Carver X Review: Ultimate Review + Guide [2023]

Last Updated March 24, 2023

Onean is a leading brand when it comes to electric surfboards. Thanks to its world-class quality and long-lasting durability, you can prove why. One of the best-selling Onean products is Carver X. If you don’t know yet, it is one of the fastest boards in today’s market. You could not ask for more from this reliable equipment since it cruises around lakes and oceans at the quickest speed possible.

Besides that, Onean is a trusted and well-renowned company that produces safe and high-quality electric surfboards perfect for everyday use. Most of the company’s materials are lightweight, chemical-resistant, and corrosion-resistant. Thus, you can guarantee that this surfboard can last for many years.

Over the years, the Onean Carver X has been the most premium electric surfboard, and it is perfectly suitable for riders who want to get the most of their performance. With its excellent build, you can look forward to making faster, harder, and tighter curves while pushing those stubborn edges conveniently.

Below is a more detailed Carver X review that discusses its specifications, features, design, durability, capacity, pros, and cons.

Carver X: Your Complete Guide

carver x review


Onean continues to create innovative designs in surfboard engineering. This company takes pride in high-quality and safe electric surfboards that improve riders’ performance and deliver excellent speed, flexibility, and control.

According to Onean, they emphasize the background technology to make sure their products suit every surfer’s unique preferences. One of the best-selling and most user-friendly Onean board is Carver X.

Carver X’s design is very eye-catching, and the most recommended equipment for maximizing user experience. It can be an excellent choice for surfers with different skills and needs. Onean lives up to its reputable image by excelling sin Carver X’s fantastic specifications ad features.

Moreover, this product is suitable for learners transitioning from intermediate to advanced riders. You will surely enjoy Carver X since it is a superior wave-catching beast that can help you quickly play around the water.

Furthermore, one of the biggest highlights of Carver X is speed. According to the manufacturer, this fantastic ride can remain stable while you are cruising around the water at a top speed of 45 kilometers per hour. With this rate, you can achieve the highest possible level of carving, agility, and stability.


  • Length: 240 centimeters
  • Width: 70 centimeters
  • Volume: 150 L
  • Weight Capacity: 100 kilograms
  • Weight Without Battery: 50 pounds or 23 kilograms
  • Charging Time: 2.5 hours
  • Maximum Speed: 45 kilometers per hour (75-kilogram rider)
  • Average operating time: 40 minutes

With these specs, it is clear that Carver X can handle the perfect combination of acceleration and high speed. If you want to explore the ocean for several hours, this electric surfboard is the best choice. Thanks to its great size and weight capacity, riders can use it in various conditions. With its excellent flexibility and stability levels on the water, you will surely love taking this board to your favorite surfing spot!

Unlike lower-end surfboards, Carver X can glide more massive guys around the water smoothly and comfortably. It also cruises around the air like no other thanks to its lightweight. This way, you can make deeper turns while channeling the water’s energy more manageably.

The board is powered by a 10,000W battery that can run for 40 minutes at maximum speed. Its construction is also strong enough to handle riders above 90 kilograms without feeling uncomfortable and unsafe. If you are slightly heavier and want to surf smoothly and steadily over any water condition, Carver X is the best board to consider. Its top speed of 45 kilometers per hour is more than enough to experience the most fun surfing performance.


 carver controller

  • Two jets and two batteries
  • Five different power levels
  • Reinforced pad and new antenna design
  • Control Pressure Settings
  • Dual Jet Propulsion System with 10,000W of power
  • Wireless Remote Controller
  • Dual-core brushless electric motor
  • High-efficiency axial water pump
  • Bizintek Electric Drive
  • Sandwich construction
  • CNC-shaped EPS core

In terms of critical features and usability, you can operate Carver X using a wireless remote controller. It offers different settings with five different power levels and pressure controls. This way, Onean can guarantee that riders can customize their Carver X’s performance depending on their needs and situations. Besides that, Onean claimed that this remote control is interchangeable with Manta and Carver models. It also comes with the newest detachable trigger for better-optimized pressure control.

Furthermore, Carver X comes with a Dual Jet Propulsion System that helps lighter and heavier riders enjoy the board’s maximum speed. According to the manufacturer, this board can make a 90-kilogram surfer feel gliding smoothly and lightly over the water. Regarding its power, Carver X has doubled the strength of a typical Carver model.

With Carver X, Onean decided to come up with an exclusively beautiful design. As you could see, it has new aesthetics with a reinforced pad and a newly designed antenna for an optimized and faster connection with the remote controller.

Regarding Carver X’s built, it offers a sandwich construction with a CNC-shaped EPS core. It also has a heavy-duty water jet unit with a dual-core brushless electric motor and Aquila Boards’ high-efficiency axial water pump. Besides that, Onean worked with Bizitek to design Carver X’s first-class electric drive components.

Construction & Design

One of Carver X’s biggest drawcards is its heavy-duty construction and beautiful design. This high-performing board promises to deliver faster and harder curves more manageably. Its lightweight structure can also help riders to play around and perform their favorite tricks more conveniently.

Onean has designed Carver X with versatile and robust materials so that riders can use it in extensive weather conditions. With its significant sturdiness and stability levels, any surfer can surely enjoy taking this board out for a spin!

Some of the things that make Carver X so much fun are its user-friendly and all-around design suitable for beginners who need a sturdier and more stabilized platform. Its hull shape is entirely crafted to offer the best firmness, traction, and fast turning. According to the manufacturer, Carver X’s foot straps come with a rubber grip so you can position your feet tightly without feeling unsafe.


