Top 7 Best Paddleboard Bags | 2023 Reviews (Ten Toes)

Last Updated March 17, 2023

Just like any product, paddleboard bags come in different dimensions and qualities. Paddleboard bags offer smart and quick solutions for water sports enthusiasts for their journeys, including padded adjustable straps, external pockets, and high-quality zippers.

This comprehensive buying guide will present the best paddleboard bags on the market to make your purchase decision easier. You will also find in-depth product reviews, top brands, key features to consider, and an FAQ section. Read on to find out the top paddleboard bags that are up to any task.

Top 7 Best Paddleboard Bag Reviewed

  1. iSup Inflatable SUP Board Bag by Ten Toes – Best Overall
  2. Premium Universal Inflatable Paddleboard/iSUP Board Bag by BPS – Best Value
  3. Deluxe SUP Board Bag by SurfStow – Editor’s Choice
  4. Gold Coast Surfboards SUP Board Bag by South Bay Board Co. 
  5. Deluxe Paddle Board Bag by Sup ATX 
  6. iSUP Inflatable SUP Board Bag by Tower 
  7. SUP Bag Stand Up Paddleboard Bag by Curve 

#1. iSup Inflatable SUP Board Bag by Ten Toes – Best Overall

Retrospec Rambler Rucksack iSup Inflatable Standup Paddle Board Bag, Graphite & Seafoam

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  • Made from durable nylon shell to prevent damage
  • Mesh netting on top and sides for dry board ventilation
  • Fits all Ten Toes’ inflatable standup paddleboards
  • Adjustable sides and shoulder straps
  • Heavy-duty wheels for easy transportation
  • Can accommodate SUP accessories (paddle, paddleboard leash, etc.)

The Ten Toes iSup Inflatable SUP Board Bag is a versatile paddleboard bag that you can carry in two ways with its backpack straps and heavy-duty wheels. Although it is a budget option, this bag has all it takes to accommodate your SUP accessories and protect your paddleboard without being heavy or bulky.

Featuring a spacious and innovative design, the Ten Toes SUP travel bag with wheels can fit almost any paddle board. This bag also provides generous storage space to accommodate your SUP accessories, such as paddle, paddleboard leash, etc. It also provides ease of movement due to its heavy-duty wheels, making it convenient to carry at the airport.

This inflatable paddleboard bag includes adjustable shoulder-style straps for easy transportation. You can also use the torso strap to distribute the load evenly on your body. Ten Toes uses durable nylon as its main material to guarantee safety for your paddleboard against bumps, drops, and dents.

Portable and easy to transportPoorly-made straps and zippers
Incredibly spaciousNo padding on the straps

#2. Premium Universal Inflatable Paddleboard/iSUP Board Bag by BPS – Best Value

BPS Premium Inflatable Paddleboard/iSUP Bag - Foam Padded Travel Backpack with Rear Pocket - Includes Roll Strap and Built-in Paddle Storage

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  • Fits all inflatable paddle boards from 12’6 in length and 35” inches in width
  • Specially designed roll strap to hold board and pump once rolled up
  • Four different ways to carry with extra handles on the side and top
  • Padded shoulder straps with a large adjustment range
  • Two heavy-duty zippers
  • Large external pocket that fits towels and wetsuits

The Premium Universal Inflatable Paddleboard from BPS is an all-purpose paddleboard with plenty of exciting features. It works best for inflatable paddleboards at around 12’6 long and 34 inches wide. The iSUP provides spacious storage, which is enough to accommodate your inflation pump rolled up inside the board.  

Although this bag weighs at four pounds, it comes with convenient four carry handles that will help lighten your load and prevent muscle cramps and soreness when traveling over a long distance. BPS ensures maximum comfort with its adjustable chest and shoulder handles to distribute weight on your body.

Another standout feature of this inflatable SUP travel bag is the mesh panel with moisture-wicking abilities that remove wetness or sweat on the board. It also includes internal pockets that are large enough to fit your SUP accessories.

Mesh panel that wicks off moisture and wetnessStitching easily falls apart
Lightweight and easy to carryNot ideal for traveling

#3. Deluxe SUP Board Bag by SurfStow – Editor’s Choice

SurfStow 50039 SUP Transport Deluxe Board Bag, Paddle Storage, 11 Feet 6 Inch

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  • Made from 600D nylon material
  • Lightweight, perfect for a ride to the beach or plane
  • Heavily padded transport case
  • Large interior and exterior pockets
  • Velcro fin slot, luggage tag, and interior hold down straps
  • Non-corrosive zipper

The SurfStow Deluxe SUP Board Bag is a bargain-priced paddleboard board bag that provides maximum protection and impressive features. It is a lightweight and heavily-padded bag, making it an ideal transport case for SUP adventurers.

