GlideSoul Wetsuits: Perfect Fitting Wetsuits for Women

The ocean and the deep blue seas. Who doesn’t love spending time paddling and riding through the waves? We all do. But, as much as we all love the waters, it is not the environment that is natural to our bodies. 

Having a layer to protect our bodies underwater is an ingenious invention. Wetsuits weren’t a thing in the early days. Over time, the essentiality of it became more apparent, particularly for divers and anyone involved in water activities.

There are different types of wetsuits made for different users and varying temperatures. While many on the market offer wetsuits for women that are just the same as men’s except sized little, there is one brand that catered to women only – GlideSoul Wetsuits

GlideSoul Wetsuits focus on producing waterwear that is designed by women and for women. They believe that women are confident, bold, and unstoppable. Thus they came up with a line that is solely for women – for them to create their own rules and live the best out of it. 

GlideSoul Wetsuits: The Collections

Wetsuits are your game maker or breaker. If you don’t choose well, you may end up feeling uncomfortable, too hot, too cold, and frustrated. It may only discourage you from any watersports. This experience is particularly true for women. 

Picking a wetsuit that is generally designed for men but sized for women doesn’t do much help. They may be too fit or too loose in critical areas. GlideSoul takes that burden away. They create waterwear that are sure to support women’s active lifestyle while allowing them to show off their individuality. 

Whitney McClintock Collection

Whitney McClintock Collection

Whitney McClintock Collection is designed in collaboration with 6-time World Champion waterskier. This collection is an elite and boldly pink collection of a highly-efficient wetsuit. 

Whitney’s Pro Reversible Comp Vest will release your inner champion. This 100% polyester with high-density segmented foam is reversible and has to be the best impact life vest you will ever use. Even Whitney uses them all summer long. 

These vests are super flexible and responsive. They barely fade even after so many uses and stretches. Love handles won’t be a problem as the length will cover them nicely for you. You also won’t be worried about moving too much, for even when you do, they stay in place, nice and tight. 

Black Pearl Collection

Black Pearl Collection

Inspired by black pearl, this collection is also known as the “Pearl of Queens.” You will feel like a queen of the sea with the designs that are feminine, sexy, and extremely high performing. 

The wetsuit from Black Pearl Collection is one of the most iconic GlideSoul has. The corset design gratifies and complements the shape of the wearer. 

Black Pearl 1 MM Long Sleeve Front Zip Bikini Cut Shorty as with all the waterwear from this collection is made of L-foam, Ultra-thin neoprene 0.5mm. They are soft, flexible, and durable. Constructed with a segmented foam core, they are extra-soft, particularly around the armpits, to prevent rubbing. 

Vibrant Stripes Collection

Vibrant Stripes Collection

Stripes are never out of style. This design has, over the years, been a fashion staple. And, where else better to bring it to than to the waters. 

GlideSoul’s Vibrant Stripes Collection includes swimsuit, front zip bikini cut, front zip spring suit, reversible vest, front zip long top, cropped leggings, bikini top, and crop top. You can choose from shades of orange, black, blue, and white.

Wetsuits from this collection fit snug but not too tight. As with most collections, they are constructed l-foam, ultra-thin Neoprene 0, 5mm, soft, and stretch. Inner wrist areas have silicone linings to keep the wearer from sliding. 

Signature Collection

Signature Collection

GlideSoul is one with every water lover who feels nostalgic with the vibrant neon colors of the 80s. Their Signature Collection offers a line of wetsuits that keep up with women’s vibrancy and boldness. 

You can choose from different styles and designs – reversible vest, asymmetric neck one-piece, high neck front-zip one-piece, bandeau one-piece, halter, short-sleeved, and bikini tops. The beauty of the Signature Collection is that it lets you mix and match everything through the entire collection. 

Perfect for your day at the beach, its primary material neoprene is quick-drying, flexible, and are really durable. These characteristics help in sculpting and supporting aspects of the wearer’s body parts, making it the perfect everyday wear. 

Flashback 74 Collection

Flashback 74 Collection

The artistic taste of the Olympic Games of the 70s to 80s era, especially the time when active popularization of sports was a lifestyle, inspired GlideSoul’s Flashback 74 Collection. The graphics and shapes are motivated by Olympic teams’ uniforms that reflected the sportswear combinations that were popular back then. 