Onean has taken Carver X to a whole new level of sturdiness with its sandwich construction, heavy-duty axial water pump, and dual-core brushless electric motor. Thanks to its multi-layer construction, this board can undoubtedly stay tough and impact-resistant for many years. This product also comes with a powerful yet user-friendly engine that will not give you a hard time operating.

If you plan on participating in e-surfing, Carver X is one of the most recommended choices. With this product, you can get the best value for money since its durability is suitable for beginners to advanced riders. Its construction can also withstand the stubborn impacts while you are training around the ocean or lake.

Capacity & Comfort

Carver X is not your typical electronic surfboard. With this product, heavier surfers can enjoy the lightest and smoothest surfing experience. According to the manufacturer, Carver X can accommodate up to 100 kilograms, making it suitable for all riders. Staying upright on this surfboard does not require too much strength and coordination since it is firm enough to keep you comfortable and stable throughout your practice or competition.

Although Carver X comes with heavy-duty materials, it does not seem to compromise comfort. If you don’t know yet, this board is easy to maneuver, control, and balance. Cruising around the most stubborn water will not be a problem thanks to its dual-core brushless electric motor and high-efficiency axial water pump.

Furthermore, Carver X will last for hour-long drives thanks to its 10,000W-battery that can operate up to 40 minutes at top speed. Unlike other surfboards, Carver X zooms around the water longer.


Once you purchase the Carver X Surfboard, you will have access to Onean’s best accessories and spares, such as batteries, tooling kits, impellers, stators, and nozzles.

Beyond the fantastic board, the Carver X package comes with wireless remote, two-piece batteries, two-piece chargers, fin set, two-piece foot straps, one leash, one stator and nozzle, a carver bag, impeller, tooling kit, trigger, and a handle.


  • Excellent performance, speed, and stability
  • Glides smoothly
  • 100-kilogram weight capacity
  • 10,000-watt battery
  • Five different power levels
  • Adjustable pressure settings
  • Suitable for lakes and oceans
  • Impressive jumps and carvings
  • Beautiful design
  • Wireless remote controller
  • Beginner-friendly


  • 40-minute battery life is slightly low for some riders
  • Requires more effort in maneuvering
  • One design available

Who is Behind Onean?

Onean is a trusted brand that operates under the Aquila Company and manufactures high-quality e-surfboards since 2013. They launched the company’s first two e-surfboards called Carver and Mantra last 2014 and released it to the public in the later part of 2015.

According to the founders, Onean currently resides in Basque Country, one of the perfect surfing locations. The team incorporates different professionals and technical specializations to develop well-detailed and innovative designs. From in-depth research to control algorithms and electronic system, everything about Onean has been carefully engineered.

In Onean, they believe that all riders, regardless of their ability levels, deserve to enjoy the best surfing experience possible. They aim to craft each electronic surfboard with excitement, fun, and adventure in mind. For over five years, Onean has been known for crafting boards that generate the most impressive velocity and smoothness.

Onean is a reliable and all-rounder surfboard manufacturer that offers the highest-performing and most versatile electric surfboards for beginners to advanced riders. This company focuses on progressive design, custom shaping, and ride testing. This way, they can assure that their products meet what surfers primarily need.

Onean is all about extreme attention to detail and master craftsmanship. All products from this company are suitable for everyday surf on all types of waves. Onean’s most popular electric surfboard model, Carver X, is high-performing equipment that has impressed thousands of professional surfers.

If you are a technology buff, you will surely love this brand. This manufacturer uses advanced technology to create the sturdiest and toughest e-surfboards in today’s market. It also works with reputable shapers to ensure each product’s excellent stability and agility on all water conditions. With Onean, your board can consistently maintain perfect firmness and speed through flatter sections and help you turn more conveniently.


Onean is a reputable brand that makes electronic surfboards for beginners and professional surfers. This company has been recognized as one of the world’s most prominent brands in e-surfing. One of the best boards that you should purchase at Onean is Carver X.

This high-performance surfboard ensured that its shape and construction are suitable for all kinds of riders and water conditions. With its perfect dimension, you can guarantee its superior stability, especially when you are only starting to learn about turning and carving.

According to the manufacturer, Carver X is the best Onean for beginners. It also blends all the right materials that a beginner usually needs.

With its premium-quality EPS core, you can guarantee the best comfort and convenience with Carver X. Some professionals claimed that it offers the same features that you could find from a higher-end product.

Regarding the construction, Onean finished Carver X with its high-quality foot pad that will leave you worry-free throughout your performance. With this product, you can focus more on your tricks instead of feeling unsafe and unstable.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How much does the Onean Carver X cost?

A: The Onean Carver X’s price usually ranges around US$11,490.00. Undoubtedly, this product comes at a high cost due to its powerful motors, batteries, and technologies. Carver X is versatile and robust enough for both calm and stubborn oceans, lakes, and bays. Despite having an expensive price tag, you can guarantee the highest quality. Onean took several months to finish this e-surfboard model, ensuring it meets the riders’ needs during a performance.

Q: How does the Carver X surfboard work?

A: You can control your Carver X surfboard using the wireless remote controller with different level settings. Once you started, the board’s motor will generate thrust after sending the water through its nozzle at the stern. Besides that, Carver X comes with a dual jet propulsion system that will help the rider smoothly glide at any water condition.

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