Top 10 Best Beach Bag ǀ 2022 Reviews (Odyseaco)

Last Updated November 25, 2022

Pack your gear and other essentials in the best beach bag, and get ready for a quality time under the sunshine. Anytime is always fun to spend a lazy day lounging on the beach, trying to relax and unwind. But even a simple sunbathing will require beach essentials like sunscreen, water, towels, and snacks. 

Packing for your next beach trip, whether you’re taking it alone or with the family, is less of a hassle if you have a convenient bag to house and get everything organized. It’s why you need to shop for the best beach bag, but finding the ideal one tailored to your needs is no easy task. 

We did the hard part of making a list of the best beach bags that you can purchase today to help. You can surely pick the one for you based on durability, function, style, and other convenient features.

Top 10 Best Beach Bag Reviewed

  1. Odyseaco Mesh Beach Tote with Detachable Insulated Cooler – Best Overall
  2. Scout Original Deano Tote Bag – Best Value
  3. Dejaroo LLC Oversized Pockets Beach Bag – Editor’s Choice
  4. SHYLERO Bach and Pool Bag
  5. CGEAR Sand-Free Tote Bag
  6. Odyseaco Baja Waterproof Beach Bag
  7. Pursetti Zip-Top Utility Tote Bag
  8. Mallard Bags Mesh Beach Bag
  9. Kauai Waterproof Canvas Beach Tote
  10. Bag & Carry Canvas Handbag

#1. Odyseaco Mesh Beach Tote with Detachable Insulated Cooler – Best Overall

Odyseaco Mesh Beach Tote with Detachable Insulated Cooler

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  • Size: 20 x 16 x 6.0 inches
  • Material: canvas, mesh
  • 9-inches shoulder strap
  • Reinforced handles
  • Included: detachable insulated cooler bag

With many things that you need to pack to get ready for a day swimming or soaking under the sun, getting the best beach bag can help you get organized. There’s nothing better than a well-made bag like the Mesh Beach Tote from Odyseaco to house all your essentials. 

The brand itself is famous for creating quality products for a nice and comfortable beach trip, and this beach bag is no different. It’s ultra-lightweight and only weighs 2-pounds, so there isn’t much-added weight that you need to carry. It’s a perfect beach bag to carry for a relaxing stroll at the seaside as it won’t guarantee to get your shoulder too tired. 

Another feature that makes this one the best beach bag is its spacious storage space. It can hold up to four regular-sized beach towels with enough room left for your snacks and drinks. It can even house your wireless speaker if you want to up the vibe while at the beach. You won’t have to worry about your belongings slipping out of the bag, thanks to its zipped top to secure your things. 

Odyseaco smartly considered everything that you need from the best beach bag when creating this product. That includes providing a detachable insulated bag where you can store your drinks to keep them frosty cold. 

Splashes are inevitable when you’re at the beach, and thanks to the extra waterproof case, you can keep your gadgets protected. 

With a waterproof mobile phone caseCan get lopsided
Heavy-duty, secure zipped top
With bonus insulated cooler
Durable, reinforced handles
Spacious tote bag

#2. Scout Original Deano Tote Bag – Best Value

Scout Original Deano Tote Bag

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  • Size: 19 x 15 x 10.0 inches
  • Material: all-weather woven fabric (tarp-like material)
  • Water-resistant
  • Open-top design
  • Burst-proof bottom

There are a lot to like about the Original Deano Tote Bag from SCOUT. It’s another best beach bag that delivers quality material and construction, designed to store and haul your beach essentials without much hassle. 

This beach bag features a sturdy base, making it a free-standing bag suitable for storing your food and drinks without worrying about anything spilling. It’s become one of the best-selling outdoor totes since SCOUT released it in 2004 and for good reasons. The bag’s design itself is simple but appealing and secure. It uses a tarp-like material, a woven fabric that is water-resistant and designed to withstand weather conditions. It’s an ideal bag to carry with you on any outdoor trip, especially at the beach. Plus, it’s surprisingly lightweight so that you won’t strain your shoulder if you have to walk around the beach in search of the best spot. 

Another advantage of the woven fabric is it’s incredibly easy to clean. You can wash it with soap and water or wipe it clean with a damp cloth. 

