Top 7 Best Kayaking Gloves | 2023 Reviews [Brace Master]

Last Updated March 17, 2023

We all agree that enjoying a kayaking excursion needs proper outfitting. And paddling gloves are among the essentials to wear kayaking. The truth is that your hands get punished while you’re paddling on the waters. Therefore, it’s vital that you prevent your hands from taking a beating while on the water. Any professional boater will tell you that a pair of good kayaking gloves is vital to enjoying your time paddling. 

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But choosing the perfect pair for you is not as simple as it seems. So, we’ve created a detailed review of the best kayaking gloves. Briefly, this post entails an exhaustive run-down of the 7 best kayaking gloves, a comprehensive buyer’s guide to help you get the right type and fit, what to wear kayaking, our verdict, and FAQs. Read on.  

Top 7 Best Kayaking Gloves Reviewed

  1. Fingerless Fishing Wakeboarding Certified Protection – Best Overall
  2. ScoutPerformanceGear Sailing Gloves Red White – Best Value
  3. WindRider Sailing Paddling Ergonomically Breathable – Editor’s Choice
  4. Hornet Watersports Rowing Sculling Outrigger 
  5. Navis Marine Sailing Kayaking Protection 
  6. Drasry Fingerless Protection Kayaking Paddling 
  7. Brace Master Sailing Gloves Men Women 

#1. Fingerless Fishing Wakeboarding Certified Protection – Best Overall

The Fishing Tree Fingerless Fishing Gloves, Certified Sun Protection UPF50+ Block, Kayak, Hiking, Paddling, Sailing, Rowing, Driving, Protect Hands from Sun Damage, Chemical Free

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  • Size: Small, medium, large, and extra-large      
  • Material: Spandex with Amara faux leather     
  • Finger Style: Fingerless or half finger  
  • Wrist Closure: Adjustable Velcro Strap 
  • Palm Design: Faux leather with PVC palm pad    

The UPF50+ Fingerless Gloves by The Fishing Tree are engineered for paddling in warm weather. Made with high-quality spandex and Amara’s faux leather, the palms have thin padding for the best dexterity. It could be a good or bad feature, depending on what you are looking for. 

Their lightweight and cool design is also a nice addition. It means the pair offers unmatched protection from UV rays without feeling too heavy like some neoprene gloves. This is particularly important when the temperatures rise. While they’re a little disadvantaged in cold weather, The Fishing Tree’s fingerless gloves are hard to beat for a dedicated pair of summer boating gloves. And the price isn’t bad either.

Available in small, medium, large, and extra-large options, it gives you four sizes to choose from. The majority of verified purchases have reported perfect sizing and reliable quality for both men and women. Even though they are somewhat lacking in the range of choices, their materials give the gloves high flexibility with quick-drying properties after wash. 

Be sure to wash the Fishing Tree gloves after each use. This is because lycra and spandex synthetics are prone to odor-causing bacteria. But with a one year manufacturer’s warranty, the fingerless pair might just fit the bill. 

Premium construction with outstanding durability Prone to odor-causing bacteria 
Perfect sizing for both women and men Ideal for warm weather only
​Extremely lightweightLimited range of sizes
Quick-drying fabrics 

#2. Scout Performance Gear Sailing Gloves Red White -Best Value

SCOUTPERFORMANCEGEAR Sailing Gloves 3/4 Finger Padded Silicon Printed Palm – Spandex Back for Sailing - Fishing Experience in Red Black for Men Women

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  • Size: Extra-small, small, medium, large, extra-large, and XX-large     
  • Material: Neoprene, Amara faux leather, and Amara silicon leather      
  • Finger Style: Fingerless or half finger  
  • Wrist Closure: Adjustable Strap 
  • Palm Design: Silicon leather palms     

Scout Performance Gear is one of the go-to USA brands. They are famous for producing high-end sailing gloves as well as gym gear throughout the country. What’s more is that their products are available at the most affordable rates, and the SPG sailing gloves aren’t any different. 

