Top 10 Best Gifts for Surfers | 2023 Reviews (Robes, Wetsuits)

Last Updated March 24, 2023

If you are someone who spends so much time in the water that you might start having gills or thinks you are a mermaid, or if you know someone like that, these gifts for surfers would be a nifty tool for you or for someone you know.

Everyone wants to spend so much time on the beach, paddling in the water, or riding on the waves. Especially with the summer season fast approaching, the beach spirit is already in the air. And aside from the beautiful landscape of the ocean, you might need some surfing gear and accessories to help improve your favorite pastime.

Top 10 Best Gifts for Surfers in Review

In this article, we’d like to help make buying the best gifts for surfers so much easier and convenient. So, we’ve created a comprehensive review and buying guide of the top picks when it comes to surfing gear and accessories in the market today, perfect for surfers of all skill levels.

  1. Tony Butt’s Surf Science Surfing Book – Top Pick
  2. NeoSport Wetsuits Multi-Density Vented Bib Hood – Best for Cold Weather Surfers
  3. Sharkbanz 2 Shark Repellant Magnetic Wristband – Best for Safety
  4. Surf Maps World Map Surf Accessory – Best Affordable Gift
  5. FCS Chamois Changing Robe – Best for Surfers On-The-Go
  6. Nixon Base Tide Digital Surf Watch – Best High-Tech Gadget
  7. 4th Bee Core Balance Board with Roller – Best for Beginners
  8. Block Surf Doc’s Pro Plugs – Best for Protection
  9. BPS Double-Lined Neoprene Gloves for Wetsuit – Best Surfing Accessory
  10. Leatherman Thruster Surf Pocket Stainless Steel Multi-Tool – Best Portable Gift

#1. Tony Butt’s Surf Science: An Introduction to Waves for Surfing – Top Pick

Surf Science: An Introduction to Waves for Surfing


  • Paperback or E-Book
  • 136 pages
  • Third generation copy

Both beginner surfers and enthusiasts would appreciate anything that could help them improve their performances in the water. There’s always a new technique to learn or a better way to understand the seas and the waves.

The best gifts for surfers would be one that is perfect for surfer of all levels, or something timeless like this Surf Science: An Introduction to Waves for Surfing book. This present will last forever and can provide a lot of knowledge about surfing in general and the waters as well.

This book is not only ideal for beginners in the sport, but even surfing enthusiasts will find something useful from this book. It’s not just about improving one’s surfing performance as well. The book covers the surfing basics and how to stay safe in the water, which is essential for all surfers, both beginners, and professionals. The magazine from Tony Butt notes that a thorough understanding and respect towards all the science behind the sport is critical.

If they want to be a good or an even better surfer, it is essential to understand the waves, tides, and currents, and they can get that in great detail from this book. The book is available in a traditional paperback or an E-book, so you’ll have an option on how to gift it to them. Overall, it’s a must-have for anyone interested in anything regarding surfing.

A timeless gift for surfers and ideal for all agesA bit technical for some readers
Based on the point of view or a real surfer
A surf book and a wave textbook in one
Provides scientific background info

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#2. NeoSport Wetsuits Multi-Density Vented Bib Hood – Best for Cold Weather Surfers

Neo Sport Multi-Density Wetsuit Hood available in three thicknesses 3/2MM - 5/3MM - 7/5MM with Flow Vent to eliminate trapped air. Anatomical fit. Skin Neoprene face seal which can be trimmed by owner...


  • Available in three thicknesses: 3/2mm, 5/3mm, 7/5mm
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Customizable fit
  • Flow Vent feature

Sometimes, the protection that a full wetsuit can provide is not enough against the chilly water, especially for surfers who like to go into the water in cold weather. In that case, the NeoSport Wetsuit Multi-Density Vented Bib Hood would make an incredible gift for them.

This wetsuit companion provides long-lasting warmth and all-day comfort for surfers. It can easily tuck inside the wetsuit and is available in three thicknesses to get them entirely covered and protected no matter what the weather or temperature is.