Overall, it’s the best beach bag for beachgoers who need to pack many things for a beach trip. You can also choose from the 29 different colors available so you can pick your favorite. 

Highly durable fabric material
Slightly too thin material
Folds flat for storage
Easy to clean fabric
Sturdy flat base

#3. Dejaroo LLC Oversized Pockets Beach Bag – Editor’s Choice

Dejaroo LLC Oversized Pockets Beach Bag

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  • Size: 15 x 16.5 x 8.5 inches
  • Material: mesh
  • 8-pocket design
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight

There’s no reason to pay a premium price when you can get the best beach bag affordably. If budget is an issues, there’s no need to fret because the Dejaroo LLC Oversized Pockets Beach Bag offers incredible quality at the most reasonable price. 

This colorful bag is so bright that it won’t let you do anything but stand out while enjoying the beach. There are ten funky colors that you can choose from, with black being an option, but most are neon. However, looks aside, there are other reasons why this one is the best beach bag for budget-minded people.

Storage is an essential design factor for a beach bag, and you get eight large ones from this tote. It offers incredible storage space to organize your essentials, and you can keep your mobile phone, car keys, and wallets inside the secret pocket inside the bag.

When your stuff gets heavy, you can expect the shoulder handles are strong enough and won’t break at the first sign of strain. The extra-long shoulder handles are also convenient when carrying a bag full of supplies. You won’t even have to worry about sand getting all over your bag and your essentials, thanks to the bag’s mesh fabric that simply allows sand to fall through. Overall, it’s a simple but colorful and functional way to pack for a relaxing day at the beach.

100% satisfaction guarantee from the manufacturerDoesn’t stand upright
Sand-expelling, quick-drying mesh fabric
With secret zippered storage
Extra-long shoulder handles
With eight large pockets

#4. SHYLERO Bach and Pool Bag

SHYLERO Bach and Pool Bag

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  • Size: 22 x 15 x 6.0 inches
  • Material: canvas-like fabric
  • Ripstop construction
  • Built-in key holder
  • Built-in bottle opener

If you’re a mom looking for the most spacious beach bag, you’ll be pleased with the amount of space the Bach and Pool Bag from SHYLERO can offer. This extra-large sized beach bag guarantees that you’re getting the best value for your money. It’s a strong and sturdy tote that can hold as much as 22 pounds, perfect for stuffing all your beach essentials, including the kid’s toys. 

This bag boasts three huge interior pockets to organize your essentials. There’s also a built-in key holder and bottle opener inside the bag. Meanwhile, you can place your drink in the outside pocket. Overall, it has enough space and storage for everything you need to enjoy a day at the beach. 

One of this beach bag’s great features is its canvas-like fabric designed for rugged outdoor and beach use. Plus, the ripstop construction provides extra durability, waterproofing, and water-repellent features to the interior lining. There’s also a PVC case that is sand-proof, waterproof, and dustproof, a perfect space to store your valuables like gadgets, wallets, and ID cards. 

This beach bag features rope handles that are both stylish and functional. They are strong, perfect for holding the weighty bag when filled. What’s even better is that you can use the bag right out of the package as it doesn’t have any of those bad smells you get from new bags.

With 100% waterproof case for gadgetsOnly available in several colors
Unique mom-entangling rope handles
Doesn’t smell like other bags
Tough and durable material
Zipper slides smoothly

#5. CGEAR Sand-Free Tote Bag

CGEAR Sand-Free Tote Bag

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  • Size: 15 x 17 x 7.0 inches
  • Material: patented mesh
  • Sand-free
  • Dual-layer weave technology
  • Dustproof

CGEAR is famous for incorporating patented technology into their products, and this Sand-Free Tote Bag is no different. It boasts the only sand-free technology in the market today, and while it doesn’t keep the sand out 100%, it accumulates far less sand than any other beach bag out there. 

This beach bag’s best-selling feature is the fabric material itself, a double-layer mesh weave with self-cleaning abilities. The sand may accumulate at the bottom as soon as you put the bag on top of the sand, but it will sift through the bottom as you shake it off or as you walk. It may not deliver 100% sand-free perfection, but the technology is still effective. 

Plus, there is ample storage space to conceal all your essentials, enough to fit two beach towels, your water bottle, a bog, sunscreen, and a couple of bags of chips. There isn’t any internal storage that can store your belongings, but one narrow pocket can hold your wallet or mobile phone. 

