Catch Surf Beater Board Review: What You Should Know [2022]

It is every surfer’s nightmare. You walk up the beach with your surfboard, so ready to get a few runs on the wave. As you come closer, the lifeguard tower disappoints you with their blackball flag raised. 

The flag raised in SoCal beach during the summer months lets the people know that hard fiberglass/PU (polyurethane) foam surfboards and skimboards are prohibited on the waters. 

Bummer, right? 

Not if you have a way to beat around the blackball. That is the very reason Catch Surf Surfboards came up with the Beater board. 

Catch Surf Beater Surfboards – Why Is It Called Beater Board?

Let’s dive down into memory lane just a little bit to know about the history of this board and why is it called the Beater board. 

It was in the 1970s when Tom Morey came up with the boogie board, or what we commonly know today as the bodyboard. It was called the boogie board because of his love of music. His creation stood the test of time that it created an absolute watersport and industry around it. 

So, why is it called the Beater Board? 

The flag I mentioned at the start of this writeup signifies that no watercraft are allowed when it is raised. Most particularly, the restriction affects stand-up surfboards. The name “Beater” comes in where it beats the restriction. 

How does it beat the restriction, you may ask. 

With lifeguards restricting surfing, the Beater comes in as finless bodyboard or skimboard. The lifeguards can not restrict them like a surfboard since it hides as something else. Therefore, the surfers can easily beat the restriction by grabbing these bodyboards and using them as surfboards. 

Catch Surf Beater Board Review

Catch Surf Beater Surfboards are a mix between a bodyboard, a surfboard, and a skimboard. It definitely beats the technicalities of the surfboards not allowed during blackball.


With the many variations of Catch Surf Beater Board, you will sure to find a pretty sick on that will totally fit your preference. Catch Surf made a handful of vintage-themed neon designs and some image and pattern-based schemes, too. 

Catch Surf made partnerships with a few brands as well as pro surfers including Lost Surfboards, Julian Wilson, Tyler Stanaland, Jamie O’Brien, Robb Kalani, and Johnny Redmond. 


The Beater in its own shape is designed, shaped, and patented in California. It is best described as a mishmash of Egg, Fun, and Thruster board all rolled into one to get that unique mutant shape. A lot of riders even compare it to the size of a skateboard. 

Materials and Construction

Catch Surf Beater board, all variations of it feature a durable and sturdy but lightweight and water-resistant dual composite core. It has dual maple-ply wood stringers sandwiched between old school 8-lb PE (Polyethylene) deck and impact resistant HDPE (high-density polyethylene) skin making it the stiffest and most durable stick. 

All Beater boards have tapered D-rails with a twin-channel crescent tail for finless performance. Perfect for all skill levels, it comes with a pop-thru leash plug by the tail. 


The Beater board alone can offer all of what you need to beat the blackball. But, you may always accessorize to protect and enhance your stick. 

  • Beater Board Bags – Made of Cordura®, Beater Board bags are durable and water-resistant. Your beater will be protected against any beatings from outside the waters with double zippers in the main compartment.  It has a single zipper front compartment where you can store leash and other accessories as well. The air vents will also keep your board safe in the heat. 
  • Beater Board Fin Conversion Kits – The PRO model Beater Boards allow you to change your board’s fin-type according to your preference. This lets you swap to achieve that amazing ride style. Whether you want a looser or tighter ride, Catch Surf has the Fin Conversion Kit that’s just right for you. 
  • Beater Board Fin – For the Finless and Twin Fin system, Catch Surf offers two types of fins – the pop-thru fins and the safety-edge fins. 
  • Beater Board Leashes – Catch Surf has a standard leash and Catch Surf Leash that you can match up with your Beater Board. The two only differ in theming. But, both come with a Beater Board logo, PU (polyurethane) cord, stainless steel double swivels, and a key pocket. These leashes feature quick-release cuff for easy storage when it is time to head back. 

Pros and Cons

Catch Surf Beater Boards
Pros Cons
Straightforward ? Difficult to learn the basics
Experimental shape made of solid and durable materials  
Can ride just about any water conditions  

Choosing The Best Beater Surfboard For You

There look to be so many Beater Surfboard variations and several aspects that play which of them is the best. For beginners, the bigger Beaters that have fins are best. The customized pop-up fins will work for the first few sessions. 

Experienced surfers may go with smaller Beater since they float better. They can also go for the Pro-models that include a high-performance fin system. This fin scheme can mimic a fiberglass board more closely than Beaters with pop-up fins. 

The various variations of the Beater board may overwhelm you, but to put it simply, the bigger the board and the better the fin system is, the more you will pay. You may always choose to go for the pro-models and then upgrade the fins. 

Let’s take a look at the breakdown of Catch Surf’s Beater Boards.

#1. Beater Original 48 Finless


One of the original beaters made to beat the blackball ban, the Beater Original 48 Finless, can take your surfing experience to a different level. The 48” beater board is one of the sturdiest boards- thanks to the dual maple stringers coupled with HD bottom. The light-weight yet rugged core adds to the stiffness of the board. Moreover, the water-resistant core also ensures the durability of the board. The D-rails, a twin-channel crescent tail, and a dual composite core support the all exciting finless performance.

