q: Why do many Jet Pilot wetsuits have zippers that are on the back?

Zippers that are on the back are easier for users since they can quickly wear the wetsuits with the help of the extra-long straps. Some back zippers extend to the tailbone to allow a big opening, making it easier for the users to get in more natural.

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