The mesh fabric is also much easier to clean compared to other beach bags made of canvas. It’s water-resistant, so you’ll only need to rinse it with water and leave a couple of minutes out to dry. This beach bag is also perfect for packing, thanks to its lightweight construction. It lies flat when empty and only weighs one pound, making it easy to carry around. 

Keeps most of the sand out
Collects a bit of sand
Water-resistant material
Easy to pack and store
Reasonably priced
Lightweight fabric

#6. Odyseaco Baja Waterproof Beach Bag

Odyseaco Baja Waterproof Beach Bag

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  • Size: 16.5 x 14 x 7.0 inches
  • Material: ripstop fabric
  • Resistant to water, ripping, and tearing
  • 10-inches shoulder strap
  • Classic bohemian design

No one said that you could be as stylish when choosing the best beach bag. There are tons of functional and durable beach bags that are also exciting to look at, like the Odyseaco Baja Waterproof Beach Bag. It’s a fantastic family day bag, a perfect option for moms who needs a dependable tote to hold many beach items like towels, books, sunscreen, drinks, and snacks. 

This beach bag features a classically stylish Bohemian design, an extremely fashionable option for every chic beachgoer. It’s meant to stand out and get everyone at the beach envious. But besides the striking color and pattern, the ripstop fabric itself boasts durability, making a beach bag that can last for years. The heavy-duty bag offers tear-resistant, rip-resistant, and water-resistant features, perfect for outdoor use. 

It might not look huge at first glance, but this beach bag holds a decent amount of storage space. There’s an inside pocket to hold your wallet and gadgets secure, while two pockets are easily accessible outside, perfect for storing your sunscreen and drinks.

An extra-long shoulder strap is always an advantage when carrying a filled tote, and you get a 10-inch handle on this one, which isn’t so bad. The extra-thick handles are a perfect combination for a hard-wearing beach bag.

Reinforced stitching for extra durability
Seams aren’t waterproof
Extra-long 10-inch shoulder straps
Water-resistant, rip-resistant fabric
High-quality, durable material

#7. Pursetti Zip-Top Utility Tote Bag

Pursetti Zip-Top Utility Tote Bag

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  • Size: 10.75 x 14.5 x 6.5 inches
  • Material: polyester
  • 5-interior pockets
  • Zipped top
  • Collapsible design

Keep your beach essentials organized and neat with the Zip-Top Utility Tote Bag from Pursetti. It’s a fantastic choice, designed and constructed to offer an incredible amount of space for your beach towels, extra clothes, sunblock, drinks, snacks, and other beach items. 

The bag boasts a top-quality construction made of highly durable polyester material sturdy enough to last for a long time. It also features a special free-standing design, which means that the bag can stand on its own, which can ease your worry about your things accidentally slipping all over the place when the bag collapses. Fortunately, the bag collapses when empty, making it a great space-saver for storage.

Another feature that makes it the best beach bag is the multiple interior and exterior pockets. There are six pleated storage spaced at the front, which can hold your keys, sunblock, and other bits and pieces. You can also secure your drinks at the two mesh pockets available on the sides.

If you want the best beach bag that can last for years, this is a solid choice. You can get both a stylish and premium-quality beach bag for all your travels.

Mesh side pockets for water bottles
Slightly thin shoulder straps
Offers lots of storage space
Stands upright when filled
Premium-quality fabric
Stylish design

#8. Mallard Bags Mesh Beach Bag

Mallard Bags Mesh Beach Bag

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  • Size: 17 x 15 x 9.0 inches
  • Material: mesh
  • Waterproof base design
  • Cushioned shoulder pads
  • 8-pocket design

This bag may not look as spacious as other beach bags, but Mallard Bags designed it to carry your needs for the entire day, having fun and relaxing at the beach. It’s a lightweight option, weighing only 15.2 ounces, suitable for you to carry when walking around in lather distances. The shoulder straps have excellent cushioning that carrying the bag for hours won’t bother you or give you a stiff shoulder due to weight. Also, the webbing on the edges provides additional comfort and convenience. 

When you’re at the beach, there’s always the worry of getting your things and gadgets wet. However, that wouldn’t be a problem with this mesh beach bag, thanks to its waterproof base layer. You can place the bag on damp sand, and your things inside the bag will stay clean and dry. 