But despite being the entire upper body protected, this bib hood doesn’t impede their performance. It features an innovative flow vent at the crown area to help eliminate any air trapped inside and reduce ballooning so surfers can perform at their best. This bib hood also comes with a customizable and snug fit that offers excellent face seal tailored to improve function and comfort, even when using googles or masks.

In terms of design and quality, the NeoSport Wetsuit Multi-Density Vented Bib Hood is also high-quality. It comes in premium neoprene fabric for the best durability possible.

Thick enough to provide warmth against the cold water but remains comfortable
The neck hole can be a bit large for some
Allows bubble diffusion without taking on water
Simple but extremely durable construction
Extremely lightweight

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#3. Sharkbanz 2 Shark Repellant Magnetic Band – Best for Safety

Sharkbanz 2 Magnetic Shark Repellent Band


  • Weight: 3.04 ounces
  • Waterproof up to 100 meters deep

Like any outdoor sports, the environment can be a bit harsh and unpredictable. Safety is paramount, no matter what activity you enjoy doing. Especially in the waters, one has to be careful all the time and never take protection for granted. And while going into shark-infested waters is ill-advised, especially for surfers, it is sometimes unavoidable.

When surfers go into the ocean, there are often areas that sharks visit. So, if you are looking for the best gifts for surfers that can help protect them while they are in the waters, then you might want to get them this Sharkbanz 2 Magnetic Shark Repellant Band. It’s a very simple yet incredibly stylish wristband they can use when they go surfing, but it does more than that. The shark repellant band does what its name says, and it protects the surfers from the dangers that sharks bring.

The protection they can get from this band is available 24/7. There is no need for a battery or changing the wristband. It can provide protection anytime and anywhere, as long as surfers wear the band on their wrist or ankle. Plus, there are no worries about not being protected when they get too deep in the ocean as well as the shark repellant wristband is certified waterproof up to 100 meters deep. The wristband also comes in five colors to suit each surfer’s style and preference perfectly.

With certified waterproofing features and TSA compliant
Can be a bit heavy on the wrist
No batteries or charging needed, always on
Perfect for saltwater, with zero rust
Stylish and ultra-lightweight

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#4. Surf Maps World Map Surf Accessory – Best Surfing Bucket List Gift

Surf Maps World Map Surf Accessory One Size Multi


  • Weight: 11.4 ounces
  • Dimension: 37.8 x 22.1 inches
  • Worldwide wave information

Everyone has a list of places they want to visit or go for whatever activity they like to enjoy. Surfers might have a list of the best surf spots they would love to visit too. So, if you are looking for the best gifts for surfers who like to travel or plans to travel anytime soon, a world map for their surfing bucket like might be a cool option to give them before the adventure begins.

It’s a dream for every avid surfer to have and experience an array of the most beautiful surf spots. The Surf Maps World Map Surf Accessory comes very handily to help make their fantasy become a reality. This world map is designed for every surfer out there, mainly as it provides places for more than 1000 beaches and surf spots from all over the world. So, whether they are going surfing in another state or going to an entirely different country to surf, this world map will be their best companion. They can quickly locate the best waves to go to in a particular state or country and check off the surf locations they visited before.

And aside from the locations, the Surf Maps World Map Surf Accessory provides a lot of other information about the spots as well, such as waves level, best times to go surfing, and the temperature in the area. Overall, this writable map is one of the perfect gifts for surfers who like to travel or for travelers who love surfing.

It’s high-quality and made of durable exteriorA bit expensive
Very thorough and extremely detailed
Aesthetically pleasing

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#5. FCS Chamois Changing Robe – Best for Surfers On-The-Go

FCS Chamois Changing Robe One Size Grey


  • Unisex
  • Hooded Design
  • Made in the USA

The best gifts for surfers don’t have to be the most expensive one you can find in the surfing isle. Sometimes, it can be as simple and affordable as a changing robe but offers extreme functionality and convenience for surfers wherever they are.

