Top 7 Best Skimboard Travel Bags | 2023 Reviews (Wave Zone)

Last Updated March 17, 2023

Now that you have laid down a couple of hundred bucks on a new top-of-the-line skimboard, it is a good idea to add some protection for your new best friend while you move it from place to place.

Skimboards are fragile and the last thing you want is to damage yours while you make your way to the beach.

When buying a skimboard travel bag you have three main options: A board sock (similar to the ones used for surfboards), a day bag, and a long-distance travel bag.

Each type of bag has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it is up to you which will best suit your needs.

Top 7 Best Skimboard Travel Bags

  1. DB Skimboards Wanderer Deluxe (Our Top Pick)
  2. Wave Zone Non-Padded Skimboard Bag (Best Budget)
  3. ECS Padded Travel Bag/Backpack (Best High End)
  4. DB Skimboards Day Trip Bag (Best Day Bag)
  5. Wave Zone Backpack Skimboard Bag 
  6. Swell Board Sock 
  7. Wave Zone Skimboard Bag 

1. DB Skimboards Wanderer Deluxe (Our Top Pick)

DB Skimboards Wanderer Deluxe Skimboard Travel Bag Black, Skimboard Carrying Bag for up to Five Boards, with Back Pack Straps, Shoulder Strap & Handles

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One of the best skimboard travel bags on the market, designed by the well-known skimboard shapers DB Skimboards (Dashboard Skimboards).

This skimboard bag can hold up to five boards, comes equipped with a backpack and shoulder strap, as well as two water-resistant storage pockets for your clothes or valuables.

Straps inside the bag prevent boards from moving around while the chest strap makes carrying the board on your back a breeze.

This board is ideal for both long-distance travel, air travel, or simply a trip to the beach for the day.

Multiple mesh compartments as well as water-resistant pocketsCan be bulky for moving a single board for a day trip
Perfect for air travel and long-distance journeysDoes not fit larger boards (54” plus)
Interior straps to secure boards togetherZipper is of lower quality
Has both backpack and shoulder straps
Interior is not padded
Carries more boards than most bags

2. Wave Zone Non-Padded Skimboard Bag (Best Budget)

USA Made Non-Padded Skimboard Day Bag/Board Sock by Wave Zone. 4 Sizes - Day or Storage Use (45").

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One of the cheapest yet effective skimboard bags, this Wave Zone designed day bag is ideal if you are taking your board a short distance and are on a budget.

Although this cover does not have any internal padding, the reflective silver color reflects sunlight and helps keep the inside of the bag cool.

This board is not ideal for long-distance, but the shoulder strap and carry handle make short trips to the beach convenient and effort-free.

Shoulder strap and carry handle make transport simpleNot suited for air travel or cross country trips
Reflective cover keeps your board coolDoes not have any padding
Available in three sizesOnly fits a single board
Extremely cheap

3. ECS Padded Travel Bag/Backpack (Best High End)

East Coast Skimboards ECS Skimboard Padded Travel Bag with Backpack Straps - Small 45” (Blue)

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ECS (East Coast Skimboards) are responsible for some of the highest quality skimboard products that we see today.

Although expensive, this travel bag is of the highest quality. With both shoulder, and back straps this heavily padded bag can fit up to two boards and comes in multiple colors.

If you are looking for a high-quality skimboard travel bag then this ECS bag will make your trip simple with its waterproof liner and inner pocket.

Waterproof lining allows you to store your wet gear insideInner pocket is only suited for wallet or keys
Adjustable backpack and shoulder strapsOne the higher end of the price range
Comes in eight different colorsLimited to two boards
Heavily padded interior

4. DB Skimboards Day Trip Bag (Best Day Bag)

DB Skimboards Day Trip Skimboard Bag - Red, 46"x23", Skimboard Carrying Bag with Comfortable Shoulder Strap Durable Carrying Handle Internal Tie-Down Straps & Industrial Strength Zipper

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A light and versatile bag that is protected with inner padding to keep your boards safe during day trips.

This bag comes equipped with both shoulder straps and a carry handle to make transport to and from the beach easy.

With its internal tension straps, this bag can easily carry up to three boards at a time without any tares

Although not great for air travel, this DB skimboard bag is ideal for storing all the boards you need for a day trip.

Includes shoulder strap and carry handleDoes not include backpack straps
Internal strap holds boards in placeDoes not include pockets
Industrial strength zipperNot ideal for air travel
Holds up to three boards

5. Wave Zone Backpack Skimboard Bag 

Wave Zone Skimboards Backpack Style Bag - Travel or Day Use - Padded - Silver - 2 Sizes 46" or 53.5" (Small)

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Available in 46” and 53” sizes, this skimboard bag is double stitched which prevents unthreading of the seams from constant use.