This beach bag is one of the most versatile totes with seven outer pockets that can conveniently hold everything from your water bottle, sunblock, snacks, and toys. Plus, it’s got the toughness to last for a long time, even with all such outdoor activities.

Properly cushioned straps for comfortSmells a bit out of the box
Fashionable and looks great
Not too small nor too large
Durable mesh design
Versatile tote bag

#9. Kauai Waterproof Canvas Beach Tote

Kauai Waterproof Canvas Beach Tote

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  • Size: 16.5 x 14 x 7 inches
  • Material: ripstop fabric
  • Classic Polynesian design
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Lightweight

Get something stylish but comfortable and spacious to store all your essentials for your next beach trip along with family or friends. The Kauai Waterproof Canvas Beach Tote provides ample room for all your beach items. You can use it for your beach towels, magazines, books, sunscreen, and sunglasses and still have enough room for other essentials.

Quality fabric and construction are non-negotiable when buying the best beach bag. Ideally, you want something durable enough to last for years even with frequent use, and that is the same quality you’re getting from this beach bag. It might have a fashionable Polynesian design, but that isn’t the only thing there is. This canvas bag is waterproof, suitable for use at the beach, and highly resistant to ripping and tearing. Overall, it’s a tough beach bag that can withstand the rigorous activities at the beach.

The extra-large size is enough to carry several beach towels and more. There’s an interior pocket with a zipper that can securely hold your valuable items like wallet, mobile phone, and keys. Meanwhile, you have two convenient pockets outside, perfect for holding your drinks and sunblock. Overall, it’s a highly durable beach bag, including its extra-thick rope handles that can conveniently carry the filled bag.

Lightweight ripstop material
No outside zipper
Strong, sturdy construction
Beautiful, stylish design
Extra-thick handles
Waterproof fabric

#10. Bag & Carry Canvas Handbag

Bag & Carry Canvas Handbag

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  • Size: 18 x 14 x 7.0 inches
  • Material: canvas
  • Cotton rope hands
  • 100% Waterproof nylon lining
  • Zippered top

Nothing beats the classic striped design and pattern of the Bag & Carry Canvass Handbag. It gives you a fun vibe of a typical beach day, but this bag isn’t only about the looks. It also gives you ample storage space so you can securely carry all your beach essentials. 

You’d surely get enough supplies to enjoy a day at the beach as this bag can hold all odds and pieces, thanks to its incredibly durable material. You can stuff beach towels, tanning lotion, glasses, and other necessities inside this bag, and it won’t rip or fray anytime soon. The canvas fabric is strong and made to last for years to come. It also does incredibly well in resisting water and moisture, making it the best beach bag. 

Stylish, traditional canvas beach bag
Bag width limits the capacity
Tough and durable canvas fabric
Suitable for multipurpose use
Moisture, water-resistant
Classic striped design

Best Beach Bag – Odyseaco Mesh Beach Tote with Detachable Insulated Cooler

There are many options for the best beach bag, but the Mesh Beach Tote from Odyeaco stands out best. It has everything you need to get organized and keep your beach essentials and other accessories on hand. It’s a large-sized beach bag that can fit everything you need for the day, from beach towels to extra clothes, sunblock, drinks, snacks, a Bluetooth speaker, and even a book.

This beach bag has enough compartments to make it easier for you to find your things. It even includes a detachable insulated cooler, so your drinks remain cold for hours, and a waterproof pouch to keep your gadgets secure. 

Best Beach Bag Brands

If you’re looking for the best beach bag that offers excellent quality and value, you can check out products from these respective brands. 


Odyseaco is a trusted brand for many travel essentials and items designed for the outdoors. Its beach bags, in particular, promises superior quality. They come in unique styles with durable fabric material and construction. 


SCOUT is a Washington-based brand, a family-owned business well-known for its colorful and stylish bags the deliver functionality and durability. You can find that they have a massive collection of coolers, tote bags, and storage items designed for those with active lifestyles. SCOUT’s first bag designed remains its number one best-seller to date. 

What to Consider When Buying Beach Bags 

If you’re still unsure which is the best beach bag for you, here are top considerations that can help you make the best purchase. 


Beach bags come in different fabric types, and choosing the best out of the four common beach bag materials will mainly base on what you think works best for you. 


