Top 5 Best Swimsuits for Pear-Shaped | 2021 Reviews

Are you narrow-shouldered? Do you have a slender waist and firm abs? Are your bottoms heavy?

If you said yes to all three, you might be part of the pear-shaped body population (also known as the spoon shape). Pear-shaped is all those three combined – narrow than hips shoulders, well-defined shoulders, with hips as the broadest and most prominent part.

With pear-shaped bodies, hips are usually a size or two larger than the bust. Most times, you’d buy your bikinis in separates. This article brings you five of the best swimsuits for pear-shaped, shopping tips, and buying guides.

  • Assets and weaknesses of the pear-shaped
  • How to pick the best swimsuit for pear-shaped

Assets and Weaknesses of the Pear-Shaped

As we’ve mentioned above, pear-shaped body types have hips that are wider than the shoulders. This makes the hips the widest point of the body. In addition, pear-shaped women usually tend to have saddlebag thighs.

Pear-shaped women have round, sloping shoulders, with buttocks and thighs full and round. Thighs may also hold some weight. But, they have a defined waistline and killer abs in most cases.

In short, the pear-shaped body is “bottom-heavy.” Your secret to looking good in swimsuits is to make sure to balance the narrow neck and sloping shoulders with the wider hips and thighs. Take the attention away from your bottom with wide-leg pants or A-line skirts.

Best Swimsuits for Pear-Shaped

The challenge in finding the best swimsuit for pear-shaped bodies lies on the bust that is narrower than the hips. Your overall goal is to offset your proportion by picking swimsuits that draw attention to your bust and away from your hips.

It doesn’t mean you have to hide your hips. In reality, they’re already doing fine on their own that you can pour your styling efforts on your bust. We listed out the best swimsuits that will help flatter a spoon or pear-shaped figure for you.

Off the Shoulder

Tempt Me Swimsuits High Waisted Bikini Ruffle Off Shoulder Tummy-Control Strapless Bathing Suits

Tempt Me Swimsuits High Waisted Bikini Ruffle Off Shoulder Tummy Control Strapless Bathing Suits

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Creating a horizontal line across your shoulders will create an illusion of a wider top that balances out your wider bottom. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez constantly uses this technique, and it has always worked like magic for them.

Tempt Me Swimsuits come in different colors and designs and are 82% nylon and 18% Spandex. Every swimsuit features a removable padded push-up bra, adjustable shoulder straps and is ultra-stylish and adorable.

You can flounce off this top with ruffle sleeves to accentuate an attractive silhouette sans revealing too much. This swimsuit style will make you look more fantastic, charming, and curvy. Pair it with high waisted bikini to control the tummy and give less emphasis on the thighs.

Tempt Me Women's One Piece Swimsuit Vintage Off Shoulder Ruffled Bathing Suits

Tempt Me Women's One Piece Swimsuit Vintage Off Shoulder Ruffled Bathing Suits

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Offs the shoulder neckline helps the pear-shaped figure create the illusion of broader shoulders, and this style applies to a one-piece suit, too! Moreover, fringes, textures, prints, or anything that shines or moves is perfect for a pear-shaped lady.

These styles and designs visually add volume to your narrow torso and help even out your figure. They also help in enhancing the cleavage while boosting your upper body just the same.

This One Piece Swimsuit Vintage Off-Shoulder Ruffled Bathing Suit is perfect for showing your long torso, cover your tummy area, and make you look slimmer and charmer.

Its adjustable and removable straps and its padded bras are good at shaping and supporting your bust area. Wear this at the beach for some refreshing water fun. Pair with a denim sort for a stylish accent or an oversized white shirt for a silhouette effect.

Scrunched Bikinis

SweatyRocks Women's Sexy Bikini Swimsuit Tie Knot Front Swimwear Set

SweatyRocks Women's Sexy Bikini Swimsuit Tie Knot Front Swimwear Set

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Scrunched Brazilian Bikinis work in any body type – including pear-shaped figures. Whether yours are big, flat, or averaged behind, scrunched bikinis somehow make you look good and emphasize what needs to be highlighted.