For surfers who don’t live near the ocean, it can sometimes be challenging to change from their wetsuit to their dry clothes. Fortunately, you can gift them a changing robe like the FCS Chamois Changing Robe that can answer all the convenience issues for surfers as they go out of the water and change for the rest of the day. This robe is very convenient for surfers of all levels. Now, they don’t have to look for a changing room or a bathroom after surfing. The FCS Chamois will allow them to conveniently change from their wetsuit into their dry clothes anytime and anywhere without any issue.

The robe is ideal for those who go surfing during the cold weather. It also provides warmth from the chilling breeze of the ocean. It features a hooded design as well to keep the head warm even after showering. The material of the FCS Chamois Changing Robe is lightweight and can easily stuff inside their backpacks. Plus, it is also very absorbent to water, but will not soak up on any smell.

A convenient way to change in public
Can sometimes stick to damp skin
Made of highly absorbent material
Easy to clean and maintain
Doesn’t absorb any smell

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#6. Nixon Base Tide Digital Surf Watch – Best High-Tech Gadget

NIXON Base Tide A1104 - All Black - 100m Water Resistant Men's Digital Surf Watch (38 mm Watch Face, 22 mm Pu/Rubber/Silicone Band)


  • Display Type: Digital
  • Band Material: Silicone
  • Water-resistant up to 100 meters deep
  • Special Features: Stop Watch

There’s a range of best gifts for surfers out there. And while you can get them the basics and they will love you for it, some cool ones would make an excellent addition to their surfing kit. Especially if they are very stylish, a wristwatch will be a well-loved gift. But more than a waterproof watch, what every surfer will love to have is a high-tech gadget that can be their dedicated surfing companion.

If budget isn’t an issue, then you might want to consider getting them the Nixon Base Tide Digital Surf Watch. There is nothing more stylish but functional at the same time that is specially designed for every surfer out there than this one. It is water-resistant up to 100 meters deep so that they can wear it anytime they go into the ocean.

And while it looks like a primary wristwatch, it does more than tell them time and date. The watch can tell future tide times with extra chronological timer capability. It features a bright LCD as well, so it’s easier to read it underwater.

Overall, the Nixon Base Tide Digital Surf Watch is a cool accessory in and out of the water. It features ocean-inspired features and extremely durable construction for it to last a long time.

Convenient LCD design for clear underwater reading
Needs regular manual tide setting for better accuracy
High-quality and durable construction
With chronograph timer capabilities
Stylish and timeless design

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#7. 4th Bee Core Balance Board with Roller – Best for Beginners

4TH Core Balance Board for Exercise Training-Board Exercise for Fitness with Roller- Board Balancing for Surf,Ski, Snowboard and Skateboarding


  • High-density cork roller
  • 10-ply Maple material

One of the best ways to do when choosing the best gifts for surfers is to take their surfing capabilities and skills into account, then selecting the best surfing gear as they need. For those who are still trying to learn the sport or plans to take on surfing the coming summer season, an excellent gift idea is something like a practice board.

Balance is essential in surfing, especially as they need to tackle waves of different sizes and forces. For that, the 4th Bee Core Balance Board will Roller would be an excellent way to practice before getting in the water. This training item is perfect for beginners in the sport who are looking for ways to improve their balancing skills and their leg strength. The board is excellent for developing their abdominal muscles as well as adding more to their flexibility and physical control.

The quality and construction of the balance board are also impressive. The materials of the board are 100% environmentally friendly and will be safe to use for everyone, including kids. It is also very durable and heavy-duty.

Check out our full review on balance boards for surfing!