Many beach bags uses mesh fabric, which is perfect for outdoor and beach use as it is waterproof, easy to wash, and quick to dry. They also work in expelling sand, although they are not the most durable option for carrying heavier beach items.


Canvas is the most traditional fabric used to make beach bags. They are usually the most durable and easy to clean fabric. Canvas beach bags are also known to be fashionable as they can feature different colors, designs, patterns, and prints.


Polyester and nylon have become popular fabrics used in making water-resistant and durable beach bags. They usually come in different styles and colors and are incredibly lightweight. Most high-quality beach bag options use polyester fabrics. 


Straw bags are your best bet to get that perfect summer feel at the beach. They are stylish, easy to wipe and clean, and incredibly breathable. However, they don’t resist water or sand efficiently, and they are also not the most durable option for carrying bulkier items.


You are most likely going to stuff a lot of things inside your beach bag, which is why it’s important to consider the size or volume when buying the best beach bag. Ideally, you want a beach bag that can hold all your beach items like towels, extra clothes, sunblock, a book, magazines, drinks, snacks, and even toys for the kids. 

Consider checking the capacity or the weight limit of the bag before trying to purchase one.  


When finding your best beach bag, it’s essential to check how many compartments or pockets you are getting. These storage pockets are important when it comes to organizing what’s inside your bag, and they also help prevent spills or damages. Plus, they make your belongings more accessible. 

You can also consider secret pockets or zippers on the inside if you want a place to store your valuables like mobile phones, wallets, and keys. If you always have a stiff drink with you, you might also want to consider outdoor pockets that can hold your drink or water bottle. 

Straps and Handles

You can get the most spacious or fashionable beach bag, but you still won’t love it if it’s a pain in the shoulders to carry. The handle or straps should be comfortable and durable. Extra-large or thicker straps are usually better, and a handle secured well to the bag is essential to avoid getting them broken in the future. 


It’s not enough that the beach bag only uses quality fabric. It has to have sturdy stitching, too, especially for a bag designed to carry loads of heavy beach items. Reinforced stitching will give it extra durability, so the seams are not prone to pulling apart. 


It’s imperative to clean your beach bag after use to preserve its quality. Saltwater can cause mold development in most fabrics, which can ultimately rot and damage your bag. However, not all beach bags are on the same level when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. 

Mesh beach bags are usually the easiest to clean as they only need to get rinsed and dried. Some fabrics like canvas and polyester are also easy to clean, but you still need to wash it with water, especially when dirty. 


Choosing your beach bag’s style is more like a personal decision than a non-negotiable feature on your checklist. Fortunately, you’ll have plenty of options regarding colors, designs, patterns, and textures when looking for the best beach bag. 

You can go for a simpler monochromatic beach bag of your favorite color, a vibrant neon-colored bag that will always stand put, or the classic blue and white stripes. 


There is no best beach bag for everyone, but the Odyseaco Mesh Beach Tote has many defining features that would fit every beachgoer’s needs. It features quality canvas-and-mesh blend fabric that is durable and long-lasting. There are many compartments and pockets to keep everything organized, not to mention that it is a rather spacious tote bag.

No matter which one you choose, it’s important to consider several factors like material quality, size, available compartments, comfort, and even style when buying the best beach bag.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to buy a beach bag?

You can always use any bag when you go to the beach, but there are advantages to getting a special beach bag. For one, most beach bags can resist sand accumulation better than typical bags. They can also have waterproof properties to protect your belonging, which you can’t find in regular bags. Beach bags also come with a lot of pockets that make it more convenient to organize your essentials.

Can saltwater damage my beach bag?

Saltwater usually causes mold growth in most fabrics and materials, and your beach bag isn’t safe from it. It is advisable to thoroughly wash your bag with tap water after going to the beach, especially if it happened to sit on saltwater. The fabric can begin developing mold when left unattended and will ultimately cause your bag to smell and rot. 

How should I clean my beach bag after use?

It’s essential to clean your beach bag when it came into contact with saltwater or even sand if you want it to last for a long time. You can usually get rid of sand by shaking the bag off. However, if the bag is particularly dirty, you may resort to using soapy water to clean it up. It’s also important to rinse the bag with tap water and leaving it in a cool, dry place before storage or using it again.

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