If you are a sailing enthusiast, then these Scout Performance Gear’s sailing gloves are a perfect choice. Delivering exceptional reliability and sturdiness, SPG’s sailing series is made with neoprene and Amara synthetic leather. And for added grip, their palms are made of the hard-wearing Amara silicon leather.   

Due to the nature of materials, you can use these multi-purpose gloves for kayaking, hiking, and other outdoor sports like motocross events. Besides, the high-quality faux leather, the Kevlar thread’s double stitches add to its durability. Neoprene and synthetic leather are both quick-drying materials, allowing you to re-use the gloves after washing. 

The red and white gloves will fit most people and you cannot beat the price tag for a long-lasting pair of kayaking gloves. Even more, your fingers are free to grip while still protected from blisters, cuts, and rope burns. With up to six size options to choose from, SPG certainly has got you covered.  

Outstanding finishing Suitable for warm weather 
Lightweight materials They don’t have a warranty 
Very affordable 
Enhanced grip 

#3. WindRider Sailing Paddling Ergonomically Breathable – Editor’s Choice

WindRider Ultra Grip Sailing, Paddling, Kayak Gloves | Padded | Ergonomically Shaped | Breathable

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  • Size: Extra-small, small, medium, large, and extra-large      
  • Material: Spandex and synthetic leather      
  • Finger Style: Fingerless or half finger  
  • Wrist Closure: Adjustable, soft rubber Velcro
  • Palm Design: Amara faux leather palms  

If you are planning to take your kayak on the water, investing in the best kayaking gloves is a great idea. Nothing protects your hands better from blisters and cuts while paddling than a pair of WindRider sailing gloves. The premium kayaking gloves are engineered to meet the dynamic needs of modern kayakers. 

You’ll love that these paddling gloves are highly-stretchy and breathable, thanks to the lycra-spandex material. And the ultra-premium palm material offers an excellent grip. You’ll find their grip on metals and paddles way better than most premium sailing gloves. 

The best part is that they do not restrict movement while on the water. This is due to the decent amount of soft-padding that ensures your hands are comfortable and well-protected. And for outstanding protection from burns, cuts, and blisters, the sailing gloves by WindRinder come with Amara leather padded palms. 

This pair is also ideal for other sports. The fingerless design with minimum padding helps to eliminate material-bunching in the palms as you fold your hands. As a result, WindRider’s ultra-grip sailing gloves are perfect for kayaking, sailing, hiking, wakeboarding, and other load-bearing trim activities. 

You don’t have to worry about the mercury rising while on the water. The sailing gloves come with a breathable mesh back to prevent your hands from overheating. With the soft-rubber adjustable Velcro closure and a low-profile wrist, the WindRider sailing gloves provide the best value for your money. 

Ergonomically made for comfort and enhanced grip They can only work in warm weather 
Non-bunching grip material 
Exceptionally grippy palms  
Outstanding breathability
Excellent durability 

#4. Hornet Watersports Rowing Sculling Outrigger 

Hornet Watersports Light Pink Rowing Gloves for Women Ideal for Indoor Rowing, Sculling, Kayak, SUP, Outrigger Canoe, Dragon Boat and Other Watersports

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  • Size: Small, medium, large, and extra-large      
  • Material: Spandex, SBR, nylon, and polyester     
  • Finger Style: Fingerless or half finger  
  • Wrist Closure: Adjustable hook and loop strap 
  • Palm Design: Durable silicone padded palms     

Are you in the market for the best kayaking gloves for women in 2020? Well, these Hornet Watersports’ gloves won’t disappoint you. Whether you are planning a kayaking excursion in northerly places or taking your vessel on rapids, these are the best kayaking gloves for protecting you from injuries such as blisters and abrasions. 

Available in a light pink shade, the Hornet Watersports gloves are fashionable for the modern-day woman. And to ensure your paddle doesn’t slip in the water, the gloves offer super-grip properties. The palms are made with hard-wearing silicone for anti-slip function. 

When everyone is concerned about their looks, you don’t want to sustain painful blisters that might develop into calluses. That’s why Hornet Watersports uses a blend of materials for their gloves, including Spandex, SBR, nylon, and polyester. The four fabrics will stop any unforeseen injuries. 

