Custom X Bodyboards Review: Epic Boards or Rip Off? [2021]

There are a bunch of bodyboards on the market today. Although you can find many good-quality ones, you will also find several ones with trashy quality. That is why it is no wonder that you lean on the Internet to find the best product for you.

Once you search the Internet for the best bodyboard, most users would recommend the Custom X products. If you are new to bodyboards, it might spark your curiosity to ask why. This Custom X bodyboards review will answer why most riders find this brand and its products trustworthy.

Besides, you will also learn some of the best Custom X products to buy one for yourself. You will learn more about the brand, and you will also find out some info on how to pick the best bodyboard if you cannot select any bodyboard from this company.

Top 5 Best Custom X Bodyboards Reviewed

If you think that the Custom X offers the bodyboard that fits your lifestyle, here are the different products that you can choose.

  1. Custom X Titan XPE Bodyboard
  2. Custom X1 Bodyboard
  3. Custom X2 Bodyboard
  4. Custom X Quest Bodyboard
  5. Custom X4 Bodyboard

#1. Custom X Titan XPE Bodyboard

custom x titan xpe bodyboard

The Titan XPE is the most advisable for tall and heavy bodyboarders. Many bodyboard users recommend this Custom X product because of its uniqueness, versatility, and durability.

The Titan XPE is also your go-to board if performance is what you want. Its construction materials are premium wave-plank polyethylene core, tight cell deck, and Surlyn bottom. You can choose whether to go for a bat or a crescent tail.

This product has double 50/50 rails and a graphite-made stringer, making it an ideal bodyboard for any water condition, even for a drop-knee ride. This board is also fast because of its Surlyn bottom.

The Titan XPE is also an excellent choice for doing some tricks because of the dual rails that give a wave face a firm grip.

This bodyboard is available in five sizes and comes with a free bicep leash.

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#2. Custom X1 Bodyboard

custom x1 bodyboard

Axum was the previous name of this Custom X bodyboard model. Its construction consists of polypropylene core, Surlyn bottom, TCD filmed deck, and 55/45 double rails, and the tail type of this board is crescent. The graphite-made stringer is single, double, or triple.

This model is available in three sizes. You can also get a free bicep leash for every purchase of this board.

Unlike the other Custom X models, the X1 is simple. It is not as vibrant and flashy as the others. However, it does not mean that it offers a mediocre performance. After all, this product has all the necessary features of a high-quality board in its price range.

Although it is not the type of board to use for speed and barrels, it is something that you want if you are into the versatility and prone to bodyboarding. It provides excellent stability for a drop knee.

#3. Custom X2 Bodyboard

custom x2 bodybard

The Custom X2 model, or the Evo, also has Surlyn bottom, TCD filmed deck 60/40 double rails and expanded beaded polypro. The tail type is a bat, and the graphite-made stringer is single.

This product is available in four different sizes, and it comes with a free bicep leash.

Compared to the X1, this model almost has the same price range and features, except that the X2 is more stylish. The X2 is also the pro’s board because of its features that you can use for prone bodyboarding and drop knee.

Also, its beaded polypro construction makes this board a better option if buoyancy matters to you.

The TCD filmed deck feels comfortable to the skin. You can even ride the waves shirtless without getting any foam rash.

#4. Quest Custom X Bodyboard

custom x quest bodyboard

The Quest Custom X board model is the design of PMA and Ryan Rhodes.

This board’s construction material is a polypropylene core with filmed TCD deck,  Surlyn bottom, and 60/40 double rails. It also has a crescent tail and single graphite-made stringer.

This board is one size, and it comes with a free bicep leash. Upon looking at its appearance, you will already recognize that it has a sleek design. It is not surprising when you find out that it is the product of Custom X’s collaboration with PMA and Ryan Rhodes.

The compositions of the Quest model are high-grade materials. The polypro core makes this board durable, responsive, and light.

The Surlyn bottom adds to the board’s durability, and the high-grade TCD deck makes the surface of this product smooth against the skin. It does not feel squishy to use this board.

The Custom X Quest is advisable for bodyboarders who prefer control more than speed.

#5. Custom X4 Bodyboard

custom x4 bodyboard

The Custom X X4 or the Dynasty 4 model’s construction material is from an expanded beaded polypro and has a filmed TCD deck. Honestly, the polypro of construction is more expensive than the polyethylene because of the benefits the user can get from it. The polypro material is lighter, more responsive, and more durable.

The polypro has two types: the beaded PP and the extruded PP. The X4 uses the beaded PP, which refers to the complete closed-cell construction that aids in the board’s buoyancy and flex. It is unlike the extruded PP that provides a faster and rigid performance, which is ideal for pulling in the barrels.

For this reason, the X4 is ideal for surfers who prefer to control more than the speed.

The TCD deck feels comfortable to the skin. It does not cause a squishy feeling, nor does not cause some foam rash.

