Top 8 Best Kayak Hoists | 2023 Reviews (RAD Sportz)

Last Updated March 17, 2023
Storing your kayak well can increase its longevity. You wouldn’t want to mishandle your gear investment carelessly. You can find various hoisting systems that offer different features so you can store your kayak and other heavy-duty equipment with ease. 

You may be overwhelmed by the wide choices of hoisting systems in the market. Luckily, a list has already been made for you to browse through the best kayak hoists in the market today. You can also read on afterward to have a background on how to choose the best kayak hoist that will best fit your needs.

Dive in the list below, and don’t miss out on the best kayak hoists we could find for efficiently storing and putting away your kayaks.

Top 8 Best Kayak Hoists Reviewed

  1. RAD Sportz 1004 Kayak Hoist Lift – Best Overall
  2. Partsam 440 lbs Lift Electric Hoist – Best Premium
  3. Cartman Kayak Hoist Lift – Best Value
  4. Racor - PHL-1R 
  5. Extreme Max 3004.0204
  6. Mrhardware Kayak Hoist
  7. Great Working Tools Kayak Hoist Lift
  8. HARKEN Kayak Hoist

#1. RAD Sportz 1004 Kayak Hoist Lift – Best Overall

Kayak Hoist Set – Overhead Pulley System with 125 lb Capacity for Kayaks, Canoes, Bikes, or Ladder Storage by Rad Sportz (2 Pack)

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  • Control type: Manual pulley
  • Weight capacity: 125lbs per hoist (2 pack hoist)
  • Maximum height of lift: 12ft

RAD Sportz hoisting system is one of the originals that most manufacturers are now trying to imitate today. It is engineered to lift heavy products in your garage. It can hold two kayaks having a maximum weight of 125lbs for each hoisting hook. It is versatile enough to be used to hoist your other heavy equipment.

This hoisting system’s hooks are covered in rubber to prevent scratches from wearing your kayak or other gear that you may want to lift with the hooks. The straps are also durable enough to secure your kayak and keep them securely lifted for longer storage. 

You won’t have the problem of installing this hoist as you only must mount them on your joist or rafter with the minimum tools to get these hanging in no time. It has the capacity of lifting to 12ft up your ceiling, giving you more space in your garage above your head. It serves the purpose of freeing up floor space in your garage, giving enough room for more storage. 

Safety locks are also featured to prevent accidental release. You can confidently park your car underneath the hoisting system. If you find any defects or damage as the manufacturer’s fault, they offer a lifetime warranty that strengthens their great performance guarantee. 

Safety locks prevent accidental falls of your equipmentMaterial for straps can be improved
Rubber hooks prevent scratches
Offers a lifetime warranty
High lifting capacity
Easy to install

#2. Partsam 440 lbs Lift Electric Hoist – Best Premium

440 Lift Electric Hoist Crane Remote Control Power System, Zinc-Plated Steel Wire Overhead Crane Garage Ceiling Pulley Winch w/Straps (w/Emergency Stop Switch)

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  • Control type: Electric, remote-controlled
  • Weight capacity: 220lbs (single-line); 440lbs (double-line)
  • Maximum height of lift: 38ft (single-line); 19ft (double-line)

Electrical hoists offer hassle-free, remote controlled storing for your heavy equipment. This electrical hoisting system is one of the best products sold in the market. It has complete features and some additional ones for a great performing electrical hoist. On top of that, it is sold at a reasonable and budget-friendly price, considering its great features.

This powerful hoisting system can lift heavier equipment than your regular manual hoists. It can be used with a single line, which lifts 220lbs with a maximum lifting height of 38ft. However, you may choose to use it with double-lines, giving the capacity to lift 440lbs, but only lifts with a maximum height of 19ft, lower than the single-line use. 

Nevertheless, it has an overall powerful hoisting system with a high lifting capacity. You only must make sure to install it into a stable and stiff wood or steel bar that can handle the weight of lifting your equipment on your ceiling.

This electrical hoist is versatile. It can lift not only your kayak but other regular and irregular sized objects that you need help for lifting. Most purchasers commended it for having lifting slings aside from its powerful steel wires, making it more versatile. Its zinc-plated steel wires have an anti-rotate design, making lifting procedures steady and controlled.

If you are looking for a manual labor-free hoisting system controlled using a remote yet is powerful and durable enough to lift your kayak, this Partsam electric hoist is for you.