Although they’re made with multiple materials, these women’s gloves won’t limit your agility. Thanks to their half finger construction, Hornet Watersports’ gloves are highly dexterous. Additionally, their light and small size mean you can easily carry them in your gym bag.

The washing machine safe property is also a nice addition. Simply clean the gloves in your washing machine after each use and allow drying without damaging them. Even more, the fingerless gloves are multipurpose. So, apart from kayaking, you can use them for paddle boarding, indoor rowing, dragon boating, sculling, gym training, and other sports. 

High-quality construction materials They are not the best choice for kayaking in cold weather
Multi-purpose women’s gloves They are suitable for women only 
Full money-back guaranteeA limited selection of sizes
Safe for machine washing 
Ultra-padded super grip 

#5. Navis Marine Sailing Kayaking Protection 

Navis Marine Sailing Gloves for Men Women Rowing Boating Fishing Kayaking All Water Sports Perfect UV Protection Short Finger

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  • Size: Small, medium, large, extra-large, and XX-large      
  • Material: Neoprene, waterproof leather, and PU fabric   
  • Finger Style: Three, full-finger design 
  • Wrist Closure: Adjustable PU hook and loop tape 
  • Palm Design: Fabric-on-palm construction      

Professional kayakers will want to go out with gloves they can absolutely rely on. If that description fits you, then these sailing gloves by Navis Marine are a great choice. And the best part is that they are suitable for both men and women. 

This pair of paddling gloves are engineered for multiple water sports such as fishing, canoeing, sailing, kayaking, rowing, and others. If protection on the water is a necessity, then you should be thinking of nothing but Navis Marine. With a host of handy features, the sailing gloves will go a long way to enhance your water sporting activities. 

The deliberately practical design and waterproof leather, neoprene, and PU materials mean the gloves will last a long time. For the many positive features, the gloves come at a great price. As such, it makes sense to get several pairs for various water sports. 

The palms are padded with high-quality gripping material so you don’t feel awkward using your paddle. Moreover, the back of the gloves is engineered for maximum flexibility, UV 50+ protection, as well as water resistance. And the continuous wraparound palm offers great resistance against abrasion. This ensures the gloves are highly durable. 

To avoid interfering with the timer on your watch during competitive events, the glove’s closure is conveniently on the inner wrist. And for hand-protection, while rowing, there are appropriately placed padding on the glove. While the glove covers most of your hand, you can still make any necessary adjustments to equipment or operate your smartphone. Your forefinger and thumb are left out in the open to allow for that. 

Excellent abrasion resistance with smooth wraparound design It’s unsuitable in extreme cold weather conditions  
It’s ideal for many water sports activities Available in one choice of color 
Super grip with fabric on the palms It’s not waterproof 
Non-interfering inner wrist closure 
An attractive price tag 

#6. Drasry Fingerless Protection Kayaking Paddling

Drasry UV Fishing Gloves Fingerless Sun Protection Men Women UPF50+SPF for Fishing Kayaking Paddling Hiking Sailing Rowing Driving Canoeing Glove

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  • Size: Small, medium, large, and extra-large      
  • Material: Polyester, spandex, synthetic leather, and silicone     
  • Finger Style: Fingerless or half finger  
  • Wrist Closure: Adjustable Velcro hook and loop strap 
  • Palm Design: Faux leather with silicone dots    

Protecting your hands from weather elements is an important part of preparing for outdoor adventuring. And the UV fingerless fishing gloves by Drasry are not your ordinary paddling gloves. They promise to stop the blisters, protect your hands from freezing and keep them warm. 

Featuring SPF UV Protect and UPF 50+ properties, the gloves guarantee you the best protection for your hands against aging, skin toughening, as well as sunburn. In addition, they are made with 20 percent spandex and 80 percent polyester. The combination makes the gloves ultra-lightweight and breathable with quick-drying properties. 