The SurfStow SUP bag is made of 600D nylon material with 1/4 -inch of dense foam padding that protects your paddleboard from sudden impacts and damaging UV rays. This bag is perfect for everyday use as it includes several handles, including a padded shoulder strap that will help you carry your paddleboard easier. It also comes with generous storage space, interior pockets, and fin slot sealing.

Corrosion-free zipperStraps don't snug down enough.

#4. Gold Coast Surfboards SUP Board Bag by South Bay Board Co. 

South Bay Board Co. - Premium Surfboard Bags & SUP Paddle Board Bags (9' Surfboard Bag) (Grey, 8' Surfboard Bag)

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  • UV reflective bag
  • Durable sand-resistant zipper
  • Built-in carrying handle and shoulder strap
  • Expansion system for extra compartment
  • Extra-large front pocket for more storage
  • Foam protective layer built into the sides, top, and bottom of the bag

The Gold Coast Surfboards SUP Board Bag by South Bay Board Co. is another affordable option for budget-minded SUP enthusiasts. Although it comes with a budget-friendly price, this bag offers optimum durability and performance to tackle any conditions.

South Bay Board Co uses high-quality materials for its well-planned design. They use a durable tarpaulin material and a protective foam layer to protect your board against UV rays and potential damage. This bag is available in seven sizes ranging from 5 to 11 feet, which you can carry and stow away, making it highly-versatile storage for your paddleboard.

Other features include shoulder-strapped carrying handles to help you move your board without much hassle.

Superior protection for gearsNo paddle pockets

#5. Deluxe Paddle Board Bag by Sup ATX 

SUP ATX Deluxe Paddleboard Bag, Grey, 12'0"

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  • Made from heavy-duty canvas material
  • Fits board at 32.5” max width and 5” max thickness
  • With added foam padding
  • Features a fin slot, built-in tie down slots and paddle carrier
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • Rust-proof zippers

Deluxe Paddle Board Bag from Sup ATX is a premium-quality paddleboard bag that guarantees safe transportation for your paddleboard. Sup ATX uses a heavy-duty material that is surprisingly lightweight. It also includes rust-proof zippers that don’t easily break off.

The Deluxe Paddle Board Bag comes with pockets and a fin slot zipper to store all your SUP accessories. Sup ATX also uses heavy padding for sufficient protection from heat, dings, and other potential damage. It also includes an integrated paddle holder and rubber handles on its adjustable straps to help you carry the bag with comfort.

Lightweight and comfortable to carryThe outer fabric is not durable enough.
Integrated paddle holderSide handles tears easily.

#6. iSUP Inflatable SUP Board Bag by Tower 

Tower iSUP Backpack - Premium Universal Bag for Inflatable Paddle Boards - Quick Dry l Maximum Breathability l Interior Fin Pocket l Extra Space l Fits Boards up to 14 Feet l Padded Shoulder Straps

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  • Fits inflatable paddle boards with 14” in length and 36” in width
  • Side panel screen mesh to promote air flow
  • Bungee cords to dry additional items outside the bag
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Middle buckle to strap around chest
  • Velcro that shuts and folds to snap bag together

The Tower iSUP Inflatable SUP Board Bag is an easy-to-use backpack-style paddleboard bag that offers generous storage space. It is designed to fit any board up to 14 feet. Not only that, but it can also accommodate other paddleboard accessories, including clothing, towels, and other miscellaneous items.

The iSUP Inflatable SUP Board Bag is a large storage bag that includes sturdy carry handles, including center handles, Velcro and snaps closure, and a front bungee system. It also has a middle buckle that straps around your chest for distribution of weight on your body. All these features ensure that you can carry your SUP equipment with ease.  Other features include a side panel screen mesh to promote airflow inside the bag and prevent sweat and moisture from accumulating.