Strong and durable zinc-plated steel wiresMore expensive than manual operated hoist systems
Hassle-free, no manual labor neededNot waterproof, can only be used indoors
Powerful and high lifting capacity
Versatile, steady lifting system

#3. Cartman Kayak Hoist Lift – Best Value

Cartman Kayak Hoist Lift Garage Storage Canoe Hoists, 100-Pound Working Capacity

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  • Control type: Manual pulley
  • Weight capacity: 100lbs
  • Maximum height of lift: 12ft

This pulley hoisting system only takes some minutes to install before you can use it to hoist your kayak up your ceiling. This hoisting system will make it easier for you to lift your kayak or other equipment to your ceiling. 

Material for this hoisting system is made from solid-steel construction for exceptional durability. Its all-steel construction makes a smooth lifting mechanism. It features a locking mechanism that locks into place for every pull, securing your kayak for storage and ensuring a safe lift of your equipment from the bottom of your garage towards the top.

An additional durable 48ft rope is included upon purchase of this hoisting pulley. This rope will provide the excess length to lift your objects to your ceilings for a maximum of 14ft. You can store the excess rope length in the rope cleat to keep your place nice and tidy. Moreover, it requires little effort to install this hoist. 

If you want an easy to install manual pulley hoisting system in your garage that is offered at the cheapest price yet having uncompromised quality, this is for you. 

Comes with an additional rope that lengthens the maximum hoisting heightRelatively has a lower weightlifting capacity than most hoisting systems
Smooth and secure lifting mechanism
Durable all-steel construction
Easy to install

#4. Racor - PHL-1R 

Racor - PHL-R, Garage Ceiling Storage Rack Lift

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  • Control type: Crank pulley
  • Weight capacity: 250lbs
  • Maximum height of lift: 8ft

Reclaim your garage by installing this crank pully hoisting system that features a metal mesh platform you can place your kayaks and other equipment on. It covers 16 sq feet of overhead storage space with the 4 ft X 4 ft design, making more floor space for your garage. 

The crank makes the pulley hoisting system easier with its stable handle, preventing rope friction and burns from hand contact. The reliable steel cables make a durable and secure lift. You won’t have to worry about soft snapping cables that will crash your equipment down. 

A safety lock is engaged using the winding crank when the platform is at your ceiling’s highest position. You can disengage the safety lock through your crank’s integrated hook to slowly lower the platform. 

The package includes the tools, screws, and other necessities to install this hoisting system easily. Assembling won’t be hard as it provides a manual with instructions and pictures that are easy to follow.

If you’re looking for a hoist system that is cheaper than an electrical hoist system yet doesn’t want the rope to hand contact of a pulley system, this hoisting system is worth the look. 

Easy installation process with a clear manual and inclusive installation materialsSome install additional precautionary measures to secure it up the ceiling safely 
Has a wide platform you can just lay your kayak and other objects onHas a lower height lift
Crank pulley system eliminates hand to rope painful contact

#5. Extreme Max 3004.0204

Extreme Max 3004.0204 Kayak/Canoe/Bike/Ladder Hoist & Lift for Storage in Shop or Garage - 120 lb. Capacity, Black

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  • Control type: Manual pulley
  • Weight capacity: 120lbs
  • Maximum height of lift: 5-6ft

This pulley hoisting system can be operated by one person easily. This hoist system has lift hooks and 2″ wide webbing straps that will hold your kayak up on your ceiling and trigger a locking mechanism until the next time you need it.

The package will include a 50ft hoist rope that will let you adjust the height you want your equipment to be lifted. This hoist’s hook pulley system gives the hooks a parallel lifting rate for safe and secure storage. 

Hoist pulley material is made of powder-coated steel that makes it durable. Extreme Max’s tools and materials are known for their durability and ability to withstand extreme temperatures and are trusted for their outdoor performance.

Suppose you are looking for a flexible inner or outer hoist system. In that case, this manual pulley hoist is offered at an affordable price considering its high-quality materials and numerous features that would effectively do an awesome job in hoisting and storing your kayaks securely. 

Secure storage and smooth hoisting because of the hooks with webbing straps raised at the same rateYou may need gloves when pulling the ropes to hoist your kayak up for added safety
Features a 50ft hoisting rope that gives freedom in the height you want to lift your equipmentNeeds more effort when hoisting up your equipment
Cheap price for good-quality material

#6. Mrhardware Kayak Hoist

Mrhardware Kayak Hoist Quality Garage Storage Canoe Lift with 100 lb Capacity Even Works as Ladder Lift and Bike Premium Quality (Black)

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  • Control type: Manual pulley
  • Weight capacity: 100lbs
  • Maximum height of lift: 12ft

This pulley hoisting system has iron hooks coated with rubber to protect your kayak from scratches. Durable straps will ensure the security of your kayak and stability upon hoisting and storing. This hoisting system is designed like that of the RAD Sportz but is a cheaper option, especially if you only have smaller kayaks to store.