This swimsuit offers a pear-shaped body a more toned-looking booty than it actually is. It is perfect if you are trying to camouflage some booty fats. SweatyRocks Women’s Sexy Bikini Swimsuit Tie Knot Front Swimwear Set comes in all sizes and shapes.

This swimsuit for pear-sized is made with the utmost detail in style and comfort. Its unique design boasts the smartest length and shape to conceal unwanted sights while showing your beautiful feminine curves.

Vertical Stripes

CUPSHE Women's V Neck One Piece Swimsuit Ruffled Back Cross Swimwear

CUPSHE Women's V Neck One Piece Swimsuit Ruffled Back Cross Swimwear

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Another helpful tip when trying to conceal a budge is to take advantage of prints – mainly vertical lines. Vertical lines slim while horizontal lines broaden. Applying the same rationality to swimsuits will make any pear-shaped body look a little slimmer down the thighs.

CUPSHE is a California-based swim and beachwear brand founded on quality, affordability, comfort, and style. Their team does good research and studies to help their wearers feel confident and beautiful in every swimsuit design they come up with.

Their Women’s V Neck One Piece Swimsuit Ruffled Back Cross Swimwear is one of those swimsuits mainly designed for pear-shaped ladies. It gives off the timeless elegance of a simple black and white striped swimsuit that can be paired with sophisticated prints and accessories.

Halter Tops with Tiny Straps

Naggoo Women's Sexy Halter Leaves Print 2 Piece Swimsuit Padding Bikini Set

Naggoo Women's Sexy Halter Leaves Print 2 Piece Swimsuit Padding Bikini Set

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The magic of contrasts helps trick the eyes into believing that the shoulders must be broad since the straps are tiny. This is why you would want to go with slim straps for halter tops instead of the bulky and thick ones.

Naggoo’s swimsuits are perfectly designed halter crop swim tops with secure back hooks, removable pads, and a triangle bottom design. It complements ladies with a smallish upper body and average to the large bottom portion.

Ladies are raving at how it makes them feel pretty. The flattering style makes it suitable for women to wear it regardless of age, body type, weight, or height. It hugs nicely and doesn’t move around even when you wear them with active activities.

One Piece

Hilor Women's One Shoulder Swimwear Asymmetric One-Piece Swimsuits Ruffled Bathing Suits

Hilor Women's One Shoulder Swimwear Asymmetric One Piece Swimsuits Ruffled Bathing Suits

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While hips are always one size bigger than shoulders for pear-shaped ladies, it is certainly not impossible to find swimsuits that stretch enough to have room for your pear-shaped goodness. Keep in mind to pick one piece with stretchy materials like nylon and spandex.

Also, when choosing a one-piece design, the same principles apply –more drama and flair at the upper body than the bottom. For example, if you want to emphasize your chest without the need to show too much skin, rely on ruffles and flounces like the Hilor Women’s One Shoulder Swimwear.

V-neck one-piece also does the trick by enhancing the breasts and defining your shoulders. Go for crisscross and horizontal stripes at the chest to help accentuate the upper body while slimming down the hips with its vertical lines.

Color Blocked

B2prity Women's Monokini Front Cross One Piece Swimsuits Tummy Control Swimwear

B2prity Women's Monokini Front Cross One Piece Swimsuits Tummy Control Swimwear

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Black never disappoints in making anyone look slim and elegant. Darker shades like blue, purple, and brown also do an excellent job of hiding flaws and creating a slimmer illusion.  Since pear-shaped ladies should de-emphasize the bottom, it’s perfect to go with a darker bottom with a brighter top.

A color-blocking swimsuit like B2prity Women’s Monokini is an excellent choice for this type. Its great tummy control from the ruffled waistband gives out elegant contours of your curves from the back to the front.