Flashback 74 wanted women to feel the freedom of movement. The high-quality S-foam neoprene is softer and stretchier than the L-foam they used to have as materials. S-foams are found to be easier to put on and taken off, too. 

This collection is the first from GlideSoul to use Glue BlindStitched. It is termed “Blind” since the needle does not penetrate the neoprene entirely. This technology results in having no holes visible along the stitch line. It helps keep your body cozy, relaxed, and warm in the water. 

Essential Collection

Essential Collection

GlideSoul’s Essential Collection is the “little black dress” of waterwear. They are the perfect embodiment of being timeless, fitted, and flattering. 

Essential Collection is every active woman’s classic choice for any water activity wardrobe. They are versatile, fashionable, and the timeless design is always on-trend. 

GlideSoul believes that a lot of women who are active in watersports also live for city life. Thus, they created a line of waterwear that liberates them from putting on the same wetsuit day-after-day. GlideSoul offers choices that are as classy but vibrant as women of today. 

Bloom Collection

Bloom Collection

Feminine florals came back as a trend. Thus, GlideSoul produced a collection that is only one of its kind – the Bloom Collection. GlideSoul’s daring interpretation of a timeless pattern. 

Featuring only the most striking, vibrant, and fearless floral prints, Bloom Collection is topped with a revolutionary color palette, state of the art neoprene technology, and designer cuts. 

This latest collection comprises of fully reversible shorty spring suits, full wetsuits, rash guards, board shorts, as well as leggings. This summer, they are your perfect wear to make a statement as you ride out the waves. 

GlideSoul – The Company

glidesoul wetsuits logo

A UK company that is based out of London – GlideSoul is a functional waterwear manufacturing company that has been envisioning active women in every discipline of water sport since 2013. Whether it is swimming, SUPing, surfing, kayaking, or even skating, Glidesouls has something for you. 

They have been designing, manufacturing, and marketing clothes and accessories for women’s sports and active lifestyle. Most brands usually make men’s model wetsuit a little smaller with a touch of girly colors, and they call it women’s waterwear. 

Not GlideSoul. 

GlideSoul creates for women by women who have expertise in sports and fashion. Only women experienced with water can understand the requirements for efficient clothing for women – particularly for those who have an active lifestyle.

Thus, it doesn’t matter whether you are a pro athlete or your love for water just started at, GlideSoul has something to offer to make you feel great. You will surely love every minute you spend on the waters with their wetsuits. 

GlideSoul uses the latest technologies in wetsuit making. And, with the advantages of high-quality neoprene, they come up with clothing that has the maximum comfort and genuine fashion trends. Every year, they come up with new collections that aim to push women’s boundaries in waterwear. 

General Impressions About GlideSoul Wetsuits


Ordering online can be nerve-wracking, especially that you won’t be able to try it on before ordering. Sending it back in case it won’t fit won’t mainly be an ideal solution. 

However, the size guide in GlideSoul’s website is spot on. As the reviews claimed it, the sizing was accurate. The materials helped in being supple and flexible. Wearing it flatters any body shapes nicely. As what GlideSoul promised – snug fit but not too tight. 


Both S-foam and L-foam works perfectly in the waters. But, S-foam, since it is 20% lighter than L-foam, allows more movement without constriction. It glides and moves along with the surfboard very well while keeping you warm inside. 


Although considered as an added expense, wetsuits are, in fact, a significant investment, especially if you love water activities. However, be careful in picking the right wetsuit. Incorrect sizing, inappropriate materials, and the improper thickness could potentially hinder you from riding the wave you dream of. 

Despite focusing mainly on how to turn wetsuits as women’s wear, GlideSoul has managed to nail functionality, too. They make pretty good designs, and collections they have will make you stand out from everyone else in the water. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Can I machine wash a wetsuit?

A: This is considered one of the disadvantages of wetsuits. They can’t be machine washed. What you can do to keep it in its freshest state is to make sure it is always free of salt build-up after each use. You can do so by rinsing it as soon as you take it off. Use fresh water to flush any salt and debris. Be sure to do so on both sides of the suit. Then hang them up to air dry. Store it in a cool and dry place afterward, preferable hung and not folded. 

Q: How is wetsuit different from drysuit?

A: Wetsuits keeps the water in to form a layer between the suit and your body. What’s in between becomes a layer that keeps the temperature leave your body more slowly than it normally would without the wetsuit. Drysuits, on the other hand, make a whole barrier between your body and the water to keep you from getting wet. 

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