Made with eco-friendly and durable materialsMay not be very secure for kids to use
Excellent for those starting to learn surfing
Good exercise for gaining leg strength
Perfect for kids wanting to surf

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#8. Block Surf Doc’s Pro Plugs – Best for Protection

Doc's Pro Plugs -MD


  • Material: soft hypoallergenic Dynaflex plastic
  • Reusable
  • Latex-free
  • Optional leash

Every surfer needs protection, not only from the harsh outdoor environment but for their ears as well. Prolonged exposure of the ear in cold water when going surfing for hours can cause exostosis, or what is commonly known as surfers’ ear. Earplugs might not be the most exciting gift, but it is a gem to have for all surfers.

So, if you are looking for the best gifts for surfers that can protect them from ultimately getting deaf or pricy ear surgery, then get them the Block Surf Doc’s Pro Plugs. It’s one of the best ways to prevent surfers’ ears, and the USSF National Surf Team agrees. It is the official earplug that the team uses. This earplug provides highly convenient protection for the inner ear. The design and construction of the plug allow it to comfortably fit in the auricle without need to obstruct the ear canal. It is as safe as an earplug comes for surfers, unlike a putty that can sometimes irritate the ear and can even stick in the hair.

Once the plug fits perfectly, it can provide a watertight seal that curves based on the movement of the jaw. The Pro plugs come with memory properties as well, which is far superior compared to hard molded or foam earplugs.

The design of the Block Surf Doc’s Pro Plugs is a brainchild of a surfing doctor. So, you can guarantee that it features the best qualities for ultimate safety and protection for the ears of every watersport athlete, including surfers. Also, the earplug is very affordable but comes with high-quality materials that could last you a very long time. Constant use of these plugs will help make sure you never experience a long-term hearing loss or any ear problems in the future.

Excellently protects against surfers ears or exostosisStrings attached to the plugs can get irritating at times
Better than dealing with a sticky putty in the ears
Fits perfectly without any obstruction in the ear
Official USSF National Surf Team earplug

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#9. BPS Double-Lined Neoprene Wetsuit Gloves – Best Surfing Accessory

BPS 3mm Neoprene Thermal Gloves with Anti-Slip Palm - Full Hand Gloves for Sailing, Spearfishing, Paddleboarding, Surf, and Other Water Activities - for Men and Women (Black / Mint Green, Large)


  • Material: Neoprene
  • Double-Lined construction
  • Anti-slip rubber printing feature
  • Adjustable Velcro wrist strap
  • Degradation resistant

A wetsuit is not entirely complete without a good pair or surfer gloves. Especially when surfing in ice-cold water, a pair of quality gloves can provide warmth and protection to ride the waves to their best abilities. Surfing gloves are usually affordable, even for beginners. Most also offer extreme heat and maximum protection without affecting dexterity.

Among the top surfing gloves in the market that would make one of the best gifts for surfers is the BPS Double-Lined Neoprene Wetsuit Gloves. It features a textured palm for the best grip possible and extra protection for the hands against slipping.

The manufacturer also went a long way to make sure that the gloves come with a snug but very comfortable fit. It also features adjustable Velcro wrist closures to help keep the water out of the gloves and ensure the hands stay warm throughout the surfing activity.

The construction of the gloves is also impressive, with all seams stitched and glued to offer utmost durability. The degradation resistant feature of the BPS Double-Lined Neoprene Wetsuit Gloves is another selling point as well, a guarantee that the gloves will last for a very long time.

Designed with texturized palm surface for protection against slipping
Water can sometimes get inside the gloves
Fitted correctly but with adjustable wrist closure
Double-lined neoprene construction
Features a rubberized palm grip

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#10. Leatherman Thruster Stainless Steel Surf Pocket Multi-Tool – Best Portable Gift

Leatherman 831852 Thruster Stainless Steel Surf Pocket Multi-Tool


  • Weight: 2.4 ounces
  • TSA regulations compliant
  • Includes: bit driver, fin key, spring hook, and wax comb

The best gifts for surfers don’t always have to be the biggest ones. If getting a new surfboard is out of the question, you can always gift them something portable but extremely functional like the Leatherman Thruster Stainless Steel Surf Multi-Tool. It’s a perfect little something that every surfer of all levels will find useful.