It means the fabric is designed to offer ultimate comfort by keeping your hands cool and dry. And they won’t affect your dexterity as you’ll even forget you are wearing them. Removing the gloves is a breeze even when they are wet, thanks to the convenient finger-tip pull tabs. 

Besides, Drasry’s fingerless gloves provide superior anti-slip palms. Made of faux leather and the silicone dots reinforcing the gloves’ wear points on your palm, the product guarantees a super grip with extreme sturdiness. Therefore, apart from preventing blisters and calluses, the gloves also offer the best grasp for paddles, fishing rods, as well as an automobile steering wheel.

Don’t allow the sweat dripping down your face to ruin your comfort. Simply use the moisture-absorbing terry cloth on the thumb’s exterior to wipe off sweat from your face during or after a hard kayaking adventure. And there’s an adjustable Velcro hook and loop strap to ensure a perfect fit for your wrist size while preventing the glove from slipping. 

The features make Drasry’s UV fishing gloves a great choice for boating, hiking, running, angling, kayaking, cycling, and other outdoor adventures. To maintain your agility and allow for easy changing of hooks and baits when fishing, the glove comes with a fingerless design. With a two-month 100% refund or exchange warranty for your product, you wouldn’t ask for more. 

An adjustable hook and loop for a perfect fit It cannot protect your hands in extremely cold weather
Terry cloth thumb for wiping away sweat A limited selection of sizes
Easy to remove with finger-tip pull stabs 
Exceptional protection from UV rays 
It maintains your dexterity  

#7. Brace Master Sailing Gloves Men Women 

Brace Master Sailing Gloves Men Women for Sailing, Fishing, Boating, Kayaking, Surfing, Canoe Padding, Dinghy and Water Sports, Leather in Palm to Enhance Gripping

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  • Size: Small, medium, large, and extra-large      
  • Material: 10% Spandex, 45% cotton, leather, and 45% polyester     
  • Finger Style: ¾ finger and full finger  
  • Wrist Closure: Adjustable hook and lock strap  
  • Palm Design: Hard-wearing leather    

Brace Master is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of gloves for outdoor sports and arthritis. From boxing gloves to golf gloves they’ve become the go-to brand for outdoor enthusiasts looking for high-quality gloves. And their Sailing Gloves series reflects their excellent craftsmanship and innovative designs. 

Featuring a full-finger design that exposes the small, index, and thumb fingers at the tips, Brace Master’s sailing gloves are all about safety and comfort. While the harsh weather elements can result in multiple hand injuries, they’ve got your back. Designed with high-quality leather palms, you can never ask for better protection from blisters and scalding while paddling. 

Still, the palm design gives you an excellent grip even when the gloves are wet. Unlike the ordinary half-finger designs, Brace Master’s full finger model offers enhanced protection for your fingers. Take these durable and tough gloves for kite-boarding, canoeing, running, golfing, hunting, rafting, biking, shooting, cycling, and other outdoor sports and they’ll be a perfect fit. 

The cotton-spandex blend with polyester makes for a highly-exceptional material. You’ll love the soft to the touch fabric that’s also ultra-lightweight. It means the gloves are dedicated to providing breathability and quick-drying properties. 

The soft leather palm material ensures your fingers retain their flexibility for completing essential operations. And to support multi-scenario functions, the gloves adopt a three-quarter finger and full finger design. For a non-slip fitting, there’s an adjustable hook and loop wrist strap. It also makes the Brace Master sailing gloves easy to wear and remove. 

You have up to four different sizes to choose from. And the best part is that they are ideal for men and women. To give you peace of mind, you’ll have thirty days to purchase and try out the gloves. The 30-day service warranty allows you to call the company in case there are issues with your purchase. 