Spacious storageNot ideal for flight due to the mesh design
Easy to carryNo handles

#7. SUP Bag Stand Up Paddleboard Bag by Curve 

Curve SUP Bag Stand Up Paddleboard Bag Travel 10mm Heavyweight 14'0 Travel Bag

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  • 600D water-resistant polycanvas base
  • 10mm super impact resistant foam core
  • Detachable double adjustable shoulder straps
  • Premium YKK buckles
  • Adjustable and closable fin slot and internal storage pocket
  • Multiple integral air vents

SUP Bag Stand Up Paddleboard Bag from Curve is a heavy-duty paddleboard bag that protects your board from scratches and dents, allowing you to keep your items safe while traveling comfortably. Curve uses heavy foam protection with shock absorption to ensure your paddleboard remains safe. It also includes a durable YKK zipper that runs the entire length of the bag for convenient access to your paddleboard.

The SUP Bag Stand Up Paddleboard Bag features non-slip, double adjustable shoulder straps with extra padding. You will find extra handles at the nose and tail to help you carry the bag with ease during transportation. It also comes with multiple integral air vents that promote free airflow.

Water-resistant materialCan only accommodate narrow boards
Adjustable fin slotA little pricey

Top Pick for Best Paddleboard Bag: iSup Inflatable SUP Board Bag by Ten Toes

Like everything else, paddleboard bags come with different qualities and features. The product review you have read provided some of the bestselling and reliable storage bags for your paddleboard. But after going through this product review, the Ten Toes iSup Inflatable SUP Board Bag deserves the title as the best paddleboard bag in the market.

The TenToes iSup Inflatable SUP Board Bag is a versatile paddleboard bag you can wear as a backpack or a luggage bag with built-in heavy-duty wheels. Ten Toes is a Los Angeles-based outdoor equipment company. Their flagship product is the inflatable SUP board, which they have been producing for many years. Their company is known for its 1960s-inspired water sports products that exhibit lifestyle, ingenuity, and playfulness.

Featuring its stylish and spacious design, the iSup Inflatable SUP Board Bag can easily fit any paddleboard size. It also provides generous storage space for SUP accessories, including paddle, board leash, etc. It also comes with heavy-duty wheels to ensure easy movement when traveling. When flying, the iSup bag can serve as regular-sized luggage at the airport. 

The iSup Inflatable SUP Board Bag also includes an adjustable shoulder-style strap to carry the bag more comfortably while the torso strap helps distribute the load on your body. This paddleboard is extremely durable due to its durable nylon construction that is sewn together with expertise. You can guarantee the safety of your board from accidental bumps.

There are several things to consider when looking for the best paddleboard bag. Different bags have different designs to accommodate paddleboards and meet the diverse needs of SUP enthusiasts. You may check out other bags mentioned in this list that may suit your preferences for your SUP travel bag.

Best Paddleboard Bag Brands

Here are the top players on the SUP market that provide the best paddleboard bags that can withstand any challenge on the road.

Ten Toes

Ten Toes is an outdoor and sporting goods company based in Los Angeles. They have been producing cutting-edge inflatable SUP boards over the previous years. Ten Toes is a revival of the 1960’s surfboard culture’s playfulness, ingenuity, and lifestyle. Besides their great lineup of inflatable SUP boards, they already have expanded their arsenal, including slacklines, skateboards, longboards, and iSup accessories.


BPS, also known as Bullet Proof Surf, is a small family business based in New Zealand that produces surfing equipment. Their company is a sought-after provider of water sports equipment among SUP rental companies due to the excellent construction features they incorporate in their products. Their product line ranges from paddles, surf leashes, surf traction pads, inflatable SUPs, regular SUPs, and other surf accessories.


SurfStow is a company based in Southern California that exclusively produces SUP board accessories to enhance the paddleboarding experience. The team’s passion for SUP led them to build a brand to invite more people to join the SUP culture. SurfStow’s mission is to develop quality standup paddleboard equipment and accessories at an affordable price.

Their product line currently varies from transport and storage systems, navigation lights, paddles, and other SUP gears and accessories.

Features to Consider When Buying Paddleboard Bag (Buyer’s Guide)

It isn’t easy to know which features are essential for your SUP needs and which ones are not. Here are the key features to help you navigate what you need to look for when choosing a paddleboard bag.


Paddleboard bags should protect your belongings against impact and heat. Get a cushioned paddleboard bag with at least ¼ inches of foam to protect your SUP from sudden impacts, which are the common source of damage.