It is designed for indoor use in your garage, for example. This hoist system will free up floor space in your garage. The safety lock mechanism will add security when lifting and storing your kayaks as it locks in every pull. You can park your car underneath your hoist system and be comfortable with the guarantee of a lifetime warranty.

This hoisting system is easy to install and comes with some screws and tools that you need to set up this sturdy hoist. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative for a sturdy hoisting system, this hoist will do its job for your small kayaks that should approximately weigh around 80lbs to ensure stability. 

Has durable and sturdy rubberized hooks to hold your kayaks safely and securelyAccommodates limited weight
Cheap yet sturdy hoisting system
Easy to install

#7. Great Working Tools Kayak Hoist Lift

Great Working Tools Kayak Hoist Lift, Hanging 2 Pulley System - Garage Ceiling Mount 125 Pound Capacity Heavy Duty - Bicycle, Paddleboard, Canoe and Ladder Storage Tool

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  • Control type: Manual pulley
  • Weight capacity: 125lbs
  • Maximum height of lift: 12ft

This hoisting system gives heavy-duty lifting for your kayak, storing it out of the way of your garage yet is still accessible for your next use. It features two pairs of hooks that will hold your kayak on each end with adjustable straps around the front and rear end of your kayak. You can easily slip them on and hoist it up using this pulley system.

Ropes are made of thick material and quality engineering that makes them tough enough to hold your kayaks in place for a long time. The hooks are coated with rubber that prevents scratching for your kayaks. This hoist also triggers a locking mechanism that prevents your kayak from slipping accidentally and preventing injuries or breaking your equipment.

If you are looking for a hoisting system for your kayak to handle up to medium-sized kayaks, this will do the job. 

Has a locking mechanism that secures lifting and storing of kayaksRequires effort when hoisting up and bringing down the kayak safely
Easy slip on straps for your kayak for a fast loading and unloadingA bit hard to understand the manual for assembling
Has rubberized hooks that will prevent scratching for your kayaksLacks unique features
Hoists small to medium-sized kayaks steadily

#8. HARKEN Kayak Hoist

HARKEN Kayak Hoist | Overhead Garage Storage, Lifts Load Evenly, Safe Anti-Drop System, 2:1 Mechanical Advantage, Smart Garage Organization for Canoe, SUP, Paddle Board, Surfboard, Wakeboard, Kayak

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  • Control type: Manual pulley
  • Weight capacity: 45lbs
  • Maximum height of lift: 10ft

This four-point hoist kit will ensure your kayaks’ security when lifting and storing it in place up your ceiling. This hoisting system may be pricey than most pulley hoisting systems, but many purchasers have praised this hoist’s security and stability.

This hoist system package comes with a clear manual with photo and video instructions that will make it easy to install. The block and tackle are also pre-assembled for your convenience. Their acclaimed safest hoist design features an anti-drop system with a cleat that self-locks and grips, instantly preventing accidental release if the rope is dropped or released by accident.

Materials used for its parts are made with high-quality stainless-steel hardware and a double-braided rope to offer durability. Ball-bearing pulleys also keep the system running smoothly.

HARKEN boasts of its long-running innovation of 60 years, with all their products made in the USA. They guarantee quality manufacturing along with a five-year warranty. If you want a trusted brand that offers a high-quality and safe hoisting system, you may want to invest in this product. 

Proven and trusted brand that guarantees quality materials for their product, with a five-year warrantyRequires effort to load and unload your kayak
Has an anti-drop mechanism that ensures your safety and the security of your kayakExpensive for a pulley hoisting system
Made of durable material
Easy to install

Top Pick – Best Kayak Hoist

The most common type of hoisting system for kayaks is the manual pully hoist, making it easy to store kayaks on top of your garage without much hassle at loading and unloading them. RAD Sportz’s 1004 Kayak Hoist Lift gives the complete package and function of a great hoisting system at a reasonable price. On top of that, RAD Sportz claims to have been the first manufacturers to innovate kayak hoists until other manufacturers just followed through.

RAD Sportz guarantees the quality of its hoist and offers a lifetime warranty for your purchase. Their system is also easy to install and comes with safety features that will ensure you and your kayak’s security. 

Types of Kayak Hoist

Manual Pulley

This type is the most common kayak hoist in the market. This hoist includes a rope you need to pull or slowly release to store your kayak up or bring it down when you are about to use it again. It usually has hooks with attached straps that will hold the front and rear ends of your kayak. This type would be the simplest and cheapest way for hoisting systems, but also the one that requires the most manual effort. 