Full finger design for maximum finger protection It is unsuitable for fishing because the finger design prevents you from feeling the string 
Excellent breathability and quick-drying It does not offer UV protection 
Open tips allowing for flexible fingers A limited selection of sizes 
Adjustable hook and loop strap 
Soft and ultra-lightweight 

Top Pick – Best Overall Kayaking Gloves

The Fishing Tree brand makes the best gloves that will protect your hands while taking part in a wide range of outdoor sporting activities. Unlike the competition, the company’s Fingerless Fishing Gloves allows for multiple uses beyond kayaking. In addition, it offers ultimate protection against the sun’s UV rays. What makes them unique is that the anti-UV properties embed into the glove’s fabric. This ensures that it does not wash out throughout its lifetime. The unisex size makes the Fishing Tree’s fingerless gloves a perfect choice for both women and men. 

Everything about these fingerless fishing gloves reflects a premium product. First, they are made with lycra-spandex, comfortable, and soft to the touch fabric. Besides, the fingerless design gives them a minimalist, classic appearance. Surprisingly the material blend is ultra-lightweight, which allows your fingers freedom of movement when kayaking. 

For ultimate comfort, the gloves’ fabrics are breathable. It means your palms and fingers will stay cool and dry throughout your adventure. To allow for convenient usage, Fishing Tree made their fingerless fishing gloves machine-washable. This is partly due to the hard-wearing materials and the double-stitched seams that add to the gloves’ strength. And that’s not all. The lycra-spandex blend ensures a fast-drying fabric so you can pack them in your gym bag. 

Best Brands for Kayaking Gloves 

The Fishing Tree  

Founded to create and supply a premium line of products that make fishing more enjoyable and rewarding, The Fishing Tree is undoubtedly one of the most trusted brands in the U.S. The company invests heavily in research and development to constantly find new products for its wide range of water-sporting customers. Determined to do away with the host of poor quality fishing gear in the marketplace, The Fishing Tree is the go-to brand for neck gaiters and fishing gloves with more products still in the pipeline.

Scout Performance Gear  

The internationally recognized company is famous for its premium selection of outdoor sporting gloves. As a family-owned business, Scout Performance Gear is focused on delivering high-quality accessories at the most competitive rates. Whether you are looking for kayaking, weight lifting, angling, motocross, sailing, or other outdoor adventures, you can trust them for the best products that won’t break the bank.


Established through the passion for water sports activities, WindRider is focused on creating products that’ll make the waters more accessible to more enthusiasts. They started as a manufacturing company for safe, fun, and simple sailboats. Today, however, the brand has developed into a supplier of sailboats’ parts with a decent selection of outfits and accessories for water-based fun. 

How to Wear for Kayaking

Dressing for kayaking isn’t so different from other outdoor activities such as cycling, canoeing, golfing, sailing, skiing, hiking, and others. You’ll be on the lookout for comfort, versatility, and durability while paddling. Besides, you will also want the best protection against wet and cold conditions. 

The following tips will go a long way to guide you in determining what to wear kayaking:

  • Avoid cotton throughout your layering: Everyone knows that cotton has high moisture-absorbing properties. But it also stays wet longer than other synthetic fabrics. So, you’ll be looking for fast drying materials instead. We recommend moisture-wicking, fast-drying polyester, or nylon material for the first layer that will be in contact with your skin. Although wool doesn’t dry quickly, it offers perfect insulation when wet. It will also be a great choice for your underwear.   
  • Be sure to layer properly: Dressing in layers is the best way to protect yourself from extreme weather elements. This is particularly critical for the torso with vital body parts like the lungs and heart. 
  • Dress to allow for free movement: Wearing super-snug-fit clothing isn’t the best idea after all. You want your body to feel normal and allow you to move comfortably while on the water. Instead, you want to create a near-natural micro-climate for your body’s optimum performance. So, choose clothes that are comfortable to wear for long hours of sitting.  
  • Get scratch-proof fabrics: Kayaking may not be as smooth as it sounds. There are plenty of abrasion forces with the sand, rough kayak materials, and even the water itself. Therefore, look for fabrics that will withstand that kind of wear and tear.  
  • Keep off rust-prone fasteners, zippers, and gear: Water, especially saline water, flakes many types of metals. Therefore, consider rugged plastics in the place of the easy-to-corrode metals.  
  • Layer for the temperature on the water: It’s not uncommon to find frequent kayakers dressing for the air temperature. Always remember you will be on the water for most of your adventure. Therefore, outfits such as a dry suit or wetsuit are important.  
  • Protect yourself from UV rays: When dressing for kayaking, make sure your outfit offers UV protection. No matter the cloud cover, time on the water causes exposure to the sun’s UV rays. Therefore, choosing UPF-certified fabrics for your kayaking outfits is a great idea. Materials with sunscreen properties can also shield you from UV radiation reflected from the water.
  • Put on a Personal Flotation Device at all times: Always wear your PFD while on the water and do not remove it. Should you feel like changing your top layers, we recommend finding a place on-shore to do that. Also, you could ask your kayaking partner to hold the kayak firmly as you raft up. 