SUP travel bags come with a metallic or reflective cover on the outside to reflect the sun’s UV rays and the damaging heat. Exposing your SUP to the sun will damage its surface. Although most SUPs have a protective coating, it will still eventually wear out over time. Keeping it covered with a reflective paddleboard bag will extend its life.


Paddleboard bag manufacturers boast of the indestructible materials they use in the production of their bags. Ensure that the bag doesn’t rip easily and has a breathable section to let your board dry out. Other bags come with mesh panels or slits with moisture-wicking abilities to help air flow through while keeping the mildew away.


SUP travel bags should offer multiple ways of transporting them. Ideally, it should have an adjustable carry handle on different parts of the bag, including the top and sides. Other brands provide carry-straps and sturdy wheels for easy transportation.


Padded straps are extra features that provide superior comfort, especially for those who go for long walks. Padded straps on the shoulders, back, and waistbelt will help you ease the burden of carrying a huge load.  Other bags also come with chest straps to help distribute weight evenly.


Another key feature you need to consider when buying a paddleboard bag is to make sure that the storage bag is large enough to accommodate your board. You need to take into account the overall dimensions, including the length, width, and thickness. For example, a 12-foot SUP requires a storage bag that is roughly six inches longer.  

Fin Accommodation

For those who own a paddleboard with a non-removable fin, check if the paddleboard bag comes with a slot for the fin to fit through easily.


A paddleboard bag should have a generous storage space without requiring you to carry another separate bag. Look for built-in pockets and an extra compartment to store your towels, wetsuit, and other SUP accessories. Through this, your gear is all organized, which saves you from the worry of misplacing pieces of equipment. Most paddleboard bags come with external and internal pockets.


Look for storage bags with a non-corrosive zipper that can withstand saltwater.  Also, make sure that they are made of heavy-duty material to avoid breaking off easily.

Other Features

A rail guard for a paddleboard bag is a great feature as it provides extra protection for your SUP. There is also the reinforced nose as it protects the front of your SUP from accidentally bumping into hard objects.


Paddleboarding is increasingly becoming a popular watersport over recent years. Since this activity is possible to carry out on any water body, it has a good chance that you may need to carry the paddleboard when traveling. The portability and safety of a paddleboard is something that requires careful attention. That is why a paddleboard bag is a must-have for SUP enthusiasts.

The iSup Inflatable SUP Board Bag by Ten Toes grabs the number one spot as the best paddleboard bag in the market. It is a highly versatile bag that offers different ways of carrying with its backstraps and heavy-duty wheels.

Ten Toes iSup Inflatable SUP Board Bag features a spacious and convenient design that easily fits any paddleboard. It has a large storage space where you can store your SUP accessories. Not only that, Ten Toes ensure that you can carry the bag for long travels as it comes with wheels and adjustable shoulder and torso straps. Ten Toes uses incredibly durable nylon, which guarantees maximum protection against drops, bumps, and dents.  

Paddleboards are a worthy investment that requires extreme care. That is why you need high-quality paddleboard bags for storage and added protection when traveling. All the paddleboard bags mentioned in this buying guide are premium models, and choosing any of them can guarantee unparalleled performance.  

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some common questions about SUP bags when you encounter some issues when buying a paddleboard bag.

Why should I use a bag for my paddleboard?

Besides taking your paddleboard with you, you also need to bring some essential items and accessories. Although you may be going on a short trip, a paddleboard bag gives you the storage option you need when traveling instead of bringing multiple carry bags.

While the backpack is a typical option, it will soon put pressure on your shoulders, especially when paddling. What’s more, it doesn’t come with separate compartments with a dry bag. Ideally, a paddleboard bag will give you plenty of storage space to organize all of your SUP accessories.

Should a bag have to match the dimensions of my paddleboard?

A paddleboard bag that fits well with your board will prevent it from moving from side to side and getting damaged. Most manufacturers provide extra space inside the bag for better fit and protection.

However, an extremely large bag will allow the board to move constantly, leading to damage as it bumps against sharp and hard objects. A board may also shift in its place when transporting them, therefore losing your balance.

Do manufactures designed paddleboard bags to prevent heat from building up?

When the heat gets inside the bag and further accumulates, the stored heat will produce moisture. Once the heat is kept in the bag for a longer period, it can damage your bag and your board. That is why most paddleboard bags have heat prevention abilities to stop heat from coming in. Look for a bag with a reflective or metallic layer to keep the heat out. Some bags provide UV protection and waterproof abilities.

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