The interior of the backpack skimboard bag is padded and lined with a non-stick interior which means no more messy melted wax on the inside of your board bag.

With both carry handles and backpack straps, this skimboard travel bag is perfect for both day trips and longer journeys.

Includes carry handle and backpack strapsOnly available in two sizes (bag is too big for smaller boards)
Padded interior for added protectionDoes not include pockets
Non-stick interior lining
Double stitched seams

6. Swell Board Sock 

SWELL Wakesurf - Surfboard Sock (Pointed Nose)

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Although technically designed for wakeboards, the swell board sock is perfect for skimboards.

This sock is incredibly cheap and includes side toggles that allow you to change the size from 5’8” (68 in) to 4’ (48 in).

This board sock is not only adjustable but the nose of the sock is protected by 4mm foam and includes a small pocket to store your phone, wallet, keys, and other valuables.

This sock is perfect if you are simply storing your skimboard and want to keep it out of the sun.

Padded nose adds extra protection to the weakest part of your boardNot ideal for moving your skimboard from place to place
Adjustable sides make the sock suitable for a range of skimboardsDoes not provide much protection from knocks
One of the cheapest skimboard protection optionsSock material is thin and may tear over time
Lightweight and pack away smallSmaller boards may slide around the sock

7. Wave Zone Skimboard Bag 

Wave Zone Skimboards Bag - Travel or Day Use - Padded - Black Blue or Red - 4 Sizes

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Another skimboard travel bag from Wave Zone that is both cost-effective and durable.

This travel bag is sturdy, padded, and double stitched to ensure durability and longevity.

Although it does not include backpack straps, the carry handle and shoulder strap make moving your boards simple and effortless.

Furthermore, this bag is perfect if you are planning a long trip and wish to take multiple boards with you. The bag can easily fit up to four skimboards without a problem.

Double-stitched seams and padded interiorMay be bulky for transporting a single board
Available in multiple colorsDoes not include backpack straps
Can fit up to four boards
Does not include pockets
Available in three sizes

What to Look For When Buying a Skimboard Travel Bag

When buying a bag to transport your wakeboards you should pay attention to the quality of the zip, the size of the bag, the number of boards you will need the bag to carry, whether the bag is padded if the bag has pockets, and the type of carrying straps that are included.

If you have found a bag that meets the above criteria and you are happy with it, you should also consider what you plan to use the bag for.

If you simply want to use your skimboard bag to move your board from home to the beach then you could get away with a cheaper, single board bag that has only a small amount of padding.

On the other hand, if you plan on putting your board on a plane then it is best to find a higher quality bag with pockets, good padding, and the possibility to store multiple skimboards.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have not yet decided on which skimboard travel bag is best for you it is likely because you still have a few questions.

If this is the case then the following FAQs might give you the answers you need to solidify your choice of bag.

Q: Do I Need a Skimboard Bag?

You do not technically need a skimboard bag, however, it is highly recommended that you use one.

Wakeboard, especially fiberglass and epoxy boards are costly and can become damaged easily.

When you constantly take your board from your home, into your car, and out at the beach, the chance of you knocking into something becomes high.

The last thing you want is to arrive at the beach only to find your board is broken and cannot be used.

It is worth the few extra bucks to make sure your favorite pastime toy is safe and functional.

Q: How Big Should My Skimboard Bag Be?

You should always allow for 2 – 3 inches of space between your board and the edges of the bag. 

This is because a tight fit will make taking your board out, and returning it difficult. You should also keep in mind that skimboard bag companies do not always make the bags exactly, so a 50” bag may not work for your 50” board.

It is always best for your travel bag to be slightly too big instead of too small.

Q: What Is the Difference Between a Day Bag and a Travel Bag?

Day bags are generally smaller, can carry fewer boards, and tend to have less padding.

Travel bags, on the other hand, are made with long-distance travel in mind (road trips, buses, planes, etc.) and are therefore more padded, usually include pockets, and can fit multiple boards at a time.

Travel bags will work well for day trips, however, day bags are not usually ideal for taking on a plane or bus.


Although you do not have to have a travel bag for your skimboard, it is silly not to do so.

Not only will a skimboard bag make moving your board to and from the beach a breeze, but it will help keep your board safe while on the move, and prevent any small knocks or mishaps while storing your board at home.

Skimboard bags are a lot cheaper than buying a new skimboard, so you should consider using one to keep your board safe.

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