Galeon 325 GTO Review

Water is life, and because of this, humans are naturally drawn to it. There is nothing like spending the day on the water, and if luxury is what you are after then the Galeon 325 GTO will not disappoint.

Established in 1982, Galeon has made a name for itself as a top tier luxury yacht and motorboat manufacturer.

The 325 GTO is Galeon’s first outboard luxury yacht and one of the best on the market. Below we will take a deeper look into this boat and all its outstanding components.

Galeon 325 GTO Specs

Length Overall 32’9”/ 9.99 m
Hull Length 32’7”/ 9.93 m
Beam Length 10’11”/ 3.34 m
Hull Beam 10’9”/ 3.28 m
Draft (engine down) 3’7”/ 1.13 m
Draft (engine up) 2’7”/ 0.82 m
Fuel Tank Capacity 2 x 112 gal/ 425 L
Water Tank Capacity 31 gal/ 120 L
Maximum Load 15,00 lb/ 7,166 kg (estimation)
Horsepower (min) 300 HP
Horsepower (max) 450 HP
Crew Limit 10
Transport Height 12’/ 3.65 m
Dry Weight 14,200 lb/ 6,441 kg (estimation)
Engine Type Twin Mercury Verado T-350/ T-400

Galeon 325 GTO Top Features

Designed with luxury, comfort, and convenience in mind, the 325 GTO comes equipped with countless features and components, all of which come together to make an outstanding luxury yacht.

The Stern

  • Swim platform: The swim platforms wrap around the edge of both outboard motors and form a perfect entrance to the boat from a dock.

The swimming platforms are wide which makes entering and exiting the boat easy without needing to squeeze past the engines.

  • Swim platform ladder: A reboarding ladder with teak treads is located on the port side of the boat and is neatly folded into a compartment on the swim platform.

This ensures that you don’t lose any space near the stern of the boat when you are not using the ladder.

  • Motor storage: Directly behind the motors are two hinged compartments that can be opened to allow the motors to be entirely removed from the water.

When the motors are down the compartments can be secured and used as extra deck space, making it easy to move between each side of the boat.

The Cockpit

The cockpit of the 325 GTO takes a different route to the conventional layout by making use of a single central bench with pathways on either side, as opposed to the traditional lounging that wraps around to the port or starboard.

This gives the boat a more open feel which is ideal for entertaining.

  • Acrylic gates: Gates on each side of the boat close to the entrance from the swim deck to the cockpit.

This is a perfect additive if you plan on taking pets or small children on board and want to keep them away from the water and motors.

  • Adjustable center bench: The bench in the center of the cockpit can be easily adjusted to face the rear of the boat.

By doing this you will be able to easily be part of the action behind the boat or face the bow.

  • Fold-out patio: To further increase the already spacious deck, a “patio” can be dropped on the port side of the boat, extending the deck by 3’4” (1.02 m).

A rope fence can also be added to the edge of the patio for safety purposes.

  • The galley: With a gas grill, refrigerator, sink, and support handles all built into a single unit, the galley of the 325 GTO is neat, compact, and can double as a seat or counter space when closed up.
  • Retractable awning: A retractable awning is secured beneath the hardtop roof and can be extended to cover the entire cockpit at the press of a button.

With this fully extendable cover, you and your guests will be able to find shade no matter where you are sitting.

The Helm

  • Ram-air and sunroof: Apart from the air-conditioning, a “ram-air” system is installed on the roof to provide maximum fresh air.

This ram system can also be opened up to double as a helm sunroof.

  • Adjustable seats: The seats in the helm are fully adjustable and can be tilted, moved forward or back, as well as raised higher or shortened at the click of a button.

The ease of this makes it simple for anyone of any size and shape to find their perfect position.

  • Adjustable steering column: The steering column can be extended and contracted to suit the position and height of the chair and driver.

The steering wheel can also be tilted to create the perfect customizable driving experience.

The Bow

The unique bow lounge design is deep and can be closed off from the helm which provides a private area to relax, eat, or take in some sun.

  • Removable table: A table can be placed in the center of the wrapping lounge for meals and can be lowered and covered with a cushion to create a massive sun pad.
  • Aft facing speakers: The speakers in the bow are cleverly placed on the forward section, facing aft. 

This improves the quality of sound while driving when compared to the common “inward-facing” speakers.

The Cabin

The cabin consists of two rooms and a spacious head.

  • Dinette/ bedroom: The room at the bow of the boat is set to be a small dinette, but when not in use the table can be removed and cushions added to create a spacious bed.
  • Queen-sized sleeping cabin: The center cabin is home to a large queen-sized bed, perfect for two people to sleep comfortably.

The downside of this room is that the bed lies close to the roof, which makes sitting up a difficult task.

Additional Options

Two of the best, and most popular add-ons are the 32-inch retractable TV screen and ice maker.

The convenience of watching your favorite sports team with an ice-cold drink on the water takes the idea of luxury to the next level.


Although the 325 GTO is Galeon’s first outboard luxury yacht, when you step onto its deck you will feel as though they have been making outboards for generations.

This boat is spacious yet trim and is designed for entertainment above a higher capacity.

If you are thinking of making the change from an onboard powered yacht to an outboard yacht, the Galeon 325 GTO is the perfect transition boat.

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