This slimming swimsuit is padded, so you won’t have to worry about it being see-through. Its nice and thick material is soft and stretchy. Plus, its adjustable straps let you adjust it according to your most comfortable fit.

Swimsuits Pear-Shaped Should Avoid

For Pear-Shaped Petite

Low Rise Bottom

Petite women have shorter torses, and this is another part you may need to put effort into aside from the one-size more significant bottoms. Consider elongating a short torso by adding length and lifting the bustline. While low rise bottoms make your torso appear longer, it also makes your legs look shorter.

For Taller Pear-Shaped

Boy Shorts

Boy shorts that hit across the thigh make the hips appear broader. The best bet is the swimsuit with the higher-cut leg-lines instead.

String Bikini

String bikinis can be uncomfortable if you’ve got an ample backside. It can also be a bit too revealing. The best choice is the swimsuit with enough fabric to keep you from constantly tugging for more coverage.

How To Pick The Best Swimsuit for Pear-Shaped

Shopping for a swimsuit as a pear-shaped lady shouldn’t be discouraging. Think a lot about the elements and styles you can play with that can look great on you. Once you find out what these elements are, you can use them to your advantage.

  1. Go for high rise styles

Contrary to what you may think, a high-waist bikini bottom can be really flattering, especially if you have an imposing waist, as the high waistline will draw highlight and attention to your core. Choose a style with a high leg as it can narrow you across your hips and bottom.

Plus, it can also make your legs look longer, so that’s a win-win!

  1. Opt for a little less coverage on the bottom

While it can be tempting to cover up, it also works to be cheeky. Try bikini bottoms that offer a little less coverage across your bottom. The full range can sometimes emphasize the large bottom instead of concealing them.

  1. Shop separately so you can mix and match

Separates that mix and match allow you to buy one size up for the bottom and a regular or smaller size for the top. This practice also lets you play around with prints and colors. Getting a darker shade on your bottom half and a lighter on your top helps balance your frame.

  1. Don’t pull back from sheer panels and cut-outs

Sheer panels or laced-up sides do a great job of narrowing your frame. You can go for bikini bottoms that have gapped up the side to help make broad hips look narrower.

  1. Go for high necks or halter necks

High necks and halters create the illusion of broadened torso that results in balancing your hips.

  1. Use print to your advantage

Prints, lines, strips can minimize and emphasize. So, if you can find the right combination, you can narrow your thighs and broaden your torso to create a more balanced frame. Remember – vertical strips and small prints can minimize, and horizontal and bold patterns can emphasize.

  1. Pick styles that have ruffles on the top half

Ruffles add volume and interest to your top half. Plus, it draws the attention up and away from your bottom half. This style also tricks the eye to make your torso look broad and balanced with your hips.

  1. Opt for sleeves or off the shoulder styles

Swimsuits with sleeves help broaden your shoulders to bring them in line with your hips. The same thing goes for off-the-shoulder styles. Both make a pear-shaped feel and look more hourglass-shaped.


The trick in swimsuits for pear-shaped is simple – draw the eyes to the upper part of the body. Details like ruffles, interesting necklines, and fun print tops help flatter a pear-shaped. Accentuating and showing off the waist also takes the eyes off the broader hips and thighs.

Finding the best swimsuit for pear-shaped is easy and affordable if you know what to look for and play with what you can find.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How to tell if you are pear-shaped?

A: Ladies with pear-shaped figures typically carry weight on the lower half of their body – around the thighs and hops. It’s almost like they’re the shape of the letter A. This is the reason most pear-shaped women will have a huge swimsuit in their closets. Generally, they have:

  • Hips that are larger than bust
  • Nice and well-defined waist
  • Slim and proportional arms
  • Relatively bigger thighs
  • Weight gain that goes first to the legs, then tummy, and upper body

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