The finless option offers the maximum challenge to an experienced youth while testing their ultimate skill on the most fierce water waves.

With a dimension of 48” X 20” X 2.5”, it has a volume of 31 liters.

You can buy additional fin kits to convert it into a single-fin or twin-fin model.

#2. Beater Original 54 Twin-Fins


The Beater Original 54 Twin-Fin is a bigger version of Beater 48 plus the fins. With a length of 54”, the Original 54 Twin-fin has a volume of 35 liters with an overall dimension of 54” X 20” X 2.5”.

With twin-fin, the model offers great stability and if you are not looking for some extreme wave experience like in the finless option, Original 54 Twin-fin offers a wonderful alternative for the intermediate and advanced surfers.

The board is stiff and sturdy. Besides, the water-resistant core offers high durability to the board similar to other Catch Surf beaters. The board is designed with D-rails, HDPE skin, twin maple stringers, and 8 pound PE deck.

You can buy two additional finless conversion kits to convert it into the finless board.

#3. Beater Original 48 Pro X Johnny Redmond


The Pro series of Catch Surf beater board is one of the most challenging beaters. The removal fin system takes Beater 48 Pro X Johnny Redmond to a different level. The high-performance board supports harder carves like carve 360. You can put your weight on the beater board’s rail while carving.

But being challenging and dangerous does not mean to be dull and stiff in appearance. And for that, the Pro X Johny Redmond gets the most attractive and colorful looks with colored-decks with the extremely exciting bottom graphics.

The lightweight board does not compromise with the strength and durability of the board. Similar to the standard models, it also comprises the tapered D-rails and twin-channel crescent tail. Besides, twin maple stringers and water-resistant core offer it the needed stiffness to make it one of the sturdiest boards.

The new high-performance fin system and a 4” Keel fins are what they offer in addition to the standard models.

#4. Beater Original 54 Pro X Kalani Robb


If Beater 48 Pro X Johnny Redmond was challenging to ride, the 54 Pro X Kalani Robb is several steps ahead of it. Recommended for the adults with high-level experience, the 54 Pro is way ahead of any surfboard in facing the toughest water waves.

The 54” beater board has a total volume of 35 liters with 20” and 2.5” of width and height respectively.

The high-performance beater is stiff and lightweight- thanks to the dual-composite core with double maple stringers. It has the usual tapered D-rails and the crescent tail. The 8-pound polyethylene top needs to apply surf wax for proper gripping over the beater as in all other models. It has a high-density polyethylene made smooth skin. This material acts as an effective impact resistant.

These boards are a little more expensive than standard models. However, they also have something more to offer to their users. In addition to the standard items, Pro 54 also comprises a 4” Keel fins along with a high-performance fin system. These items are provided with all the Pro models of Catch Surf Beater Boards. The additional kit allows you to change the fins as frequently as you want to enjoy different ride styles.

#5. Beater Original 54 – Lost Edition – Shark Attack


Beater 54- Lost Edition- Shark Attack is a result of collaboration between Lost and Catch Surf. It is available in finless as well as twin options. The Lost Edition model does not offer a single-fin option.

The fully-customized beater board is designed with an intention to offer a lot of fun to the surfer.

You can have a safer surfing ride with a twin-fin or if you are an Advance+ on the waves you can opt for the finless Shark Attack. Using it as a bodyboard does not make these boards any less useful for skimming.

While reaching the beach, expect the most exciting moments over the water when you float the Lost Edition-Shark Attack on the water and ride over it to distances while facing the rising heights of water.

The basic features of the board remain the same as the standard original 54 models. The board additionally comes with a 3.5” pop-thru keel fins.


The biggest question now lies – should you get a Catch Surf Beater Board?

If you are an experimental rider who wants to fill the quiver with a unique board, then you should. 

With only the dimensions varying the models, the choice between 48” and 54” will only curtail to your height and weight. Nevertheless, irrespective of the model you choose, all of them are showcasing almost the same features, except the finless ones. 

The materials used make the Beater Boards one of the most durable and lightweight in the market. Its construction can endure pounding shore break, dents, dings. You won’t have to worry when you get launched into the rocks or caught in the reef. 

Bottom line is, Catch Surf Beater Boards are worth considering if you are looking to get a foam surfboard to include on your quiver. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Which Beater Board should I get?

A: Beater Boards only vary in terms of dimensions. Generally, it all comes down to your personal preference. However, here’s what we think each Beater Board should match with:
– 54” Beater Board – adults
– 48” – kids, grom, small adults 
– Beater Boards finless or single fin – beginner, experienced
– Beater Boards PRO model – a rider who wants to interchange fins
– Beater Boards with twin fin – a rider who wants an extra grip

Q: Who is Beater Board perfect for?

A: Catch Surf Beater Boards are ideal for fun-loving riders who have an exciting outlook toward surfing. If you like to experiment with different surfing styles, then it is for you.

Q: What is the Beater Board weight limit?

A: Depending on skill level, Beater Boards can hold 80 up to 220 pounds. 

Q: Do I need to wax my Beater Board?

A: Yes. To enhance the grip on your Beater Board, it is suggested to wax it thinly. 

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