Crank Pulley

This type is also a pulley system, but the crank allows more control and ease. You can turn it forwards and backward to trigger the pulley system to bring your kayak up or down. It requires less effort than the manual rope pulley and will avoid rope to skin contact, which can cause pain sometimes. 


The most convenient kayak hoist type is the electric-powered hoist systems that automatically moves your kayak up and down with its sturdy ropes and straps, usually with remote control. It eliminates manual labor and effort of operating the pulley ropes by getting power from an electrical source. However, this hoist type is the most expensive and would require the most maintenance among the other types.

Things to Consider Before Buying Your Kayak Hoist


You now have an idea about the types of kayak hoists offered in the market, using the information above this buyer’s guide. The preference for your kayak hoist type should be decided beforehand to narrow down your choices. You should consider the regularity of using your kayak so you can gauge the effort you are willing to exert for storing your kayak up and down using the hoist.

If you are using your kayak regularly, you may opt to invest in an electric hoist to minimize the effort regularly you need and easily bring your kayak up and down your storage. However, if you only use your kayak seasonally, it would be more practical to buy a manual pulley as it is cheaper and would only require your effort occasionally. You wouldn’t maximize the use of your electric kayak hoist, and it might deteriorate fast if you don’t maintain and use it regularly. 

Garage Size

Consider the size of the area you plan to hoist and store your kayak into, especially the height if it is a closed area like a garage, which is the most common and perfect storage for kayaks. Different kayak hoists offer different maximum lifting heights they can accommodate. Having an estimate of the distance from your garage’s floor to the ceiling will help you find a compatible kayak hoist that should offer a lifting height of at least the height of your garage ceiling. This consideration will ensure a more flexible storage capacity and more security for your kayaks. 

Kayak Weight

Like your garage height, you should be able to match your kayak’s weight with your hoists lifting weight capacity. This consideration would maximize the use of your hoist and guarantee its declared performance. Picking a hoist that has a lifting weight capacity less than the weight of your kayak can potentially damage both your kayak and the hoist. It could even malfunction and would not perform its job in the first place. 


Upon choosing the type of hoist you want to invest in, you should already estimate how expensive your kayak hoist would be. Suppose you have some extra budget to spare for some extra features. In that case, you may want to invest in kayak hoists that offer extra security, durability, and stability so you can be guaranteed a great performance from your purchased kayak hoist.


Storing your kayaks can take up considerable space in your garage or area in your house. It would be great to invest in kayak hoists to efficiently store your kayaks up towards a ceiling to save up some space in your area. It will also be convenient to put it down your car in a garage if you have a parking space there. A ready-made list of the best kayak hoists in the market has been made for your convenience. You can browse through the list above and find the perfect one to find the best that fits your specific needs.

The RAD Sportz 1004 Kayak Hoist Lift is one of amazon’s best choices, and one of the best sellers in the market for kayak hoists today. This manual pulley hoisting system offers stability and security in hoisting and storing your kayaks in place to make more ground space that would otherwise be taken by your kayak if you don’t store it up on your ceiling. This kayak hoist was chosen as one of the best in the market due to its budget-friendly price that comes with its great features accomplishes its job well with its good engineering build and high-quality materials.

Know the different kayak hoist types to narrow down your choice in picking the best kayak hoist that will fit your needs. If you haven’t read the buyer’s guide of the list of things that would complement you and your kayak, you can browse back and consider to find the best-suited kayak hoist for you.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I prevent my kayaks from slipping out of the hoist strappings, especially from the manual pulley hoist?

Yes, some pulley systems can slip, especially if the body of your kayak is slick and has a smooth surface. You should ensure that your pulley ropes are leveled and parallel to each other for each side of your kayaks. You can tie a piece of string, with the length of the distance between the front and rear straps, under the kayak’s straps to avoid spreading and slipping out.

How can I lift my kayak as close to the ceiling as possible if the straps are too long?

Shorten the straps and tie a knot in the straps. Then, for added security, you can use a bungee cord between these straps underneath your kayak. Afterward, put the straps on the hooks and adjust where you want to tie the knot within the straps to lift the kayak further towards the ceiling. 

What if my ceiling doesn’t have exposed joists or rafters to hang the hoists from?

You can use the screws that come with your hoist package, or you can buy one yourself and attach it directly towards the drywall. Use a stud finder to locate the joists’ position in your ceiling, hidden by the drywall, then direct your screw attachments towards the drywall where the joists are detected.

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