This multi-tool is very portable that it fits easily inside the pocket of your pants, backpack, or surfboard bag. It also comes with a convenient lanyard hole to make it very accessible while on the beach. Surfers can carry this pocket tool wherever they are. Plus, the design of the device includes a rubber stopper, so the parts stay firmly in place, and not a single one of them will be lost, especially while in the water.

This pocket tool is essential to have, particularly for surfers who need a bit of help when it comes to installing a variety of accessories to their surfboard such as fins. And since the Leatherman Thruster Multi-Tool features of stainless steel materials, there is no issue about rusting or corrosion even when surfers bring the tool in the water.

Travel-friendly and compliant with the current regulations of the TSAQuality control could be better
Very compact and straightforward to use
Comes with a convenient lanyard hole
Includes a rubber bit holder

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Top Pick – Best Gift for Surfers

With countless options for the best gifts for surfers, it can be challenging to find one that would best fit their needs and wants. But, the key is to deliver a gift that is extremely useful and will last for a very long time. Something that can also help them improve their performance in their favorite sport is also a lovely gift idea for surfers.

Because of that, out top option is Tony Butt’s Surf Science: An Introduction to Waves for Surfing. It’s a handy book for those who want to understand the waters, the tide, and waves even better. Tony Butt holds a Ph.D. in Physical Oceanography, and his book is very approachable and fascinating to read without being too simplified.

It is a must-have magazine for surfers of all levels. Both those who plan to get into the world of surfing and sports enthusiasts can use this book.


As you can see, there are tons of unique and cool gifts for surfers out there, whether you are buying for yourself or for someone you know. Options come in various price ranges as well, so you can easily find something awesome that is within your budget.

How to Select the Ideal Surfing Gifts?

Choosing the gifts for surfers doesn’t have to be a very tricky situation, despite having countless options for you. Start from the basics of what you should look for in a surfing gear or accessory, and you can select the ideal gift for your favorite surfer.


One of the critical components of the best gifts for surfers is its usefulness. A present will not be going to be the best if they wouldn’t be able to use it. For surfers, the ideal gifts would involve those accessories or additional gear that can help them enjoy their days in the ocean. But, do make sure that they don’t already have the gift you are planning to give them.


Every surfing item we’ve reviewed serves a purpose unique to other things. When selecting the best gifts for surfers, the key is to look for something that will make them fully equipped while doing their sport. However, surfers usually range in skill levels, and that is something you also have to consider if a particular item will be of purpose to them. For example, beginner surfers wouldn’t most likely need a very techy tide watch, while it would be a very convenient accessory for a surfing enthusiast.


Whatever surfing item you decided to choose for a gift, it is essential to consider its type and quality of material. Saltwater can be very harsh and usually causes corrosion in unprotected gears. So, if you are buying gifts for surfers like a watch or a multi-tool, something made from stainless steel materials will be ideal.

Overall, the durability of a particular item should be able to withstand the harsh surfing conditions.

Quality Construction

Aside from the quality of materials for surfing gears and accessories, it is also critical to consider the quality of its construction. For example, when choosing an earplug, the design should be snug and fitted to the ears to get the best out of the protection it can provide.


Lastly, when choosing the best gifts for surfers, do consider the kind of surfer they are. If they often go surfing near shark-infested areas, they are most likely going to need a shark repellant band more than anything else. With all the choices for gifts for surfers, you can choose if the present you want to deliver can provide them safety, protection, or convenience in doing their favorite sport.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q: What makes an ideal gift for surfers?

The best gifts for surfers will depend on several factors, such as their need for a particular item. Ultimately, the best gift for them will be something that can facilitate a more convenient and enjoyable time doing their favorite activity.

Q: Should I spend a lot of money on gifts for surfers?

Countless items and accessories are available for surfers of any level. You don’t have to break the bank to get them the best one there is. The key is to find the best gift to serve their needs better. In that case, you’ll need to investigate a little bit about what else is missing from their surfing kit.

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