How To Care For Your Best Kayaking Gloves 

Although this may sound preposterous, the truth is that the best kayaking gloves can wear out fast. Read on to discover the reason and how to extend the life of your paddling gloves through the best possible care. 

  1. The best kayaking gloves have a short lifespan: You will be asking so much from your kayaking gloves. Besides, remember they will be taking the beating in the place of your skin. And an excellent pair of gloves should be soft to the touch. This will allow for the normal movement of your fingers and hands. In that case, the best kayaking gloves can’t be made with very tough fabrics. So, you should expect your pair to wear out fast. 
  2. Prolong their life a little: Applying a thin layer of a high-quality repair adhesive and sealant for synthetics between the forefinger and thumb finger of neoprene gloves can help extend their life for a tad. By providing some extra padding to the high-abrasion area, you can expect your gloves to last slightly longer. 
  3. Ensure to clean after each use: Make a habit to rinse your gloves every time you use them. Cleaning is particularly important after paddling in saltwater. Use fresh water to rinse your gloves before hanging for drying. If you have waterproof neoprene gloves, a quick rinse of the exterior side should be adequate to keep them in perfect condition.  

Buying Guide: Factors To Consider When Picking The Best Kayaking Gloves

A pair of paddling glove is a necessary accessory in your kayaking set up. It offers protection for your fingers and hands while on the waters. Also, making frequent, direct contact with water can result in wrinkled skin on your hands. To protect your hands from all types of weather, including extreme elements, here’s a detailed buying guide for the best kayaking gloves. 

  • Type: Before deciding to get the best kayaking gloves, it makes sense to know the available types. You’ll also want to know the best conditions for each category of paddling gloves. Kayaking gloves can be grouped into two main categories based on the design. 
  • Half Finger / Fingerless Gloves: They only cover part of your palm while exposing the half upper-side of the finger all the way to the fingertips. Due to the design, half finger gloves offer better dexterity, sensitivity, and flexibility. It means they offer a more comfortable user experience. However, they are only ideal for kayaking in warm weather. They offer very little protection in extreme cold.
  • Full Finger Gloves: They cover your entire palm with the fingers. However, some full finger gloves expose the tips of your fingers. This is often to allow for greater flexibility and freedom of movement while paddling. Unlike their fingerless counterpart, these can protect your entire hand when kayaking in cold, windy, or rainy conditions. On the downside, they are likely to overheat when paddling in warm weather. Also, they are not the best choice for fishing because their long fingers reduce sensitivity to the fishing line. 
  • Material: For the best kayaking gloves, experts recommend premium Lycra, spandex, lycra-spandex, faux leather, neoprene, poly-spandex, and Amara fabrics. Spandex, neoprene, and lycra fabrics are used for general body construction while synthetic leather and Amara are often used for the palms. 
  • Lycra, Spandex, and Lycra-spandex: These are all great fabrics for making the best warm-weather gloves for kayaking. Being synthetics, they’ll provide you with the lightweight UV protection you need while paddling. They’re also abrasion-resistant, thanks to an added padding. However, you’ll only want to use them in summer as they don’t offer much protection from water and cold. 
  • Neoprene: It is the best choice of glove material for kayaking in cold weather. As a synthetic rubber, neoprene is also used to make wetsuits. Therefore, it’s obvious that this spongy material is impervious to water and offers insulating properties. They have a great combination of features for taking on the waters under shiver-inducing temperatures. 
  • Thickness: Another vital consideration of the best kayaking gloves is the thickness. It determines the level of protection you are looking for in the gloves. For instance, you’ll go for thick gloves if your water activities involve regular contact with sharp objects or ropes. On the other hand, thin gloves will provide the best sensibility, although you must trade-off on protection.  
  • Thicker isn’t necessarily the best: While neoprene is warm, it doesn’t mean a thicker glove is always better for paddling in warm conditions. Apart from getting extra padding, the glove will overheat in the sun. We recommend 1mm to 2mm thick, fingerless gloves for summer. During spring and fall, the best pick will depend on the water temperature and your preference. But in winter, you can go as far as 3mm-thick gloves. Any thickness above 3mm will make it difficult for you to paddle. 
  • Thick neoprene is rigid: The last thing you want on your kayaking excursion is wearing gloves that limit your dexterity. The thick-padded cold-weather kayaking gloves can be stiff. If you are buying thick neoprene gloves, make sure they have a contoured fit. This will let the material assure your hands’ shape when you are relaxing them. 
  • The Fit: Your gloves’ fit is vital. If it does not fit like a glove, it will certainly be problematic. Similarly, a super-tight fit will not keep your hands warm. Instead, it will reduce the circulation of blood in your hands, leaving them cold. Does it mean you should get gloves with a loose fit? Well, not exactly as they might result in blisters due to the extra room that causes friction. To find the perfect fit, check that the best kayaking gloves fit at the palm, knuckles, fingers, and wrist. 
  • Additional Layering: Some paddlers prefer gloves with an added layer of faux leather or hard-wearing fabric on the palm. They offer exceptional protection from blisters through the same cushioning as weightlifting and cycling gloves. Although some experts caution against it as it might trade off your grip. 


