Top 10 Best Surf Stickers | 2021 Reviews (Hang Loose)

Surfing is not only a sport to many people, it is a way of life. Surfing can take over just about every aspect of your life.

The time you wake up, when and what you eat, how you dress, and the way you speak are all affected by our surfing lifestyles.

In this lifestyle, merchandise such as stickers, both for our surfboards and other equipment are commonly seen.

A sticker can say a lot about who you are, what you love, and the things you do, which is why adding stickers to your items can help create the image you are after while adding some funk to your toys.

The list below includes some of the best stickers around, both for your surfboard as well as other items around your house.

10 Best Surf Stickers

  1. Hang Loose
  2. Respect the Locals
  3. If in Doubt, Paddle Out
  4. Warning
  5. Pineapple Summer
  6. If Nothing Goes Right…Go Left
  7. Quiksilver
  8. Roxy
  9. Sticky Bumps
  10. Stay Salty

1. Hang Loose

hang loose

The Shaka sign, commonly known as the hang loose sign, is popular within the surfing community as it is orientated within Hawaii.

The Shaka sign is commonly used in both Hawaiian and New Zealand cultures as a way to say “peace”, “love”, “take care”, “hello”, “goodbye”, “chill out”, and many other good-vibe thoughts and emotions.

No surf sticker collection is complete without a hang loose sign.

2. Respect the Locals

respect the locals

Respect the locals is an ironic sticker because one of the most important rules of surfing is to respect the local surfers and their rules. Not doing this often ends in arguments, fights, and injuries.

The irony here is that the local surfers are not local to the ocean, but instead it is the sea life.

This sticker plays on the irony well by calling the sharks (of which all surfers fear) the real locals.

3. If in Doubt, Paddle Out

if in doubt, paddle out

A common saying in the surf world simply means “if you are not sure what to do, then you should go for a surf.

Yes, there are times when surfing is not wise, but the quote simply reminds us that we can do more than we think we can and that we need to give ourselves a chance to succeed.

4. Warning


“Warning may spontaneously start talking about surfing” is a fun way to show everyone around you what your passion is.

Furthermore, other surfers may get a laugh out of this sticker as they will know all too well about how surfers can’t keep quiet about surfing.

5. Pineapple Summer

pineapple summer

When most people think of surfing they think of warm water, bikinis and boardshorts, sunshine, and the tropics.

Nothing speaks of tropical surfing as an ocean-loving pineapple.

This sticker is simply fun, represents the tropical ocean lifestyle, and has a unique design that will make most people look twice.

6. If Nothing Goes Right… Go Left

if nothing goes right, go left

When something you love and the quirks of the English language come together it is possible to do nothing but smile.

If nothing in your world goes right, then go for a surf, and if the wave isn’t breaking right, well, then you might as well surf the left.

7. Quiksilver


Founded in 1969, Quiksilver has become a brand that everyone involved in the surfing world has heard of.

Between wetsuits, surfboards, and leisure apparel, if you do not have a Quiksilver sticker in your collection, then your collection is not complete.

8. Roxy


If you think of the leading surf brand that backs female surfers, then there is only one name that comes to mind, Roxy.

Roxy took the world by storm and has created unique support for female surfers. What was once a male-dominated sport is now seeing more diversity each year, with a lot of thanks to companies such as Roxy.

These stickers will not only help you show your support for the industry but will let others know that you travel in style.

9.  Sticky Bumps

sticky bumps

Since 1971, Sticky Bumps has been creating some of the best surf wax on the market. Whether you are surfing in cold oceans or the bath-like water of the tropics, Sticky Bumps has you covered.

Although you will often get some stickers free with your surf wax, if you just cannot get enough of the sweet-smelling foot grip, then why not show some support.

10. Stay Salty

stay salty

“Stay salty” is the perfect surfer’s goodbye. Combine this phrase with a Shaka sign and you will sound as much of a cliche surfer as anyone else.

Stay salty is a great way to say cheers to your surfer buddies after a great session, and in its own way, a way of saying “keep surfing, and I’ll see you in the water again”.

Even if you don’t want the sticker, “stay salty” is a phrase that every surfer will eventually learn to love and adore.

What to Look For When Buying Surf Stickers

When buying surf stickers you need to consider what you will be using them for. Do you want the stickers for your board, or do you simply want to stick them on your car, laptop, or cellphone?

After this, you will need to consider both the quality of the sticker, as well as its relevance to surfing.

If you are looking for a surf sticker and you end up buying stickers related to skateboarding, cars, or Hello Kitty, then they are not really surf stickers, are they?

Not that there is a problem with putting non-surf-related stickers on your board, but if you want surf stickers, they will need to relate to the sport in some sort of way.

Once you have found stickers you like, you need to decide if they will work for the purpose you want them for.

If you want to use your stickers on your surfboard then they will need to be high-quality, vinyl stickers that are waterproof, or at the least, water-resistant.

On the other hand, if you simply want the stickers for your laptop or other non-water-related situations, then a lower-quality sticker could do the job just fine.


Stickers are a great way for us to express ourselves. When we find a sticker that relates to us, whether it is a picture or quote, we feel as though it is a part of how we feel.

This strange relationship serves the purpose of letting others know a little bit about us before we even start talking.

Not to mention some stickers are just straight-up rad!

There are countless surfing-related stickers to choose from, which means that you should always find what you are looking for.

Just make sure that you use a sticker that will hold up in the conditions that it will face, and you will pimp out your gear with no problem.

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