The X4 has double rails at 60/40, a bat tail, and a graphite-made stringer. This board is available in two sizes, and each board purchase comes with a free bicep leash.

About Custom X

Custom X is proud to say that it has been in the bodyboard industry for more than 24 years. It takes pride in its team, and it claims that it consists of the best designers and bodyboard users that help the brand put its passion to the quality of its products through design and inputs.

Aside from bodyboards, Custom X is now selling leashes that come with its products. There are several models available to fit the different bodyboarders’ lifestyle.

If a problem arises when you place your order, you can reach the company via phone or email. You can also reach out to them if you have any questions or updates about your order.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Bodyboard

Now that you know the difference between bodyboard and surfing, and you are 100 percent sure that bodyboard is what you want, you can now select one of the mentioned products. Custom X is famous for its bodyboards, but people have different tastes and lifestyles. If you do not like the Custom X products, but you still do not know which bodyboard to select for yourself, you should know what factors you should consider when buying one.


Before, the first bodyboard had a square tail, however, because of frequent innovations and improvement. It changed into the crescent tail.

Bodyboards come in two types of tails: the crescent and the bat. If you are a beginner, it can be difficult to distinguish between the two unless you try them.

The crescent tail is more beneficial than the previous square tail because the former adapts to the body’s shape. This type is the most common that you can find nowadays. It is the best type to choose when you want less contact with the wave’s face while giving more fluidity when you perform.  Besides, this type is more responsive to the sudden change of decision.

That is why the crescent tail is the best option for drop-knee riders. The other variation of this type is the clipped crescent.

The other type is the bat tail. Mike Steward was the one who designed this model, and Custom X was the one who introduced it to the public. You can tell the difference of the bat tail from the crescent because of the wide foam area. Thus, it has more volume than the other one.

The bat tail is the best choice if you want more contact with the wave’s face, which is essential when doing the backflip and the air roll spin. The other variant of this type is the flat bat.

Each type has its pros and cons. There is no better or worse tail. The choice is up to which to select based on your riding style, whether you want more contact with the wave’s face or not.


The price is the most significant determining factor when purchasing, and buying a surfboard is no exemption. To tell you honestly, you need to shell out some money when you want a long-lasting, high-quality board.

Thus, how much you have to pay for your board depends on how serious you are in learning or pursuing this sport. It also depends on your skill level. If you are still a beginner who only wants to learn the skill, you can go for the cheaper entry-level board than those with more complicated features.

Skill Level

As mentioned, if you are a beginner, you do not have to buy a board with high-end features. You do not need to select the board with a hand-shaped outline and tech stringer. If you have some experience, having these features will make your ride more enjoyable.

Your Body

Like in surfboards, you also have to consider your weight and body frame to determine what bodyboard suits you. Different manufacturers provide the ideal body weight that will go with their products.

The general rule is that the board’s length should reach your belly button, and it should also be appropriate for your body frame. The board should not be bigger or smaller for you.

Frequency of Usage

You are the one who can only judge if the bodyboard is worth purchasing when you consider the frequency of usage as a factor. It is advisable to buy a durable one if you are already an experienced user even though you are only using it once or twice a year to last for a long time.

If you are a novice, who rarely uses a bodyboard, there is no need for you to shell out some money to buy a high-end, durable one.


It is not surprising the Custom X is one of the brands that bodyboard users trust. With its more than 24 years of experience, it is understandable that it has built a solid foundation and reputation itself for providing innovative, customizable bodyboards.

Many of the Custom X products enable you to catch waves easily. Whether you are an advanced bodyboarder or a beginner, there is the right bodyboard for you. You can select among the mentioned products if you do not know where to start buying.

The Custom X products are among the best choices on the market because of its usability and durability. However, if you dislike their products, you can still find the best bodyboard for yourself because of what you have learned from the Custom X bodyboards review and buying guide.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How Long Should I Wait When I Order a Bodyboard From Custom X?

A: The advantage of ordering a bodyboard from Custom X is customization, where you can select the colors you want. Because of this, you should give some time for the company to apply the personalization. Custom X sends your order immediately to the production within two days. However, there are rare times that the color or material you choose becomes unavailable. If it happens, the company will contact you immediately. For international shipments, the delivery date varies, but you can track your shipment. If you are from the US, expect the delivery from one to five days.

Q: Should I buy a leash separately when I order from Custom X?

A: The leash comes with your order, and it is customizable too. If you do not choose a color for it, the company will select the best match for your order. However, you should install the leash yourself to place it in the best position you like. The company does not want to feel accountable when the customer is unhappy about the installation.

Q: Can I also customize the colors for the bottom and rail?

A: You can choose to personalize the colors of your bodyboard’s bottom and rail. The available colors are always changing for the bottom, so you should check the available colors. Indicate in the notes section about the customization that you want. You can choose to select different colors for the inner rail, outer rail, and bottom. If you fail to write these notes to Custom X, the company will choose the best colors to match your bodyboard.

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