A pair of the best kayaking gloves can save your life. Kayaking without the best gloves for paddling is to risk getting blisters, cuts, entangled or cracked skin, sunburns, and other injuries. The best gloves for kayaking will offer you the same performance as your un-gloved hands. But unlike your bare hands, gloves come with some additional functionality. Along with sheltering your hands, they’ll give you a non-slip grip even in wet conditions. 

Your pick ultimately boils down to your hands and preferences. You’ll also want to check your frequent paddling conditions to make an informed choice. We recommend the fingerless fishing gloves by Fishing Tree for summer. You can also use them for spring and fall depending on the temperatures of the water. But in the extreme winter cold, always go with a full finger design like the Brace Master sailing gloves for entire hand protection. And for ultimate protection, 3mm-thick neoprene, full finger gloves should fit the bill. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are the best kayaking gloves really necessary?  

Yes. They play a critical role in safeguarding your hands from cuts, cracked skin, blisters, and abrasion that are common while paddling. Also, they help protect your hands from UV radiation. Depending on the gloves you select, you’ll have different levels of extra padding, grip, and protection. 

What’s the best way to clean kayaking gloves? 

Use fresh water to rinse your gloves and allow for drying if you have been kayaking in saltwater. We recommend drying in the sun for complete sanitation. A full wash would be a great idea for dirtier gloves. Hand wash them using some natural soap and dry them in the sun after rinsing. Another way is to machine-wash the gloves if you have the facility. It’s also important to check the washing instructions that came with your kayaking gloves for the best results.  

What’s the best material for kayaking gloves?

Kayaking gloves are made using a blend of fabrics. Common materials include lycra, neoprene, spandex, and faux leathers like Amara. The best fabric for paddling gloves will depend on your kayaking conditions. Spandex, lycra, and their blends are ideal for boating in warm weather. On the other hand, neoprene is great for cold, windy, and wet conditions.    

Is waterproofing important when choosing the best gloves for paddling?

Yes. While paddling, you’re going to be surrounded by water completely. You don’t want the saline water coming in contact with your skin and causing damages. This is particularly important in winter, where protecting your hands from extreme chilly temperatures is critical. Therefore, getting a pair of waterproof kayaking gloves is essential for protecting your hands.

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